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Many of the house cleaning posts will get moved or condensed elsewhere.

I’ve said this before, but if you want to keep those for any reason, do it now!

Monday 10/2 Six

Having finally gotten the wood pile work off the list, it really needs to be added again, daily for quite some time. However, that makes it a “to do” list item, rather than one of my daily 5 or 6!

Today’s list won’t be done first thing this morning, I have something else in process, and it will delay matters.

  1. I need to clear stuff from my car and run a vac through at least part of it! Deferred until Tuesday; it’s dark out there now!
  2. Work on the fabric storage again: cull and neaten it up.
  3. Harvest the kale. 7 p.m. There’s more, but the first batch has been cut.
  4. Move the paint as DH and I discussed. See #1
  5. Clean out the underdeck storage. See #1
  6. Work on the sewing table.

Lest you think I’m just goofing off here. . . this morning I had a variety of other household things which needed to be done. Then I met DH for lunch, something we rarely do, but we’ve been heads-down working so we wanted a break. Then I tried to go to antique stores, since I outside my normal circuit. I knew where one was, found another new to me, but both were closed.

Came home, worked on cleaning out my car (but didn’t get it clean enough to vac) and then went off to my tutoring job. Came home, helped DH, and harvested kale.

I have to make dinner yet and clean up breakfast/lunch remains, then whatever mess dinner creates too.