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More Food Planning/Use

Today is the day I usually go to the farm for our week’s food. If I’d been home yesterday, I would put aside whatever remaining foodstuffs from last week I didn’t think we’d use.

I’ve started that effort today instead, but it IS being done.

I’ve also planned what I’ll get at the farm, that makes food use a bit less random!

Finally, I go right by our favorite markets on the way home, so I’ll do the weekly shopping. There’s a package of chicken thawing in the fridge for tomorrow and Sunday.

Tonight’s dinner is probably a cheese omelette and salad, or that’s the plan. This is subject to DH’s input, how much and types of cheese we have, etc. We had HM hummus, freshly baked bread, and green salad. It was too hot to cook and I’d been gone all day, no interest in cooking at all!

I culled 2 jars from the pantry as their contents will be replaced, starting today.

This is working! We’ll see if I can keep it up. DH and I have had a few discussions about the “menu plan,” and he thinks it’s a good idea and agrees with my long-term goals: getting us used to smaller, cheaper meals like we’ll have when he’s retired, spending less on restaurants/prefab food, less meat, more veggies, better use of the veggies we’ve paid for (from the farm), and less food waste.

Photo by petra cigale on Unsplash

And for me, the kicker is that this isn’t so rigid that I resent it and it takes away the creativity I normally use when cooking. The I don’t know what to make with what I’ve got randomness is the only piece of cooking I really like: taking a bunch of random ingredients and using up what needs it in a meal.

I know people who sit down and plan a year’s worth of menus at once. I couldn’t do that, any more than I could do something similar to Once a Month Cooking or Mega Cooking. I tend to put pieces aside, not meals. (For example, cooked rice and stems from greens for soup.)

More Thoughts on the Cooking Plan

Back in the Maslow post. I talked about supplies I’ve bought over time for the kitchen system. I’ve finally decided what to do. I may change this later, but here’s my plan.

Before I do anything else, I need a current inventory!

I’ve no idea what I have, so that’s the first step. The pantry inventory hasn’t been updated since 2/21/11, almost exactly a year ago! (It’s set up to be updated quarterly.) I’m going to do the inventory today. My pantry inventory isn’t just food, it includes cleaning products, trash bags, home/beauty products, and office supplies too; it’s anything that I want to regularly have on hand.

My inventory looks like this:

Item date_1 hse_1 pty_1 date_2 hse_2 pty-2 type
wh tomatoes 2/21/11 2 3 can

This tells me there were 2 cans whole tomatoes in my grab & go cooking area and 3 in other storage. The page has columns for four quarters. When I do this regularly, I can see over time if we use 5 more cans of tomatoes in winter and be prepared. This actually works, when I do the inventories quarterly. Once a year is NOT enough!


One of the best ideas I’ve found in an old housekeeping book is a way to vary menus. You put the different types of recipes, entree, etc. on different colored 3 x 5 cards with a hole punched in one corner. Mix up the cards, turn them over, then sort them into lots. . . . 1 red (meat), 1 or 2 green (vegetable), and 1 white card (side dish/condiment/dessert) or whatever your plan is. This gives you random combinations so you don’t always make the same things together. You thread the sorted groups onto a split ring with a marker for the “current” set, and that’s today’s menu. Yesterday’s set is moved to the back. (Put a paperclip on the first previously used card.). You can hang the cards by the split ring and there you have it. Instant assorted menus, all of which will fit whatever menu pattern you use.

I have library catalog cards so I have cards with a hole in the bottom. I think I have color coding dots? I don’t need colored cards or to punch holes. We rarely have more than 1 meat/protein, 1 vegetable and sometimes a dessert, but mostly not. I think I’ll try the menu sort for each quarter, to help me use more seasonal foods with more long storage foods, something I’m bad at. I’ll put a color coding dot on the back and the name of a recipe on the front.

The other menu planning wrinkle I use is something I found years ago called DOLDOL which is
I’ll just put a D, O, or L on the dots for the entree and possibly the vegetable, if it fits. D is a double meal, meatloaf one day, crumbled meatloaf w/gravy on the the L (leftover) day, and a single meal between (O).

This idea came from my first how to save money on food book, this one:
Omohundro – How to Win the Grocery Game: A Proven Strategy for Beating Inflation

The data in the book aren’t new, the prices will be all off, for example, but the ideas still work. I learned a lot of basic cooking from that book!

The Rolodex will hold the actual recipe cards. I’ve already designed the card, all I have to do is the data entry and get the cards printed. I have a partial data list of which recipes are best during which months. If/when I get the recipes on cards I can SELL the cookbooks. [Less stuff! More $$$!]

Now I have a detailed list of tasks. . .

1 Figure out what I have (inventory).
2 Make up a seasonal list and menus using what I have first and then implement a buying plan to replace and supplement, as needed for the current quarter.
3 Make menu cards (library cards) for the recipes. Do the sort/group with the library cards.
3 Make up the quarterly seasonal food and recipe lists for the other quarters.
4 Print recipes on the Rolodex cards and file them.
5 Sell books as appropriate.

I’ll update this post as I complete the steps.