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Free Day and Not

Two days ago, I wrote:

Trying to figure out what to do. I have a writing project to work on and the usual mountain of unfinished house projects.

Just NOT certain what I’ll tackle today. I got the pulled books from the car and removed them from the inventory. They’re ready to box up for donation. Need to move more on that project, or I’ll never get rid of all the books!

I put a slug o’ paperbacks and records out at the booth, sold some. Whatever doesn’t sell in oh say 6 weeks will get pulled. I have too many to keep things out waiting for a sale. The idea is to get rid of stuff!

Time for a cup of coffee and some contemplation. I have already pulled a crate I had an idea for, and found it a new home. But it wasn’t where I wanted it to go, the thing is too big, sigh. It found a home, but it really can’t stay there I don’t think. If I can get DH to make 2 new crates from the old one, then my idea will work. I will have to talk to him about it. . . .

In the meantime, the writing project took over almost all of my work time/energies.

Today is catch-up day. Have to deal with the neglected tomatoes, the book stacks, etc. which I’ve deferred. THEN I need to work more on the writing.

Things ARE getting done here, just for the past 48 hours I dove into the book project.  And this will happen at least once more this week, because my writing group has agreed to review what I’ve done on Sat. One draft has to be done, at the latest, by Friday night.

This means I will continue to put off house projects, and work on writing projects instead, until Sunday. Then, who knows?

My publisher has agreed to look at the book, mid-October. Between my writing group’s review and when I send it to the publisher, I need to make whatever changes the writing group sees as necessary (or not, if I really don’t agree).

I will be absent here for a bit longer!


Thurs. 9/28 list: 5 plus the one I still haven’t done!

  1. Clear off my desk.Worked on this, not done. Friday 9:15 a.m.
  2. Put away loose insulation or other building materials. DH did this Sat. morning. 
  3. Add the romances I’ve decided to keep to their bookcase, or, if there’s now too many, do a SPACE BUDGET.No space budget req’d Friday 6:20
  4. Tidy up the shipping supplies. Add any needed items to shopping list or cull extras. Friday 6:30 p.m. (I had done the tape earlier in the day!)
  5. Go through the overflow dishes, do a SPACE BUDGET, if required.
  6. Add to the kindling boxes (the undone piece)! Done Saturday 4:50p.m. Needs to be done again, at least twice, but I finally got into the corner and got the empty bin out and 1/2 filled it — finally!

This is all complicated by the fact that this is farm/market day. I go to the farm and get food, stop at a market on the way home. Ideally, I should go to the co-op in the morning, then to the farm, then the supermarket. However, I rarely manage that!

I have things to put in my booth today too, so that’s another stop.

The five list will likely NOT be done before this evening, and the outdoor items (insulation/building supplies & kindling) may not be done today at all. That’s dependent on when I get home and how tired I am when I do.

Irritating & Human

I spaced an appointment today. I’ve been working hard at being organized, really organized the past week or two, and just blew it.

Which of course makes me mad — madder than when I was completely disorganized! The more I work at it, the madder I get when it doesn’t work. And it seems like I go through a period where try as I might, I screw up, over and over. I think it’s the broken egg/omelette problem.  This time at least, I’m determined NOT to throw my hands up in the air (figuratively) and give up.


So I “forgave” myself for the lapse. I have another appointment which I have an email out to reschedule. hopefully it can be. There’s a workshop I’d like to go to which creates a conflict.

In some ways being organized is MUCH easier, in others, it’s just work. Not the adult life I thought I’d have, but not feeling like I’m always in a state of chaos will be worthwhile, although scary. It was a major piece of my “camouflage.” I don’t think I need it any more. In fact, I think I need the low stress that not being chaotic will bring!

We’ll see.



Today is

Farm day, if I don’t go later in the week.

We have talked about the imperfections I couldn’t fix in the beams and wallboard. The wallboard we can probably fix, but the beams are harder as they’re 10 x 10 or so pieces of milled wood. Cats over the years have used them for scratching posts, and put grooves in them. Wood filler shows. The answer is to fill the posts with tinted filler, then stain the posts. None of that was on our radar!

