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The Ideal

Years ago it must have been, one of my parents or someone got a brochure for a housing development in SoCal. For some reason, this has always been my image of an ideal home. I guess the marketing people got me right!

It shows a 108′ x 300′ lot. the lot is divided into 5 (from the street):

  1. House, driveway, drying yard, etc.
  2. Pond, grass
  3. Swing set/play area, tennis or badmidton court, veggie garden,
  4. four rows of fruit trees, 4 per row, (40)
  5. chicken house/goat pen.

Tennis courts take 42′ in length. Dwarf apple trees take 10′ each, an orchard of 4 x 4 trees would take up 40 linear feet

Those items take up 82 of 300 feet, leaving 212′ in length for the animal pen area (chickens/goats), the grass/pond, and oh yes, the house and front lawn.

The lot as shown is 3/4 of an acre. We have more than that, although not a lot! I wouldn’t have thought we had room for 16 fruit trees, a chicken coop,a tennis court, a pond AND the house? I’m not interested in the tennis court, swing set, etc., but the  pond, fruit trees and chicken coop are interesting. Hmm!




  • YEAR of the Pig
  • Get organized, clean up your computer, and creativity MONTH
  • Science fiction and world introvert DAY!

(There’s more. Want more? Info here.)

So, I’ve been working on my organizer or getting ready to. I couldn’t find another PlanAhead Mother’s Organizer, and I tried. I won’t buy one at Amazon, forget that. I looked though the stores I will go to and didn’t find one. So, I’m back to DIY, again. I did buy a planner, but it;s a regular thing for appointments mostly.

I liked the mother’s organizer because it had columns for 5 kids. With me? That was 5 projects and I could carry things one step one day to the next step two days later on their weekly spread. It was great.

Multi-Day Projects This Month:

  • So, I have a planner/organizer designed, but not made. I’d already had that. So, this year I will actually make it as my first multi-day job.
  • Get the financial info together so that at the end of the month it’s all ready to go to the accountant. Unsure if I’ll make that, but it’s the goal!
  • Write a promised article. The deadline for that is 1/15, so it will probably be done before the financial info, which I can’t finish before all the paperwork from various places arrive.
  • Finish the storage move.

This morning I went through a box in my office full of china and glass pieces. Most are going away. Some of it was pieces I was missing and I wasn’t sure where I’d put them?

There are 2 boxes with pieces priced, boxes labeled and sealed — for the spring flea market. A 3rd is started.

There’s a crate of pieces going to the antique store when they get back from their year-end break.

I haven’t stopped what I’m doing, I just haven’t written about it much!

We’ll see how much I actually can do!

image from workitdaily.com via google images

Busy Day

Today is a dump day. Tomorrow is farm day. I have to do or finish the following:

  • Salsa
  • Deal with the remaining hot peppers
  • Finish moving the compost heaps
  • Finish raking the lawn (it was mowed yesterday)* in process
  • Work on the porch*
  • Work on the south side of the house*
  • Finish the shed cull
  • Finish filling the kindling boxes
  • Fill (as much as possible) the wood shelter
  • Finish grading around the patio
  • Clean my car Done! Or as much of it as I’d planned to do!
  • Blueberry/Peach cobbler peaches have been cleaned and peeled
  • Make jam (see cobbler, which will happen first. If I’ve got enough peaches, I’ll make jam, but not otherwise)
  • Clean out the fridge Done!
  • Haul the large load of construction debris to the dump 1st load has been set up although not taken to the dump, yet. Two loads taken, one small load remains to be taken later this week.
  • Catch up the laundry 2nd load in the dryer, 
  • Work on the cleaning plan
  • Call the auto glass, gravel, firewood, and pest control people.

*Either waiting on something from DH or could use his help, or is something which needs to work with his schedule of work on the house.

If you’re thinking that there’s no way I can get this done in ONE day? You’re absolutely correct!

These are the short-time projects:

  • Finish filling the two kindling boxes
  • Blueberry/Peach cobbler
  • Clean my car

These can be worked on or completed as other things are being worked on:

  • Salsa
  • Blueberry/Peach cobbler
  • jam
  • Catch up the laundry

So, it is likely I will deal with the peaches (cobbler and jam), finish the salsa, work on catching up the laundry, fill the kindling boxes while I’m doing other things, probably going to the dump multiple times!

Yesterday I took our old breadbox, a Perfection table top stove, to the antique store. The Victrola horn sold — hurrah! The stove looks sort of like this:


and I took a wrought iron lamp we’ve had forever too. The sewing machine table is the next item slated to be removed, but I have to clear off a coffee table, move it and then get a lot of junk out of the way, first. There are other, more pressing things to do, obviously. With luck the sewing machine table base will be removed by the end of the week.

I’m assuming the Hoosier cabinet sold last Thursday at auction. I have not let myself call the auction house to find what it sold for. I’ll get a check and that’s all I need to know.