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Tuesday’s Five

I decided that yes, I need to continue with the kitchen counter effort, but the 10′ counter on one side, 7′ on the other is a bit (ha!) more involved than this list of “things I can do around and between regular cleaning.”

So…. I haven’t finished Monday’s list. I’ll keep whacking away at it this week and note it when it gets done, but it’s time to MOVE ON! There are 3 items outstanding: the 10′ counter clear, cull, clean, using the vac under the bed, and dusting the stained glass.

Today I will

  1. Desmudge door knobs.
  2. Update the grain storage I haven’t looked at lately.
  3. Pick up the laundry room.
  4. Get the prep complete for the Christmas ornaments I intend to make.
  5. Finish the final culling, keeping, and storage of last week’s vegetables.

Some of these are really, really quick and can easily be fit between other work, the door knobs and laundry room, for example. The craft prep is a bit more involved. The vegetables and grains will take some time.

Also, it’s Tuesday, that means a regular job is to go thru the fridge for trash donations. (Trash day is tomorrow.)

So, I have 6 items to do on top of the usual laundry (first load started), dishes (had caught up last night, there’s not much there), cooking, writing, etc.

The unfinished items were unfinished due to the fact that I soft threw my back out while doing something NOT on this list: getting the 2nd new dresser from the shed’s porch area. It got its drawers removed, everything got cleaned and it was moved inside. Somewhere in there, I did something that nearly threw my back out. So, my progress on the remainder of my day’s chores was not huge!

I’m beginning to think that the wisdom of not having lists on the weekend is so that I can catch up!



I went shopping yesterday I bought 38 pieces, many of them as stock for the booth*. Yes there  are knitting needles in it as well, but when I can get into my office, I will (again) cull the duplicates. I need to make a have or want list for knitting needles, as I have no idea where the holes are!

However, including the knitting needles, I kept about 30% of what I bought. Also included: 2 balls of yarn and 7 pieces of felt. The yarn is in “my colors” and so was irrestible. The felt was something I was ready to buy at a fabric store: DH uses felt under his keyboard to keep it stationary, and the piece he had was really dirty.

The rest of the stuff is inventoried, priced, tagged and packed into my car, preparatory to being put in the booth at the new store, Sunday.

The accounting is up to date. All the check flimsies have been tagged and filed.

I can be very efficient, on occasion! Since tomorrow is the last day of March, I will be filing all the tiny envelopes I use into the month’s larger manila envelope.

I really, really need, in April, to make those cloth envelopes I talked about earlier. But the very next pieces of what has to happen here are: finish getting things prepared for the move April 1. Get the items ready for the show April 15. Then, finish getting out of the old storage unit and into the new one, preferably also by April 15.

Making cloth envelopes is waaaay down the list!


*The first 8 pieces were taken to the new antique store location 4/2. The store isn’t open yet, but the pieces are priced and out of my car. The remaining other stock for the flea market, etc. was taken to the storage unit. So the car is empty again, the way it’s supposed to be!