1. This blog was originally set up to track clutter I was removing. i was counting it.  I made up badges to give myself rewards as I went, etc. More information about that effort can be found in the  Clean it up tab.
  2. After a while, I started talking about saving money, something I’ve been concerned with for a long time. The best of those posts and other info. can be found in the Frugality tab.

This information was edited. 10/11/18. The data that was on the History page:

Data from 2017 tallies was deleted 6/8/18. The data were incomplete, and just taking up room! This page will be used to talk about what I’ve done in the past on this blog: counting, the badges, the cleaning plans, etc. The most popular posts here, cooking rice, figuring bookshelf space, etc. will be kept, but much of the actual blogs will be deleted. If you want the info in a given post, LET ME KNOW ASAP!

  • 2011 posts start here.
  • 2012 posts start here.

More data will be moved here from blog posts, as I get to it. With over 1,000 posts, this will take some time!

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