This blog developed two main thrusts: cooking/food/meal planning and hoarding/de-hoarding and associated issues. I changed the format of the blog in March, 2012 so that people who’re interested only in cooking posts can avoid the hoarding posts, and vice-versa. If you want only one category, click on the appropriate link in the category cloud, and that’s what you’ll see.

If you want the detail of my de-hoarding by month, see the Tally page. If you want the history of my de-hoarding, see the history page. History starts 4/2012 and is no longer being tracked. Dehoarding data removed 10/2018.

I’m a PTSD & abuse survivor. I’ve spent much of my life’s energy dealing with both. The hoarding/stuff is my last big piece of work. It isn’t just about shedding stuff, though that’s a lot of what I’ll talk about, it’s about shedding the PTSD/abuse and behaviors that got me here. Dehoarding data/discussions removed 10/2018.

I’ve never felt as if I had a home of my own. My childhood home was my Dad’s, not mine. I’ve been afraid to let myself make one as an adult. I start, then let it go. One lesson my abuser “taught” was if I was attached to something it was ridiculed, broken, stolen, or given away; so I learned to act as if none of my things mattered. The excess stuff & mess were also ways of appearing incompetent and nonthreatening — camouflage.

Until recently, the stuff was just annoying rather than a priority.

This blog’s name comes from how I often felt when dealing with my issues, as if I were charging hell with a teacup of water.

This is the next step, and I’m almost there!


Note: There is a new blog related only to dehoarding. A link will be posted here soon for that. What will remain here are posts related to PTSD and the most popular, usually the concrete “how-to” posts. 10/2018

My plans have changed, again! 3/2020 . This page will be completely rewritten when I have a more concrete and concise way to explain what I’m doing and why!

All original material (c) Jenny Little 2011-2020 unless otherwise noted. If you reblog, give attribution.

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