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Links List: Storing/Using up BREAD

It occurred to me that I’ve discussed saving money/being more frugal about bread here, but I hadn’t done more than that. Below you’ll find two links lists. The first are links to discussions about bread STORAGE, the second about USING the last of a loaf.




Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

Craft Supplies: What to Use or Cull?

I have too many craft supplies, of course. I need to either use the stuff up, sell, toss or otherwise cull this collection down A LOT.

I have been trying to think what I have to do/get rid of/cull next? And I don’t know. I have fabric at a seamstress currently to turn into \ throws. I don’t need more, those will do us year round, with the one my MIL made.

So, then what? I have pillow forms, fabric, beads, yarn, basketry material, and paper crafting supplies.

The obvious thing to use some of that up would be to do the knit the pillow covers project. The not so obvious thing is whether I have yarn in the right sort of colors/textures for the living room. That I do NOT know, I’ll have to look.

After that project and making myself a new hat. (Remember this? I decided to make myself another hat.) I have no idea how much yarn I’ll have left, how many pillow forms I’ll still, and what to do with what I DO?

I also have no ideas about the rest of it. I need to work harder to find projects or just decide to get rid of the stuff, in quantity!

Okay I sorted. I have enough, with an additional skien or two, to make pillow covers. One or maybe two? We’ll see. I also seem to have enough to make another hat. After that? I have a bin full of yarn, most of it with no particular use in mind. The one exception is the rug which was being knit/crotched for the bathroom, the one that takes about an hour to get 1/4 of the way around and 1/4″ thick  per row. In other words? To make that rug takes a LARGE amount of time/effort, which is why it got dropped to begin with. I either need to ‘fess up and admit I won’t ever finish it OR I need to actually finish it. Storing the tools and supplies and 1/2 finished rug just is dumb!

What DH Said

“…so the onslaught begins!”

True enough. Yesterday was the first day of farm food: 2 kinds of lettuce, spinach, arugula, radishes, and the only herb I took was tarragon.

By comparison with the remainder of the summer, this is nothing. I always do the week’s shopping the same day, on the way home as the cheapest market is right on the way. So, I come home with a car load.

I have: stuffed some of the larger TARRAGON into a bottle of champagne vinegar I bought for that. It’s my favorite vinegar flavor combo, and I sure can’t afford to buy it premade. I’m always looking for champagne vinegar on sale because of this. I’d used up what I had, so was delighted when I found some in Feb. There’s a bunch of TARRAGON hanging up to dry. There’s the odd bits & pieces in the oven dehydrating, to refill the spice jar.

The RADISH greens have been washed and are drying in the oven. Will be added to the mixed “peppy” greens. I do a jar of peppy and savory greens every year. Add them to soups, salads, etc.

Most of one bunch  of ARUGULA was used in a chicken sandwich, my dinner last night. (DH made himself something while I was gone.) The rest of the bunch was dried and added to the peppy greens jar.

So, it’s been not quite 12 hours, I’ve used greens on a sandwich, put bagged herbs up to dry, dried herbs and greens in the oven to add to the back stock, and added herbs to vinegar for flavoring. The tarragon and radish greens have all been accounted for. Half the arugula has been used.


I have a week to use up the spinach, lettuces, and radishes.

A week later. I have used up all of the spinach, some of the lettuces and radishes. I need to go start dehydrating. That would take care of a lot of this!

All of the remaining greens, except the lettuces, are washed, stemmed, and ready to dehydrate. The first batch is in the dehydrator. Will be out soon, greens dry quickly! We’re having salad for lunch, and that should take care of all but perhaps a very small amount of last week’s share. NO leftovers!



Changing My World, Again

The chair sold — hurrah! Today’s task when I get to it, is to empty the bookcase in the storage and take it to the antique store, for sale. Seeing a trend here? Or, I can take the small modern side tables — either way, something is going — today!

[I took one of the modern side tables, the “orphan.” It sold! 3/18 :-)]

Had an appt. today, it got canceled. So I have unexpected free time. I’ve filled this with doing some necessary yard work (Did the springy rake get put away somewhere mysterious — or did it get stolen? Possible I’m afraid.)

I have 3 writing projects midstream, one for my “day job,” one with a friend I’m writing an article with, and one for a friend who asked my help organize a history thing.

All have been sent to the other folks and are awaiting input — more unexpected time!

So, I’m off to the storage to get tables or bookcase to the antique store (Unfortunately, the spinner hasn’t sold, for $5. Given that, I’ll probably throw it in the back of the car and just take it to the dump Saturday. But I anticipate more pieces gone and quickly!

I’ve been working continually on our bedroom. I’m running out of places to stash the “I don’t know what to do with this” stuff. This is the part I dread. It isn’t getting rid of things, it’s trying to figure out which things to keep and where/how. Especially a challenge with a log house, no basement, no attic to speak of, no garage, no closets, etc.

I found another skein of the yarn I’d used for spring colors bath mats. My answer to that piece of clutter was what did last before bed yesterday: I added the yarn to the smaller mat. One less item floating around here and a  more useful mat (it was pretty small) — all good!  If I could just do something like about 2,000 times in a month, I’d be all set!

It’s nearly spring — I want my home to emerge from under all the STUFF!!!