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Made the Jan-Feb Goal Today

That’s 338 pieces. I talked about that here. I’m at 370.

Hopefully, I can get rid of a lot more before month’s end. By contrast to the paperwork purge going on here, the things at the antique store are just sitting, as of 2/9 I hadn’t sold a single thing this month.

I’ve signed up for the one-day flea market I’ve done in the past. Was unsure about it this year, not sure people will want to spend the money; not sure I’d have anything for sale (We have 1 small box set aside for the next flea market. In years past, whatever hadn’t sold pretty much wound up in the “flea market” category.) After a flea market, I usually donate whatever doesn’t sell. If I can’t sell it for $5 or $1 or whatever it’s not likely that I’ll sell it, period. But I’ve changed things this year. Most of the pieces I pull from the booth because they haven’t sold get donated out of the car, instead of being brought home and becoming flea market fodder. Accordingly, I have a lot less merchandise.

Didn’t find  a lot more merchandise in the attic. Whatever is there is hidden right now by the unorganized stuff. One category I noticed that I almost certainly will take is sf digest magazines. I have lots. There was a guy for a while selling at the flea market who thought they were valuable, really valuable. Funny. I bought a book from him he thought wasn’t worth much and sold it for $400! [Ignorance is bliss I guess.]

Anyway, I do have boxes of magazines I can sell. I’ll have to start pulling them together in one place. Some are in the attic, some in the kitchen, and there’s a bunch in the storage too. I also have a chunk of USDA annuals. I bought a store’s inventory of these when they went out of business. I only need 1 copy of each year. Most of them don’t have color plates or anything really interesting, so they’re not worth much, mostly. There’s the bookcase they’re on in the storage, and that can be sold as well.

Also in the dump bin and not counted otherwise, 2 skeins of yarn. Forgot about that!

Stuff Purging

Going through some of the things from the attic. My concrete and measurable goal there and the other “dump” room is to walk, unimpeded from the door to the far wall. In both places, the space is filled with boxes and loose stuff.

Today was dump day, but I was busy, so tomorrow a.m. I should have a slug o’ books (and maybe other things) to go to the swap shop.

I think I might want to reinstate counting the things out, but I don’t really. If I did, I’d just make a “thermometer” for a month’s worth the year and fill it as I purged. 2017 pieces out should be easy to do. That’s only 169 a month! Maybe I will start again?

Right now I’ve got 12 or more books on my desk to review for the swap shop. Given that it’s the 28th and I have my first tax appt. next week, I don’t have a lot of time to be purging, instead doing the tax data round-up. Also I tutor and have other commitments. So, it’s unlikely I can get rid of 169 items by 1/31/17. However, 338 (169 x 2) by the end of Feb.? Now that’s possible.

We’ll see!

7 books out, 2 new books in= 5 out 8 books out, 2 new books in = 6 out

(I sold a few things this weekend too! Later.)

I started a list on the tally page, so I won’t clutter up posts here. If you’re intersted, go there!

Also Up in the Air

about the idea of counting stuff this year. I don’t know that I want a goal like the past 6 or so years, but keeping track, good or bad, doesn’t seem to “push” on me the same way.

We’ve decided that rather than wait for spring to do whatever stuff in the house that we’ll do whatever we can to the house and stay indoors. One of the long-range plans is a place for DH to put equipment for his hobby, which there hasn’t been room for frankly, because there were too many books here.

Also, we have been talking about, for years, about rearranging our bedroom. That’s on the queue for this winter too.

There’s an old studio light that we got from the dump (the kind they used to use for making movies). It has been hanging on a pipe in our kitchen for years. DH got it down, put a new light fixture in it and hung it in the living room. Looks great, won’t use up bazillions of watts of power and hard-to-find-bulbs, and it isn’t obvious that it has been hacked. Win! Less stuff, more useful objects and things being used!

I’ve gotten rid of 31 books in the past 5 days. I have packages to mail to various people. Today we went to the dump and a chunk o’ stuff that I had in the booths went to the swap shop: a 2 bay chafing dish, a serving dish, three gold chargers, and 5 Christmas tins.

