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The fridge saga continues….

The fact that it still won’t keep the freezer below 70 degrees means that there’s still a leak that needs to be found. There isn’t enough tubing to attach/detach the tool that does that, so the tech we had said, “This is up to the manufacturer,” wrote it up and left last time.

The tech’s company called the end of last week to see if we’d heard from the manufacturer? No. The boss there said he’d call them and apparently did. (Best service we’ve had during this whole saga is from the repair company, not the manufacturer or the retail store where we bought the thing.)

Today DH got a call from the manufacturer’s rep. DH explained that we were disappointed to buy a machine that worked for only 2 months, we were disappointed that the parts had originally had to be back ordered, then sent to Alaska, AND we were disappointed by the manufacturer’s customer service in general, people saying they’d call us back, and not–as well as all of the other complaints (back orders, miss-shipments, etc.)

So the manufacturer’s rep said she was sorry (Of course she did!) and said she’d have someone call and set up another appt.

Well, they did. Except the poor guy that called had no idea wtf had happened previously, and the problem we’ve apparently got is something he doesn’t work on either (the sealed system). He’s going to call the manufacturer and see if he couldn’t get a more complete story.

Well, he did, and the manufacturer is calling yet another repair company. We’ll see if this works out any better I guess.

And there you have it. The circle of people who’re involved with this has now widened to include the 2nd repair company and potentially a 3rd, but we still have a $2,000 boat anchor sitting in the middle of our kitchen, and a much smaller, noisier fridge we’re using “on loan.” The 3rd company didn’t know anything about the history either and were going to call the manufacturer and maybe the 1st repair company. WTF!

Progress? Well no, I wouldn’t exactly call it that, would you?

10% gone! & a picture (of books, natch)

The fridge part is back ordered till ?, sigh. We’re supposed to get a loaner, today, sigh again. This is NOT what we wanted, of course. Okay, okay. I’ll quit yammering about that, but it IS frustrating!

Other stuff: DH sold a book he got last weekend. I sold 4 chairs I got last weekend and 2 more I got a week or two before that. If we keep this up, we’ll empty the storage unit AND we’ll actually make a little money from the used stuff this year. (Also, I took a HUGE lot of paperbacks to the dump, pic below.)

The books that went to the dump's swap shop

I have about 30 books ready to upload where they’re going, I need 100 total. I also have a few (<10) books ready for the new wholesale order. I need to crank on that stuff too. My work schedule and tasks got seriously sidelined by throwing my back out last week and the fridge disaster. I did NOT count on spending 3 hours this a.m. taking everything out of our fridge, cleaning it, salting/sanding the possible paths the delivery guys might use — none of that was in my plans for today!

Stuff continues to sell better in the new antique booth than the previous one. I revised this today to reflect the most current sales & things I’ve bought.

*~*The Great Stuff Purge*~*

Here’s the tally. Next month (or maybe sooner), I’m buying a Silhouette. Yay! Then I’ll post a badge to represent stuff out, no more boring lists . . . you’ll see! If you’ll be glad to have no more long, boring lists, believe me so will I! Compiling the lists is not an editing job I enjoy.


To dump (swap shop): 1 cassette tape, 25 books, 1 pair leggings, 1 organizer
To dump (trash): 4 bags of food, 28 books

Sold: 4 chairs, 21 books, 1 camera, 2 bar stools, plant hanger, 2 flowerpots/saucers, 7 more books

Given away: 20 bags, 2 boxes, 139 coupons


Bought: 13 books, 2 paperclip holders, 4 cookie cutters 1 wind chime, 1 candlestick, 1 other thing, 2 paper things
From the dump: 1 thing

today 60+38+161-29= 230

old 9284 92.2%
new 9054 90.0%