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More Progress

Tuesday I took many of the boxes in the bedroom and put them all in one tidy stack, well, two actually. There’s a few strays out and about, but not many.  (It’s amazing how large our bedroom feels!) Then I started cleaning the wall where the closets are. I got 4 closet doors dusted and waxed.

DH started culling his closets (He has more clothes that I do these days.)  I purged a bunch of mine, remember? (See the French Dressing post.) We have 9 clothing items definitely going away. Yay! Progress! This needs to be done again, several times. Also, I’m thinking maybe we’ll buy a wardrobe from Ikea or maybe at auction? Who knows? We have more than a closet section of sports-related clothes /equipment and there’s not enough room for all of it. I’d love to be able to put all of it in ONE place permanently. So that’s the goal for that.

Otherwise, we talked about buying metal rods to replace the wimpy copper wire I put up the valance with yesterday. When I found out the price, I vetoed the idea. Not bad, $20, but I have better things to do with $20 than buy 4 metal pieces that will just sit there. Dowels will work, and will almost certainly be cheaper, my guess is that they’ll cost around $5.

Our car is in the shop and it’s an expensive fix this time. The $15 I think I can save will help!

Today I haven’t done anything except lie in bed and feel awful. I have a cold, bleh. Well, this isn’t actually true, as I made a business-related call for my boss about 2 hours ago. But aside from that? I’ve eaten breakfast, had coffee, and read. NOT my most productive day so far.

I’ve decided I want a demilune table, floating or with a shelf between the closets. You’d think that would be easy, right? There’s 3 tons of demilune tables for sale out there. Almost uniformly, they’re too big, too expensive, made from particle board, or ugly. I think we’ll end up with a DIY because I haven’t seen anything I didn’t consider either a rip off (wood prices for probable particle board/plastic or veneer) or just ugly. I don’t mind paying for looks, but. . .  We have old table leaves etc. here I can get DH to cut to size. A demilune table is just a 1/2 circle after all. It won’t get me the shelf underneath, but that’s okay! I’ll have to start looking at the antique stores, etc.


Cleaning Underway, Clutter . . . ?

isn’t covered by my cleaning scheme — on purpose. I know I have problems with clutter/stuff removal, so I didn’t include it, as I knew it would sabotage the effort at the beginning.

I managed to find a way to approach cleaning the house such that it doesn’t create guilt or stress. I wonder if I can do the same with the clutter? I don’t really need or want all this stuff. I can’t store it forever, can’t use what I’ve got because I can’t find it, and it’s in the way.

So, what to do?

What I’m doing with the cleaning is dividing the job into component pieces and then figuring how much minimally I want to do in a week say. I’ve been doing some of that. I sold my first paperback last week at the new booth. All of a sudden, I’m cataloging books for the spinner again. Not many, but since I hadn’t done ANY for quite some time, it counts.

I have three customers looking for collectible books, which has helped too. I might be able to sell some of the better stuff, instead of simply storing it forever.

And I guess my attitude IS different than it used to be. I went to put a mug away last night after doing the dishes and there wasn’t room. I immediately started thinking, “Okay, do I get rid of this one or another?”

I’ve been working on rug #3 and I have a plan to use up the bits & pieces left over after making the rug yarn, so that all won’t be stored forever either. My attitude is different than it used to be, but it’s not getting done fast enough I guess?


This is an unsolved problem. I’ll work on it!


What I’ve done this weekend

  • Dismantle a bookcase and stack it atop another of the same size.
  • Put up two smaller bookcases to replace the previous case.
  • Filled the two bookcases and part of the third.
  • Worked on the vegetable garden.

What I have yet to do?

  • Clean up the living room where the two small bookcases were.
  • Get the back on the stacked case and fill it with the magazines, etc. that we’d planned to use it for.
  • Find a new home/put away or cull the rest of the stuff that was pulled out of the now stacked bookcase.

There’s progress, but it’s pretty small by comparison to what I’d like it to be! We moved 3 pieces of furniture into their new home and that required the culling, cleaning, and rearranging. One of these days, I’d like to be far enough along this road to not have moving a piece of furniture become a major project. But I guess that’s what I’m doing the work for ‘eh?

I’ll update the above list as I go today.

Happy Sunday everyone!

New Graphics Table in Position!

That particular move has been on the “to do” list since we got the table, over 1.5 years ago (I think). Anyway, two days ago, I looked at the living room and “saw” how I could move the table away from its Landing Pad, right inside the front door.

