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All but the 2 base cabinets are in the attic, 2 x 4s under them, shelves put in them and stuff put away in them. However, I’ve run out of “easy” space making in the attic. It’s very like the problem I’m facing in the kitchen and living room — things have been culled, the remaining stuff has been consolidated into tight piles. Nothing to remove and no where to go!

It was  90+ degrees here yesterday, I did NOT want to work in an unairconditioned attic! My helper came again. The two of us organized the appliance “user’s manuals” tossing those for things which are gone. Then we inventoried the freezer space. So that’s done. Huzzah! It isn’t much, and next to no one else will ever see that the binder is tidier or that I can tell what’s actually in the freezer, but it’s still progress. Also the smaller binder got replaced by a bigger one, from the attic. One more thing away — and another out of the attic and used!

What I did this morning (Sat.) was mostly get scared. I got out of bed, got to the bathroom sink and the room was swirling around — you would have thought I was drunk! I wasn’t. This continued for some time, off and on. Decided I’d best not go anywhere (we had planned to go out; DH went without me). He cut the 2 x 4s for the last upper cabinet. I got them in there, got the shelves in the cabinet, and put things away in the cabinet.

Aside from that, I haven’t done much. I’ve found some self-help books I want, and I’ve spent an hour or more looking at a pinterest board about history, which truly caught my attention. Pretty scary suddenly having dizzy spells. Not something I’ve ever done for any period of time before!

After lunch, we went to the market. Came back, I felt like I was coming down with a cold, all I wanted was to sleep, sniffly, etc. Took a bath. By the time I’d finished, my “cold” and sleepiness had disappeared. Weird. Weird day physically! Our guess is that I’d gotten something on my clothes in the attic, and I was wicked allergic to it. Dunno. Very strange day.

Day ended with me, out in the rain, calling for our “barn cat.” I could hear but not see her. She’d sheltered under our front step. She ran to under my car, where I delivered her dinner, which she ate. Then the rain abated and I went out with a towel and with much calling, finally got her to come to me, on the driveway, kneeling on the towel and she got dry from my petting her and her rubbing herself on the towel.

So, my hair’s soaked, my pant knees are too, and I need to change clothes. We’re going to watch a video. G’night!

I hope tomorrow is just boring — no world class thunderstorms, no torrential downpours, no weird dizziness, no “feel like I’ve come down with a really bad cold.” Just plain, old boring Sunday!