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More Progress

This is getting to be “normal” here, every day we make some significant step(s) toward restoring our living room to actual usefulness. Yesterday the small console table was placed next to the front door, the first flat strap bookcase was placed, and the pantry door was rehung. DH also did the caulking around the pantry door and worked on tightening up the exterior windows.

Put like that, it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s definitely different here, we’re both plugging away at the cull/restore/remove stuff project, daily. Instead of ignoring our home, the mess and the needed chores, we’re both working on it. Not full time, but things are getting DONE.

Pulling it Together

Trying to not only declutter, cull and decorate here, but personally, I’m trying to get myself organized. I do pretty well getting to appointments and so on — a definite improvement on years past. But. . .

Over the years I’ve tried planners, organizers, lots of them, probably 100s of them. None of them worked. I always felt like I was trying to squeeze my life into someone else’s box. So, last year I came up with the monthly notebooks. That has worked, sort of. Years past I had come up with the 7 levels of stuff for cleaning and culling. That worked, sort of. My recent idea is a bullet journal using the shorts and longs idea I talked about here.

The appeal of a bullet journal for me is that it is infinitely modifiable. No being squeezed into someone else’s life. I started one. I liked the idea, but then dropped it because I really didn’t have anything to journal except the progress on the painting ┬áproject and all the other stuff I was doing was managed by my weekly to do lists here.

So. . .

I’m going to try and combine ALL of that into one, big flexible system. I’m going to keep the weekly to do lists here because it works for me. I’ll print them out if I need to, but it works — don’t fix it. The monthly notebooks work too, in some ways. However, it’s too easy for me to put some piece of info into the January notebook and then just forget it, until I pick up the journal again. I need some way to remind myself the info is there, a tickler if you will. The cleaning stuff is organized; I just have to do it, something I’m pretty bad at, except for the daily stuff these days.

Three-prong idea, one big system to pull it all together:

  1. Appointments, future ideas, & goals,
  2. Monthly reminders in the month’s notebook, and
  3. House maintenance.

Actually, I just need a new habit. A habit of looking at what I want to get done in a given day and then doing it. The reason the online to-do list works is that I look at it, at least once daily and get up from the computer most days to go do something on it, because I’ll be embarrassed if NOTHING is checked off in a week. I’d like to get more things done than I do, hence the new idea.

Could be this will be yet another failed system. Could be this will yield another partially successful system. Could be that I’m healed enough that a system will actually work. Could be any of those.