Also know the next piece: I have a wrought iron table that’s holding old machinery: typewriters, adding machines, like that. Assuming my guesstimate is accurate, the box/bookcase next to the front door that was hidden behind the new graphics table will be moved to behind the graphics table across the room. The wrought iron table and its load of HEAVY stuff will replace the bookcase boxes. I don’t want to move the wrought iron table again while we’re getting the room done. I’ve moved it twice now in two weeks. Time to use more brain and less brawn!

That particular move will take me a few hours, although involved it isn’t complicated or (except for moving the wrought iron) difficult.

In the midst of moving things around, I “lost” one of my good winter gloves. It’s here, somewhere, just not sure where? But I found a Christmas card for  a neighbor I didn’t realize hadn’t gotten it. Fortunately, the woman and her kids were taking a walk so I gave it to her. Three months late? Oh well, it was supposed to be part of the cookie dough/ganache and bread with crock gift that I gave to my best neighbors for Christmas. I also found an old wallet I’d used last year for coupons, many of which were out of date.

I have a batch of books to catalog this a.m., then I’m off to the old antique store. I’ll pull books from there, and put them aside to donate tomorrow to a library book sale.

I have 30 boxes of “stuff” to go through in the living room, maybe more? (If so,I don’t want to think about it!) But the room, after the table move, is as done as it can be until we just get rid of more boxes. As tired as I am of cataloging stuff, it’s got to be done.

Tomorrow I’ll also go to the new antique booth and the storage. I have things to add to the new booth and we’ll see how the ladder/flower pots “spring” display I put up last week worked? Hopefully, everything sold!

One set o’ stuff in the living room is our old LPs, I had put out a few 3 weeks ago in the new booth. Sold 25% of them. Took the rest to a thrift shop, so they’re gone. I’ll restock them in the new booth and maybe put some in the old booth today as well.

I need to figure out what to do for dinner? I’ll probably pull some chicken or pork chops out of the freezer and make whatever strikes my fancy when I get home.

I got apples to make into apple butter, 3 lb bags were on sale, and since I could get something other than Red Delicious (boring) I bought two: Golden Delicious & Fuji. Should be great! I’ve learned not to start apple butter even in a crock pot and go away  — it goes from cooked to burnt quickly!

Obviously, I’m busy — you?

February Sales


It’s time for February valentine sales of course, so valentines, roses, & chocolates  are usually on sale.

Also there’s other out-of-season sales, on air conditioners for example. And usually the last of the summer/fall sports equipment sales.

You can also find some mid-winter goods: curtains/drapes and men’s winter clothing, for example.


Below are three tips for saving money on baking & baked goods.

If you bake your own bread, save the flour dregs left on the board when you finish kneading. (Put it in a margarine tub in the freezer.) It’s wonderful to add to soups & stews as thickener. I freeze mine because sometimes it has egg or milk in it.

Buy flour in bulk in December, when the prices are the cheapest they’ll be until around March. Markets discount prices when they know they’ll get a lot of demand. Christmas = cookies, etc. Easter = stollen, buns, etc.

Ask people who work in the bakery what time the discounted (day old) breads are put out. (This works for the other categories of food too.) I was told that the day-old baked goods aren’t put out until 2:30, so that the moms with kids can find them. Meats, produce, and dairy items are all pulled in the morning and put back out. That means that to get the most of these deals at my local market, I need to shop right around 1-2, pick up everything but baked goods, then get my bread, etc. just when the bakery items are brought out.


Various fishes are supposed to be on sale this month. I don’t buy fish anymore and haven’t for years. Some of the data I used to compile my sales lists is NOT current, so I don’t necessarily think that the sale fish lists are accurate anymore. Otherwise, canned corn, parsnips, spinach & turnips should end their sales this month.

You should still be able to find broccoli, cabbages, celery, leeks & oranges on sale.

Everything, everywhere generates culls!

I was looking for glue the other day. I have a wooden bin for it. Found the bin this morning, not where it belonged, of course. I pulled the glue stick I wanted out and decided that I should check & see if the glue(s) in the box were still good? Six bottles in the trash.

I worked a little on the clear-the-table project this morning and found a pile of unopened mail. Opened it, the stuff that needs filing is on the filing cabinet, the rest of it’s in the paper/dump bin. Nothing stacked around — it’s gone.

