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Busy, busy

Today. Frankly, I took yesterday and the day before “off.” I’ve been working so hard, for weeks now to finish getting out of the old storage that I just needed a break. I’ve been doing maintenance cleaning and whatever culling was quick & easy & in front of me, but that’s it. So, I’ve purged a few books, a couple of magazines, decided to sell a few things, etc. but no concentrated efforts.

flea market

Tomorrow is the flea market and I have a day full of prep. to do for that. Pull the tables and merchandise from the storage. Get money from the bank, etc. The plan is that I’ll go early and 90% of the unsold merchandise will be donated, like after the April flea market. This flea is a regular thing. Next weekend, I’ll do the same. And again and again.

Hopefully this will clear enough stuff to empty the attic and then close the storage for good, but that may be unrealistic. That’s one of my goals for the summer.

We’re getting our back roof replaced and a covered patio at the same time, so all will be chaos here for a while — another reason I need to quickly get rid of a large slug o’ stuff.


Bring on the Angels!

I’ve been frantically making Christmas stuff, again. I’m not in an ornament exchange this time, but making them up for resale. My camera is among the missing, so unless I can get a friend to take a pic, no image — Sorry!

I’m rather psyched about these as (per usual) I didn’t have a pattern to go by, but made it up as I went. Just like the gift tags & cards & other smaller angels and dangling flower ornaments I’d made before — the design is mine.

All year long I’ve been saying to myself that I should get started on making cards & ornaments (Haven’t started cards, I think we’re buying them this year!) Last week I finally got going — too late to make very many!

I have 1 done, 7 partially done and enough supplies to make about 6 more. After that? I think I’m done no matter what.

Happy holidays, whatever you follow!


New & Different

I left here with a mission the other day:  to get rid of stuff!

I took books to the bookstore to sell, sold 2. Went to another bookstore, traded 2 and bought 2. Went to the market & put 6 books in the donation bin. If you’re keeping up that’s 8 out. Then I went to one of the antique booths and left 3 for sale. Sold a rattan case. Also swapped out a display at one store and slightly rearranged things in the other. More to do, more to do!

The following few days, everywhere I went, all of my favorite church shops, etc. were having sales. I bought a LOT of stuff, but put it in the booths ASAP. I don’t think I bought anything for the house at all except maybe shirts for the rugs.

Since then, I’ve sold another book to the bookstore, a book case, a vase, donated about 25 books, cataloged another box to go on the spinner, etc. It’s Labor Day weekend, and I wanted to be moving my bedroom around/painting it now, not just the same old, same old, sigh.

The 2nd household rug has now been designated for the laundry room, needs to be the biggest rug I’ve made. That’s being worked on.

I have a plan for the cleanup/prep of the memoir file so that I can deliver it in TWO WEEKS

Have emails out to the other paritcipants about a promotional event maybe for the current product.

Have started clearing out the corner of the kitchen so I can use the big kitchen table for the rug, but also, it’s the next large piece slated to be sold.

We’re waiting on the schedule for the roof, there’s been a glitch for the contractor.

I’ve got an entire egg box of books that I’m processing today to go out to the shop where I’m selling paperbacks, got maybe 12 left to do for that effort. They’ll go out, I’ll put an ad in craigslist and if they don’t sell, next week they get donated. I don’t have time to keep things around anymore!

Same song, slightly different dance —

Never Thought I’d Get Here?

I sent my friend, the editor, a note this a.m. saying I can probably deliver the memoir file to her next month. When I told her September originally, I thought I was being hopelessly optimistic, but knew I needed a deadline for myself, if not for anyone else.

But I wrote what I think was the last “diary” entry this morning. Now, as always in my life, there’s just clean up to do! Well, it’s the theme of my life, what can I say? You have way too much crap, then you have to wade through it. I mean as a metaphor it works, maybe that’s why the house got so bad to begin with?

I don’t know, and I don’t care, just is.

I’ve got stuff to take to the booths, things to sell, stuff to get rid of today.

I’m off!

New Cleaning Schedule

is working and it’s not.

It’s working in that I’m not stressed about cleaning. It’s not working in that I’m not doing my daily minimum.

The dishes are the only piece which seem to get done pretty much no matter what else is going on. After that, laundry gets done. Beyond that? I’ve got to cultivate my new habits, still.

I do like my recording system. I like seeing how the events around me change what/how I get done, on paper. And I like not having a “TO DO” list, which always makes my stomach an acid ball.

I’ll work on it. What is it you need 60 days to set a habit? In 60 days it will be October. My “last chance” for the year to do the massive book purge is Columbus Day, the beginning of October. I hope to be done before that!

I can  “feel” the house now without the stuff. I do need to do some more changes: more curtains or blinds, rugs, painting, and moving things around mostly.

I hope I make it!

Oh. The larger antique booth opened last weekend. I’ve already sold enough stuff to pay for the booth for 1 period. The smaller booth has also had more sales than usual and it has generated sales of up to 75% of the monthly rent.

Also, we *finally* have a date for our home improvement loan — yeah! So we’ll have a new roof this winter thank God.

Like I said a couple of posts ago, lots going on!

Lot gone, but not the way I’d like it~

I sold 3 books and a camera yesterday. I bought 2 typesetters drawers and a jar. Then I donated about 192 pieces (I’m still not done with the count) at a thrift shop, at the market bin (I filled it to capacity, left a box on the floor then went to the public library for the last 2 boxes!) I went to the bookstore, who bought the 5 books I’d left the other day, and bought 2. Went back to the fairgrounds and bought 2 benches I wanted, but couldn’t fit in the car with all the other stuff.

I’m pretty sure I donated more than 200 items yesterday. I made my table rent and a little besides, but certainly didn’t make a profit. I spent  3 days cataloging things to sell < $30 worth of merchandise. Next time I think two or three things will change: 1)I’ll sort the books by broad catrgories 2)I’ll take more antiques and 3)I’ll put myself in the middle of the aisle instead of the front and 4)I’ll make it less “book heavy” (or obviously so).

Was it worth it? No! I should have gone to the church rummage sale instead, I at least would make $ on the stuff I got instead of selling very few items, and all of it at a loss, sigh.

Will I do it again? Yes. But I’ll change things!

The next flea market is the first Sunday of next month — about another week from now. I’ll do the same thing, that is, I’ll catalog a bunch o’ books & other stuff. Almost everything that doesn’t sell will be donated. I wonder how fast I can catalog approx. 200 more items?


Bizarre Computer Day

FB decided that the people I know that haven’t friended me are too many, so I don’t actually know them — and may be banned.

Another self-help site which has been having tech. difficulties for months (I can’t log in to their forum for example.) may make me a super moderator in the forum.

Finally, I got a “comment” today that was essentially, “I like the info, it’s useful, I’ll come back often.” except the post it was attached to was basically, “I’m too busy to write something right now.” I marked it as spam, being afraid I was being too twitchy, then opened my spam folder, and the exact same message, from the same user was there, along with another, not written as well, but just as idiotic given the post they were responding to.

Like I said, it’s bizarre computer day!

I’ve cataloged one box of paperbacks (78 books) for the flea market and need to do at least 2 more. Then I need to do the large format and hardcovers!