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Yesterday’s Plan

Don’t know if it will go according to plan, or not, but here’s the plan anyway!

  • Food: Dehydrate more: cherries, spearmint, etc. Make: cherry/apple jam. (I made apple-cherry sauce/syrup, no gel darn it! 2:02pm) Freeze the last of the rhubarb. Do something with the ragtag end of the strawberries before they go bad. Make a batch ‘o salad for dinner and to help clean out the fridge.
  • Cleaning: Pick up laundry room and dining room — restore them to their prior, really clean condition. Clean a fridge shelf?
  • New:
  1. Get the new register cover on (requires a trip to the hardware store). Required talking to DH, who knew where the screws were we already had that would work. 2:26pm
  2. Get another box of papers sorted? Deal with the papers you’ve already sorted.
  3. Start on the bedroom, as moving the couch out has to happen soon.
  4. The usual: laundry & dishes. worked on both during the day.
  5. Do something in the garden: — fertilize, plant the fall peas, I picked up a few piles of leaves and generally made things neater.

11:41am (made jam), 1:11 pm (general yard clean up), 2:26pm (got register cover on)., watered 4:00pm, of course it rained 4:26pm.

I’ve been looking at rug runners, for our staircase. I started out thinking I had no idea/no preferences one way or the other. After looking at 100 or more rugs in the past few days, I discovered I had a very specific idea of what I want. However, I don’t expect to get it, because it’s only available now at trendy shops, sigh. Have to decide to wait, buy something I can live with now, or just forget the whole thing until I’m really ready to repaint the stairs, etc. (No conclusion on this except that if the perfect rug shows up at a perfect price, it may change my priorities, pretty quickly!) 1:57pm