Every time I turn around there’s more to do, instead of less. I keep working on the room and more things which need to be done make themselves apparent. Like eating peanuts, or something?

The pantry/office wall is one of the smallest walls in the house. It’s only the frame around the doors. Of course, this means there’s very little surface to clean/spackle and put primer on. This also means that you can’t use a roller, the power sander, etc., no room. It will either be really, really quick, or it will take me the entire day — we’ll see!

I have two door frames to add primer to. I primered over the knot sealer on the pantry and office door frames yesterday, the same day I knot sealed them as an experiment, to see if the knot sealing “took” even if primer was put on top of it the same day. If not, it isn’t so much that I can’t easily redo it. If so, it cut down the time required, though I only have 2 door frames yet to do. . . .

I need to do laundry and dishes this morning, they’ve been neglected for painting, etc.

It’s about 9 in the morning. I wonder if I can get that wall cleaned/patched/primered by noon? Yes! 11:50 am


Busy Weekend: Windup

My SIL and her kids arrived this weekend. She arrived to help us haul furniture and to take some home she’d bought (with us as her agent) and been given by us. This process isn’t done, yet, but nearly!

We had to:

  • get the old dining table to the antique store
  • pick up the desk chair which was there
  • pick up the cabinet from the storage
  • bring it to the house

furniture move

All that is done. What I have left to do this morning:

  • Empty the dresser done 9:11 am. Get it out of my office 9:43 a.m
  • Get it into the kitchen 9:43am so SIL can take it home.
  • Finish tying off the ends to the rug for one of the kids, so they can take it home — 9 more ends to go. Finished Monday 8.1
  • If I have time, take the last hank of the yarn used in the rug and make a pillow cover out of it.

Of course, all of this also generates more chores:

  • Clean the cabinet which came here from the storage.
  • Clean the hole in the office where the dresser was.
  • Clean the attic where the cabinet will go.
  • Put the cabinet in the attic.
  • Now that the table is gone from up against that wall, measure the windows between the kitchen and sunroom, figure out where they’re going. Remove them and use them to replace two other windows. Fill in where the windows were, install the side lights we bought for the purpose, hang the zinc windows in front of them.
  • Eventually, clean out the other 1/2 of the attic, so the entire thing is tidy!
  • Go thru all the stuff which was pulled from my office and the hall to pull the dresser out.

And of course, the paint the living room project needs to continue and be finished. . . .

It’s so nice to have a lazy summer . . .


On the PTSD front, how am I doing? I woke up both Sat and Sun nights at 2 am, panicked. Went back to sleep. Had an anxiety bout on Saturday morning. But I’m okay otherwise. Not too bad, considering that I’ve had 3 other people in the house, the house is a disaster and my SIL Is OCD and we’ve been moving things around , purging, culling, getting rid of and putting things up for sale, for 2 days now. Not too bad!







Back to the House!

I spent a week working on the yard, this week’s focus is back on the house.

I expect to again be purging books like mad and other stuff. I have to get ahold of the VFW where I set up at their yard sale last month and get another space for this month’s sale. What made it worthwhile was DH’s tools we sold, but that’s okay, what sells is what sells!

Also, I’ve been working on the food plan for us. The  CSA and garden should provide us with almost all the food we’ll need for the winter. Yesterday, DH and I culled down the freezer, last year I did this in August. I wanted to do this AHEAD of the annual food to go into the freezer glut in June – August, so I’m proud of myself. We pitched everything from 2013.  There wasn’t anything older, as that’s when our fridge died.

In the process of course I found LOTS of food I’d forgotten we had. And with DH’s help, I made a tally. We had steak kabobs last night and peas. The steak was yummy cooked on the grill and the peas cooked in the microwave, a minimum amount of heating up the kitchen! (It was VERY hot & sticky here last night.)

So, today’s plans are: water the seeds in the garden, make some sort of stew in the crock pot and pick an area and clean it to the walls! Other than that, I have to go into the next large town south and deliver a check. In the process, I’ll check on the antique booth, pull or put some stuff in the storage, etc.\

Been working on one of the frugal website ideas. When I get it done, you’ll hear about it; I promise!

It’s spring, feels like summer, and there’s more to do than I have time to get done — as usual!