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Changing It Up

It has occurred to me that not only am I wading through the now smaller  mountains o’ stuff, but that there’s FIVE YEARS worth of my blathering about this and that, here.

I have no desire to do away with this blog. But I want to look at something new? It is likely I’ll change the style, again, soon.

I am no longer counting things as I discard them. I am no longer exclusively talking about being wounded and recovery. I am doing those things, but also not.

Maybe my “blahs” are because I just keep going over and over the same grooves in the record one-more-time…one-more….

I’ve spent a lot of time since we mostly finished the living room paint job running away, numbing down, or avoidance. Some of it was related to how contentious the election was; some of it was being really scared I’d have a major setback as the living room progressed. The room still isn’t neat and tidy and has way too much stuff, but it’s a day or maybe two’s worth of work now, if that much. And I’m scared way back in the depths, no I’m terrified. I’m terrified about what changes the election will bring and at the same time I’m doing this major life change, stripping away what has been my protection of last resort. My therapist retired in June. I do NOT know how to recharge my batteries, make myself feel safer, or plug in the charger.

Ironically enough, what usually does the recharging, is creativity, the Christmas wrap design, the card/tag design, etc. would normally get me going. I love looking for/creating new ways to use my supplies and making it look good.

I just don’t care. I feel like I’m running for my life instead of from my old life?

Maybe I am.



Dear Pollsters:

  1. Yes I am registered to vote.
  2. Nothing you say, no matter how you load your wording, is likely to change my vote. (I’m a writer/editor, I play with words for effect too!)
  3. I will NOT watch the debate tonight. Why? I don’t have a TV.
  4. You do not know what 2 minutes is, or 4, for that matter. You really ought to buy a stopwatch, or use that function in your cell phone.
  5. I will vote, if I have to do it from my death bed.