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Sleep on it?

We got a flat file,a large oak one, this past summer at auction. We’d been looking for one,  smaller than the one we had; but this one is BIGGER.

DH mended, sanded and shellacked it. He fixed its frame; it’s in the living room. There are two units one atop the other. We talked today about making it into the support under our bed. It’s almost exactly the right size, would utilize a dead space used only by the pets, stray books and dust bunnies at the moment, and doing so would give us a huge piece of real estate back in the living room/DH’s craft room. We’d have to buy a box spring and DH would have to change the framing. Weird? I suppose, but actually, I love the idea!

The living room didn’t get clean by thanksgiving alas, but it is cleaner. There’s less stuff in it, almost daily. The big push this weekend was a rack DH put up that stored a bunch of items which had been all over the house. So they’re not any more, they’re in one place, organized and tidy. Hurrah! The rack is in the living room, but it works, and until we can get the pieces made/built we’d planned or we change the plan, it will work WAY better than having these pieces scattered all over the house!

Happy holidays all!


More ruminations and a tally

While at the antique store, I put some stuff on sale, disposed of some breakage, and made arrangements to move into my new, cheaper booth on the 15th. The new booth has built-in shelves, which means that I can SELL my remaining bookcases, instead of using them for display in the booth. Yay! I only have a few left, but being able to sell them rather than having to use them is a step in the right direction. I only brought home 4 bread and butter dishes and some cookie cutters which hadn’t sold. I am excited about the new direction I’m going!

I need to work on the attic and catalog some books so that I can fill the bookcases /spinner with books and get the other “stuff” ready to put online.

DH & I talked about what furniture to sell next. There’s a sling chair/ottoman, and the 3 bookcases currently cluttering up the kitchen which can be sold.

Almost all the furniture that’s currently at the shop will be for sale, and in the process I’ll be able to get at my kitchen cabinet again. Yay! When some of that furntiure sells, I have a Mission oak chair to sell. These are things we already own and getting rid of any/all of them makes more room, and hopefully will generate more money too.

I talked to the local bookseller who’s buying some of my paperbacks, and he’s ready for more. We made arrangements for me to deliver some next week. If I get busy cataloging books, I can take him 4 boxes and do all of next week’s flings in one swell foop! I haven’t been cataloging books for about 2 months. [I got thoroughly tired of it, and pretty much quit around November when I hit the 8044 things out goal.] I imagine I’ll be absolutely burned out by 12/31/12, but if I never have to do it again, it’ll be worth it!

The trunk is STILL outside, darn it. Today’s agenda definitely includes hauling it in! This is also another dump day, so I’ll see what else I can add to the out pile.

In answer to a question I raised last month, my storage rent is cheaper than the booth rent. Even with the new, reduced booth rent, that will still be true.

It costs me less to list something for sale from home for a month than it does to put it up for sale at the antique store.

I better sell MORE stuff and more quickly or just start donating stuff in quantity! If I don’t, I’ll run out of money in the not too distant future. We’ll see!


To dump (swap shop): 13 plastic cookie cutters
To dump (trash):
Closed: 1 account
To family:
Sold: 18 items (at antique store)

cookie cutters going to the swap shop

Given away: 1 roll of tape

Found new home/put away:
Moved from LANDING PAD: the rag collection (lost its old home, hadn’t figured out where to park it
before the holidays
Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.) =
paper consolidation (filing /sheeting receipts) 20
pantry consolidation (4 baskets of potatoes culled & reorganized into 1) 3

Bought: 2 pads graph paper, 1 photograph
Given pair of gloves
From the dump:
To a landing pad:

20 plastic bags (to give away)
10 books (to be donated)

today 57-4 = 53

old 9961
new 9908 98.4%