We forgot to take the old shop vacuum cleaner. It’s a flying saucer, literally, it floats on a pocket of air. I couldn’t resist it when I found it, I mean what OTHER type of vacuum cleaner could a science fiction bookstore own, I mean really? But we forgot it, so it’s still here. Decided it had to go last month when I realized we had six total vacuum cleaners: two uprights, 2 wet/dry ones, a portable and the flying saucer. The best wet/dry one has a few vital pieces missing for the wet function, which it does much better than the other. (It’s in the attic.) The two uprights each “live” in their designated area of use. The portable is what gets used most often, and it’s all over the place. But the flying saucer had just been stored in the storage unit, for !0 years now, and there’s no reason to keep it, so it’s going out — when i can remember to get it outta here!

Busy, busy!

We’ve been working on cleaning out the attic and office.

In the process, we’ve tossed swathes of stuff, a lot of paper (a draft of one of my books, for example: Why do I need the printouts I copy edited???) also other things, clothes, and so on. Not so many books, but other stuff.

I’ll be posting a new target soon! (It’s below!)


2013 target smaller Jun 18 copy copy

New Pathetic Tally

Not much out, a fair amount in yields a wimpy deduction!



To trash: 3 unsalable books 3
To dump (swap shop) 2 books, 3 candle jars, 1 bicycle helmet, 6
Donated 5 books to hospital, 6 books to starbuck’s swap shelf, 12 bags to antique store 23
To landing pad: (not counted til used, tossed, sold or “put away”) stack of “for sale” books

Found new home/put away: unused portion of cedar 4 x 4 put away 1
Sold: 1 book, 1 jewelry box, 2 cake pans 4
Used: piece of cedar, piece of rebar, 3 trellis panels, 2nd small trellis erected,4 crates, 11
6 garden stakes, 1 head garlic planted, laundry rack, bench, 4 seed packets, 1 bird house 14
Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.) pantry 2

paperchase 4+31+7=42

Stuff designated to sell/reuse/donate/give away (not counted til gone), enamel canner & lid, sm barn pulley, pyrex casserole & lid, refrigerator dish, 2 scoops, mint/yellow vase, 1 wrought iron table base, 16 pc china,



Bought piece of cedar, 6 garden stakes, package of garden stakes, 2 baskets, 10
enamel canner (2 pcs), sm barn pulley,pyrex casserole (2 pcs),hat stand, 6
refrigerator dish, triangular creeper, 2 scoops, 2 paper parasols, 6
1 wrought iron table base, 2 bookends, 2 birdhouses,5
4 craft booklets, enamel refrigerator pan, 16 pc china, 21
1 muffin tin, 3 loaf baugette pan, 2 books, 2 dishes, 1 crate 9

  • old 8402 69.6% remaining 3676 items out
  • new 8365 69.3% remaining 3713 items out

New target!

2013 target smaller May 20 copyFor those of you who don’t know, each section of the target complete (gold or silver) is 250 items out, which means that each 1/2 circle is 1,000 pieces gone! To keep on schedule (I haven’t) I need to get rid of approx. 1,000 pieces monthly, as my goal for 2013 is 12078 items.


Tomorrow and then

tonight’s job is to get ready for the new booth.

Today I went by the storage and sorted boxes into two categories: flea market and online. Both shops where I now have booths sponsor a flea market of some kind. The newest one does it June – August, but the other does it May -Sept. So there are a lot of chance to throw books up on a table and try and get people to buy them for cheap til summer ends.

Once I get the new booth set up (tomorrow) I’ll move the sorted boxes from the old storage to the new, grouped and marked. That will leave the unsorted paperbacks and other asst. boxes, probabaly about 100 or so total, but that’s essentially nothing compared to what I started with!

I sold 9 books on the way home today, and tossed 3.

I’ve been working on this for 9 years, and at least the largest, most labor intensive part of this job (the paperbacks) is within sight of being done.

I don’t believe it!!!