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Blog Changes!~

I removed the counting data from 2017, it’s gone. Much of the other blog posts from here will probably be summarized, deleted, and perhaps copied — soon.


What I intend to do is summarize what I did, on the history page. The posts I intend to keep are those which are the concrete and most popular: cooking Madagascar pink rice, figuring out how many bookshelves you might need, ways to stay cool, the cookbook parade posts, etc.

What will be either cut/pasted into a new page or summarized in a long thread is the emotional stuff. OR, I’ll move it a new website. That hasn’t been determined yet. I have seven years’ of writing to go through.

The cleaning posts will probably be moved to the other blog I have here, which right now is almost entirely empty. It’s sevenlevelssite.wordpress.com. Right now it’s just a framework with very little in it.

So, the cleaning posts will move to 7 levels, the emotional posts will move to a new website, probably. What will stay here are pointers to both of those as well as the more practical and popular posts which have been here.

Comments? Questions? Objections? All are welcome. Not sure I’ll change my plans — but I’ll listen!!!

Not on the List

DH has been working all weekend cleaning up his workshop.

We have decided to put up something new in the staircase, so the shop sign which is there and has been needs to be removed.

One of two things will replace it: a metal table top I’ve kept for 30 years with that in mind or the candelabra, if we can figure out how to wire it.

DH and I talked about how we will once and for good, get rid of the remaining store stock, or at least the part of it that’s in the storage unit. That comprises about 1/2 of what’s in the storage. If it’s gone, then we can remove the wall of boxes of books (well mostly books) in our bedroom and make use of about 1/3 of the space, which we can’t now.

Anyway, we have a deadline, the end of the year. By then I will have a plan. I will go thru for the last time the boxes in the storage, remove what is mine to keep (my books wound up there too!) and we’ll purge the rest. Somehow. Somewhere.

The glass door knobs? They’re still here, their fate undetermined.


Worked on Storage, Yesterday

Intend to do more, today. And yet more, tomorrow. I may have to rent a tiny unit to take the furniture. I’m not sure if the antique store has a place for furniture in its new location. If not, then pieces need to be hauled to auction, sold otherwise, or given away. (Purged books from the house today instead.)

We are getting a new back roof this year and maybe some storage space along with it. However, it will NOT be filled with boxes of books. If I bring the stuff home and it just sits here, I have only gained the price of the storage. And the price of the addition has to be considered in there too. The difference of course is that an additional utility area adds to the value of our home, not just a landlord’s bottom line. But as we’re talking about it right now, it will be a much bigger undertaking than we’d originally planned.

I still have WAY too much stuff. My ultimate goal this year is to have NO storage unit by 12/31 and be able to sanely (no box stacks, except perhaps in the attic) store what we keep. There’s a huge amount of stuff to shed between us and that goal, but I’m really tired of hauling things back and forth, trying to sell them or determine what happens to them. I don’t need the camouflage anymore and I’m tired of drowning in stuff!

stuff stacks

I have no idea how well we can manage this. All I can do is try!


Took a box to the dump’s swap shop today. Also wrote notes to booksellers, collectors, etc. who are friends. Were they still interested in x or y or z type of book? If so, exactly what did they want? Got answers, Am getting a list together.  More stuff gone. Also, will have a way to sell the best of the stuff it looks like. Hurrah!


I went shopping yesterday I bought 38 pieces, many of them as stock for the booth*. Yes there  are knitting needles in it as well, but when I can get into my office, I will (again) cull the duplicates. I need to make a have or want list for knitting needles, as I have no idea where the holes are!

However, including the knitting needles, I kept about 30% of what I bought. Also included: 2 balls of yarn and 7 pieces of felt. The yarn is in “my colors” and so was irrestible. The felt was something I was ready to buy at a fabric store: DH uses felt under his keyboard to keep it stationary, and the piece he had was really dirty.

The rest of the stuff is inventoried, priced, tagged and packed into my car, preparatory to being put in the booth at the new store, Sunday.

The accounting is up to date. All the check flimsies have been tagged and filed.

I can be very efficient, on occasion! Since tomorrow is the last day of March, I will be filing all the tiny envelopes I use into the month’s larger manila envelope.

I really, really need, in April, to make those cloth envelopes I talked about earlier. But the very next pieces of what has to happen here are: finish getting things prepared for the move April 1. Get the items ready for the show April 15. Then, finish getting out of the old storage unit and into the new one, preferably also by April 15.

