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What Things Do You Have = Home?

I noticed not too long ago that a friend’s home had a “tick-tock clock” in the kitchen. This generates a very home-like and comforting sound. Seems like a great way to “make home.”

So, here’s the question: what piece of stuff or type of stuff do you have which makes your house your home?

I’ve been working towards cozy and comfortable and thinking for us that’s not fancy/high maintenance/sleek furnishings (not really shabby chic either), color with black & white accents, low maintenance. But sound was not something I’d really considered. A clock’s sounds would be nice.

Home has always just been a place to store my stuff. I do not expect safety, rootedness, belonging, comfort — although I’m trying to build that — difficult when you don’t know how.

Definite:  things which make me smile, my important books, cozy, colorful,  and comfortable. Maybe a clock.

The living room painting progresses, slowly. We just got a quote for the back roof. I still haven’t planted the veggie garden. If I don’t get to it soon we’ll have lettuce and radishes and that’s it this year!