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It’s Full Summer & I’m Swamped!

That means, every day, I have to do something with food aside from making meals, if I want to have it for winter. This morning I roasted red peppers, one meal’s worth,  3 full size peppers, they’re put away. I have peas to shell. Green peppers that I will chop and freeze, etc. This eats up quite a bit of my time.

You can see where this is going, right? I have an overwhelming amount of work to do, dealing with veggies, cooking, working in the garden, writing and editing (my day job) and other house chores.

Today’s lunch (7/2) was sauteed fresh peas and garlic scapes on pasta, with a small amount of cream. Used up one package of garlic scapes. Pretty sure there’s another, waiting to be made into garlic pesto. The garlic scape and pea recipe was modified from the NH Farm Museum Cookbook.  Both recipes are below.

Linguini with Peas & Garlic Scapes (from the Farm Museum Cookbook)

8 oz linguini/cooked, 1/4C water, olive oil, 1/4C fresh mint/chopped, 1/2C garlic scapes/thinly sliced, 1T lavendar/chopped, 1/2C peas/cooked or frozen, salt to taste, 3T cold butter.

Saute scapes in oil 3-5 minutes. Add peas, water, mint, lavendar, and salt. Cook 1 minute. Add butter. Toss the sauce with the drained linguini.

Pasta with Peas & Garlic Scapes (Mine)

8 oz pasta (I used shells)/cooked, 1/4C water from the pasta, olive oil, about 1/4C garlic scapes/cut fine, 1/2C peas/shelled if English type or rough cut if snow peas, 2T butter, 1/4C cream.

Cook pasta. Saute scapes and peas in oil. Add hot water to veggies. Drain pasta. Add butter and cream to pan with vegetables. Stir veggies/sauce into hot pasta. Serve with fresh grated Parmesan cheese, salt & pepper — to taste.

Mostly though, I’m not using recipes. I open the fridge, figure out what I have to use up NOW and center dinner around that, using whatever I’ve got. Not always true, especially with baked goods, but true more often than not.

Yesterday, DH made a rustic berry tart. Part of it went in the freezer and we ate the rest.  The tart recipe came from the newspaper.

For dinner last night (7/1) we had take out sandwiches and regretted it. They weren’t as good as we’d hoped, although it was nice taking a break from cooking. My planned dinner was the garlic scape and peas on pasta we had for lunch today.

Two nights ago, (6/30) we had mac and cheese and salad for dinner. Since I don’t like mac and cheese, I rarely make it. I looked up a recipe, this one. And much to my surprise, it wasn’t bad!

Three nights ago, (6/29) we had veggies on pasta with the meat from one chicken thigh added. No recipe.

Last Sunday, 96/28)I made lemon roasted chicken and I’m not sure what with it. Rice? Potatoes? Pasta? Certainly a green salad, we have those all summer long. But I’m not sure what eles we had with the chicken.


Image from unsplash, artist not noted on save. Attributed 1st time I used it. NOT my image!

Menu Plan 6/8-6/15 (incomplete)

I have all the data for this week, but we’re in the midst of a major redecorating and upgrade — trying to get out of the storage by mid-month next month and adding bookases and other structures to do that. We are just really, really busy! Like I said, I have all the data, I just have to retrieve it from the form where I put it and enter it here!

I apologize for the incomplete data! It’s much MORE complete, but still not quite done. Sorry! I need to go make dinner.

This week’s planned menu, etc. is below. I omit groceries which aren’t usually part of our regular meals.

6/8 Monday: Rice Stuffed Green Peppers with  additions was what I’d planned for dinner. DH said he’d rather have stir fry, so we had stir fried veggies w/ 1 egg. Used 1 bell pepper, last of the farm carrots, all the cooked rice, remaining 1/2 onion, a small (cooked) meat loaf from the freezer, and celery.

Got rhubarb from neighbors. Made rhubarb sauce. Gave 1 small jar to neighbor who wanted some. Remaining fresh sauce in fridge.

Remaining Brother Jonathan has been frozen.

6/9 Tuesday From farm: 2 pkg kale, 2 boxes strawberries, 3 pkg spinach, napa cabbage, mint, radishes. From market: 4 avocados, jack & cheddar cheese, red bell peppers. From small market: ice cream.

6/10 Wednesday: Prepped red peppers. Three roasted for dinner soup, 3 chopped, 2 in fridge, some for general fresh use.  Dinner was roasted red pepper soup and HM potato salad. Salad used most of the available potatoes. DH made hamburgers with onion, his usual way of preparing them.

6/11 Thursday: Pasta with sauteed chopped red peppers and onions for lunch with cheese and salad. Dinner was a 3 egg omlette with the rest of the peppers and mont. jack cheese. DH made sweet biscuits. We had them with most of the strawberries, rhubarb sauce and ice cream.  The peppers and onions had been prepped Wed. Peppers and pasta were left after lunch. The peppers were used in a dinner omlette. Dessert was more  sweet biscuits with strawberries and sauce.

6/12 Friday: Catch as catch can lunch. Made more fresh rhubarb sauce with the last of the fresh fruit in the fridge. Pulled 2 pkg frozen rhubarb from freezer, made sauce with most of it. Dinner was 3 chicken thighs cooked in leek/hard cider sauce turned into gravy.

6/13 Saturday: BBQ brisket from takeout for dinner with baked potatoes. Remaining beef to fridge.

6/14 Sunday: Dinner was Newman’s pizza. We had eclairs for lunch.

6/15 Monday: We split an eclair for breakfast. DH had the day off.



  • Bunch of mint from 1st farm is drying (Mon).
  • Half the sweet biscuits were frozen. (Tues.)
  • Added last unopened pkg of spaghetti to container in pantry. (Fri.)
  • Container of gravy from leeks, hard cider and chicken dish added to fridge. (Fri.)
  • Rhubarb sauce from frozen fruit added to freezer. (Fri.)
  • Second bunch of mint is drying (Sat.)


  • Most of the potatoes were used. (Tues.)
  • The batch of fresh rhubarb sauce was used.
  • Strawberries, fresh rhubarb (Fri.) Frozen rhubarb used almost entirely. Small amount left over in fridge.
  • Pkg of chicken thighs pulled from freezer. (Fri.)
  • Last pkg of leeks/hard cider sauce pulled from freezer (Fri.)


Monday:1 package of carrot greens. (Replaced with new, smaller package in freezer.) End of the package of pea sprouts. Radish greens. Meat juices from meat loaf container.