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Found Time

It occurred to me that one thing I’m doing to be more efficient is using all those “little blocks” of time, while waiting for something:

  • Waiting for the toaster to pop.
  • Warming myself in front of the wood stove.
  • Waiting for the microwave.
  • In the bathroom.

I have started washing the few hand-wash items on the kitchen window sill, while I wait for the micro. What gets put on the window sill are items which will be ruined if washed with the other dishes: the wine glasses would break, the wood dough scraper would get soaked and ruined, the thermometer would get soaked and its electronics ruined. After use, they’re put on the window sill. And frequently, although I don’t mean to, I forget about them. These things are getting washed and put away, regularly now. Yay! One less set of FLOATING CLUTTER!

I don’t have a set thing to do while waiting for the toaster, yet. I tend to do whatever I see that I can do quickly. But it occurs to me that maybe I should use it as a time to wipe out the micro! The micro gets cleaned now on an as-needed basis. I’d like to be more regular and proactive than that. Cleaning it while the toaster works seems like a good plan.

Warming myself at the wood stove and in the bathroom I use the time for the same thing these days, that is, I grab a handful of papers which need sorting and go through them. This is slowly but surely, getting us through the boxes and boxes of papers we’ve had stored.

Do you use these little blocks of “found time” to clean or cull? What do you do?



Whaling Away on the Food Notebook

for various reasons.

  • It’s one of the most universal of the projects I have to ready for sale.
  • It’s spring and so I’m thinking about growing food, saving $ on food, preserving food, etc.
  • I found recently an entire resource for data I hadn’t before (it didn’t exist) and so I’m adding that data.
  • I’m tired of “playing” with this and want it in a usable form!

Also, I’ve been sheeting receipts and going through boxes of papers. I did that for a while yesterday and tossed the obvious stuff (bill envelopes, manuals for things we no longer own, etc.) consolidated 2 bins into 1. One less box in the living room. Yay!

Two days ago I happened to have the time and was near the car wash with the free vac, so I vacuumed part of the car. It isn’t clean mind you, but it IS cleaner!

Today? I have the usual variety of tasks: Get the 2′ pile, books mostly, off my desk and DEALT with, change the sheets on the bed. Do a few more loads of laundry, raking and yard clean up (will be ongoing for at least another month, I can’t do this in a marathon, but I can peck away at it for a LONG time). And, finally, start the cleaning job in the bedroom required for the furniture move.

Of course, there’s always the shoulds too: get rid of another pile of books in the living room, clean the cat box, get all the dishes washed,  etc.– the usual never-ending on-going chores, with the seasonal additions of yard clean up, vegetable seeding, and car cleaning.

It’s spring, life goes on!