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Why All the Links? & a Link — to an Article About Grocery Shopping, Safely

To read this regularly, you’d think I spend much of my time doing internet research, right? Wrong!

The motivation behind the advice links is that I know I should read them all and make informed choices. I should have a routine for dealing with groceries and mail coming in the house. I should be disinfecting every square inch of the house, the cars, the mailbox, etc.

But, like most SHOULDs, only some of it gets done. The piece which does happen usually doesn’t happen immediately.

The links and links lists are my bookmarks. It’s useful for me to have them all in one place. If others find them useful too? All the better!

One thing I learned after decades of dealing with amorphous, traumatic distress? Concrete and practical advice is almost always more helpful than platitudes and motivational speeches. An unempoloyed, depressed person will usually respond more positively to a revision of their resume than an hour’s worth of sympathy, although do give both.

The two most popular posts here are how to cook pink Madagascar rice and how to estimate linear feet of needed book shelving. I don’t think that’s an accident.

The post about cooking pink rice was written because I went looking for exactly that and couldn’t find it. I used a cookbook I own, guessed based on data there and it worked. That’s what’s in the post.

The how to estimate needed book shelving post was part of a series of bookselling “how to” posts I made on the late, lamented site

It helps that I used to write instructions for a living, yes. But that isn’t the only reason that those posts are my most popular. Both are simple, concrete and practical advice.

I found this article about how to shop for your groceries safely. Unfortunately for me, I found it after I got back from this week’s marketing. Next week!  link


Links Round Up: Jan – Mar

I went back through my posts since the beginning of the year. It seems I’m doing a lot of research and including links in my posts. All of the blog posts or links I’ve pinged back or linked to are given below.

January: None.