I need to catalog more books! I still have all those boxes (5?) of hardcovers/large format paperbacks to deal with. 95% of those will be designated go away, they’ll go to the antique booth, and if they don’t sell, they’ll get donated, somewhere. The books I cataloged today are in the car, with their printed tags too.

From my office I  took some extra kitchen towels (were going to be  curtains) they’re in the car ready to go to the antique store too.

More culls! 😀 I put away asst. craft supplies, found homes for somethings, etc. All but 1 of the watering cans is put up. Most of them wouldn’t fit on top of the cabinets, so I have to clear the top of the free-standing cabinet. When I get that done, they should go up there, or up there and atop the china cabinet. Anyway, none of them are on the ground anymore. All of the vases are up on the box wall; that’s going to have to change, but for right now, it’s done.

More to do . . . more to do . . . more to do!

Still plugging away at it

The table isn’t cleared. DH is still culling stuff in his workshop, and I avoided the storage Tuesday as the car was still full of boxes I hadn’t dealt with.

Today? Today I catalog hardcovers for the antique store, plug away at the clear off the table and the annual clean the room divider projects.

A neighbor wants to borrow some crocks for Thanksgiving. The crocks are something I used to sell, so I have LOTS. In fact, my Christmas gift to the neighbors this year is going to be a ball of butter cookie dough and “fixin’s”. I intend to put the ball of dough in one crock as a part of the gift.

A few years back, DH roasted coffee and we gave that to the neighbors as a Christmas present “wrapped” in a crock. It seemed to me that everyone would probably like at least two, which is what prompted the idea. Good thing I wasn’t planning to give our holiday gifts for Thanksgiving, like 2011!

So I’m loaning a neighbor 7 crocks for her Thanksgiving dinner. Pretty sad when you’re the go-to source for extra china in the neighborhood. Especially for the neighbors who had 3 kids!

I’m working on the kitchen wall divider today too. I’ve got the “extra” vases on top of the kitchen cabinets. I need to do that SPACE BUDGET. I wonder if there’s a way I can give the neighbors a small crock AND a vase for the holidays? Naw. Part of the vase problem would be solved if I used vases regularly, I don’t. I only use them at holidays and when DH brings me flowers.

Flowers seem like something I don’t “deserve,” (having a pretty house is another). Hmm. Maybe I should work more on decorating the house and a bit less on beating myself up because of  “the stuff.”  The “not deserving” piece isn’t healthy either. Ah pfui! I do NOT want another emotional issue to tackle about house & home.

I’m going to go clean a wall of wooden boxes, with stuff in/on them. This will likely take ALL day and hopefully will generate a slug o’ stuff to trash, donate or put in the booth. I also need to tackle the hardcovers I brought home last week. I go to the antique store tonight or tomorrow, depending on DH’s plans and/or how much I get done.

Do you have space above your kitchen cabinets? If so, do you store things there — and what? If not, did your home come that way or was it something you changed?

 What’s on top of my cabinets is my canner, stew pot, vases, and pieces for the food processor. My childhood home had finished walls above the cabinets. We also didn’t have a stew pot, canner or food processor. I could theoretically store this stuff in the box wall, but it’s full of the dehydrator, bowls, food processor, chafing dish, battery charger (and batteries), crock pot, vases, and some household filing.

  • I can move the dehydrator to the attic, I use it only about once every 3 months. (Pulled, not in the attic yet 11/16)
  •  The food processor, if I’m making our bread, gets used weekly. If DH is making our bread, it doesn’t get used at all, needs to be on the bottom “shelf.” Done 11/15
  • The bowls get used all the time (already on bottom shelf)
  • The chafing dish is part of the emergency/winter supplies (It needs to be moved higher up the wall. Done! 11/15

Okay. I’ll move the filing into my office where it belongs, the dehydrator to the attic, the chafing dish UP to where the dehydrator had been, and either use, store or sell/give away the vases. (The vases will be stored on the box wall too.) Hopefully, this means I can also move the canner, food processor bits and the stew pot. THAT will clear the top of the cabinets. (Filing and chafing dish are moved, the rest hasn’t been done, yet.11/16)

If I manage that? I’ll move the watering can collection up there. It’s perfect. It gets the cans out of the way until spring, I don’t need them, so I won’t be going up/down a ladder to get to them, and it uses the space and clears a mess all at the same time! 😀

As usual, I’ve scheduled 3x as many things for my day as I’m likely to actually get done!