Making cloth envelopes is waaaay down the list!


*The first 8 pieces were taken to the new antique store location 4/2. The store isn’t open yet, but the pieces are priced and out of my car. The remaining other stock for the flea market, etc. was taken to the storage unit. So the car is empty again, the way it’s supposed to be!

To Do List 3/20

to do list 1

Today’s list is complicated by the fact that my back started to go into spasm this morning. My tax appt. is tomorrow, so the tax info gather HAS to be finished today. I’ve had a hot shower, hot milk, and Motrin. When/if the Motrin kicks in, I should be about normal, I hope. I’ve learned that it doesn’t pay to ignore my body when it starts to have issues, I need to deal with them now. It’s the only hope I’ve got for not having a full-blown problem. Like dealing with the PTSD or anything else, it seems adulthood/maturity is learning how to forestall the negative as much as possible and increase the positive!

Keep using pantry goods. Empty the freezer before June 1. Should be as empty as is practical to make it!

Box up the rest of the stuff for the flea market in April

Finish getting the tax info to the tax person before the appt.

Get at least one piece of one item off of the long-term list!

Empty the old coffee table full o’ stuff in the hallway. The things which were stored near the black strap table now are adrift, etc. MORE to do!!!

With the flea market money (I hope) get the organizer pages to the graphic artist for an estimate.

Attack of the Blue Stickies

Last night we did a few things: talked about the window replacement effort. What has to happen to pull the living room together. Heating season is coming and the wood stove is in the middle of the living room. We also went through the living room, one wall surface at a time and identified what still needed to be done, before painting. On the one hand, this made the room look like it had been attacked by a blue-sticky wielding monster, but on the other, it gave us a concise game plan, wall by wall. Each wall or area got its own blue sticky with a short list of what had to be done to it, before painting can occur.


DH this morning has eliminated the need for 3 of those stickies. They’ve been put on the back of the door (not being painted). We both have things we want to do this morning, but after that, we’ll see if we can’t eliminate most, if not all of the rest. Then tomorrow? We start painting.


Two walls DH worked on this morning are those we identified which need to be done, first, because as soon they’re painted, the sooner I can start pulling the bookcases and books from the middle of the kitchen and living room where they’re currently stashed. This is crucial, as the items in the kitchen are in the way of the replacement windows. The window replacement is also something we really want done, before the end of this month.

No stickies for that effort — yet.

This is going to get done, partly because, yes, it has to, or we’ll freeze. But partly just because it WILL get finished. In an effort to eliminate unnecessary steps, we didn’t make stickies for the hallway. The hall walls are tiny, go around 4 doors, and need to be fussed with . The amount of paint required is minimal, but it will take a lot of  time, as it requires cutting in here, there, and everywhere. Right now our emphasis is the main room, get the replacement windows in, and the wood stove back together.

So, the attack of the blue stickies is a good thing — as long as it’s short-lived!



We Bought Paint!

What we did yesterday? A few things. We moved the now unplugged big fridge over to the space cleared the day before for this purpose. Before we went anywhere I used the hole this created as a chance to clean the wall and floor.

Then we went off and bought paint. The only store which sells the paint we’re using is 1+ hours away. There’s a Habitat Restore in the same town and we always  go there and to DH’s fave woodworkers shop too. Did all that, came home.

DH moved one of the corner base cabinets (we got it from a neighbor, you can read about it (here) which had been sitting on our lawn and put the small fridge atop it. We then took all the food from the coolers, tossed whatever ruined food, and packed the fridge. The little fridge is approx. 1/3 the size of the big one. However, it works, we already own it, and it saved us from delaying the paint purchase,  more wood, the roof  next month, and perhaps our septic being pumped.  The paint, wood and roof really aren’t negotiable. The septic might be, but we’re pushing it, and that might not be smart.

So the plan is to work on pulling the flat file, graphics table and stand away from the kitchen wall of the living room, so I can wash it down and we can tape and spackle it. I’m busy with other things on Monday, so no painting, or very little. It would be lovely to move the furniture, clean/spackle and primer the wall tomorrow but that’s just not realistic. On the other hand, this is FINALLY the last piece of wall which needs to be cleaned/spackled or patched in the “living room” —finally!

Today? It’s Sunday, which means DH’s pancakes for breakfast. After that? Working on the living room painting project, of course! Happy Sunday all!!!