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Crunch Time

We’ve pared down the stuff and space and stuff, and space. . . .

And now? We have too little space for what’s left. I have a bag of books to go out hanging on the front door knob. I have 4 boxes of books to go through before I leave here today, with the idea that I remove whatever other bags of books that generates.

Also today I’m supposed to finish up the move from the old storage unit to the new, smaller one. And it’s going to be tight, sigh.



Crunch time indeed.


Shedding a Light. . .

on almost anything? Because of what I’ve been doing, that is, looking for GROUPS of things to find, deal with, etc. I looked at the remaining clutter in and around the living room. There are 8 table lamps being unused or going to be displaced? On the graphics table (1), the floor (3), the side tables (2) , the strap table behind the club chairs (1), on the hall console. EIGHT???

  • The lamps on the end tables have a reason for being there, they stay. They aren’t being used because I haven’t gotten them plugged in yet, that’s it.(2)
  • The lamp on the strap table can’t be plugged in as there’s nowhere to plug it into. The  strap table is going to replace the console in the hall. This lamp will be used after the move. (3 total)
  • There’s a table lamp on the console; it’s plugged in, but after the console is replaced, it will have nowhere to go. Should go into the attic until a new home is found for it. (3 used, 1 to the attic)
  • There’s a lamp on the floor by the front door, staged to be put into the attic. The lamp on the graphics table needs to go to the attic as well. (3 used, 3 to the attic)
  • The two other lamps on the floor are: one I intend to keep which came out of the attic, should go back there. The other was purchased to sell, and needs to go to the antique store. (3 used, 4 to the attic, 1 to the antique store)

But you know, until I started looking for GROUPS of items which were problems, I just didn’t realize I had 8 table lamps not being used, in/around the living room.

Update: Three of those lamps are currently staged to be put in the attic.

The Uncounted

Just so you know, this is the storage unit. This stuff is NOT in the house, there’s other stuff in the house

What's NOT in the house!

So ~all~ I have to do is empty the house enough to get some or all of this into the house so I can go through it. No problem, right?