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Chore Status 8/22

Decided because it seems as I get things done I’m also adding more things to do, that I should repost this every Monday. Also, that I should remove from this list the things I’ve done, so that I start each week with just the still pending list. The old list is available, with the struck through text, on the last list!

to do list 1

Living Room:

  • Spackle (2nd coat and as needed): kitchen, interior stair, stair rail.
  • Primer (1st coat): kitchen wall
  • Sand: as needed
  • Primer (2nd coat) : wallboard walls as needed, log walls
  • Caulk: DH has done between the logs on the wall from the door to the entry wall and the short section of log wall on the kitchen wall. Remaining: oak wall from corner to window, from window to stove, from stove to other window, from 2nd window to corner, remainder of street wall, wall board walls.
  • Final Paint: entire room (street, oak, kitchen, bookcase wall, hall walls (closet, bath, pantry), stair wall, entry, stair interior wall, and stair rail.
  • Cull/clean: get fabric to Jeannie’s for reupholstery. Window replacement on north side.
  • (long term) Sand and redo floor.

In broad terms what remains in the living room prepainting effort:  the kitchen wall needs to be cleaned, spackled and primed. These walls need to be primed: kitchen. Between the logs looked awful and was impossible to paint, so we’re caulking between the logs. What’s been done: from the door to the corner, the short log/kitchen wall, corner to the stove on the oak wall. What needs to be done: stove to street corner, street corner to the door.

AFTER I get everything primed at least once, then the additional spackling, patching, between log painting, caulking and other caulking can be done. Then we sand, again. Then we primer, again. THEN we paint! I need to remember to order the paint!

Measure room and furniture. Make a floor plan so you move the furniture and books ONE more time, not more than that!

Hall: Replace smoke detector (future).

Kitchen: (Cull/clean) Get the 2nd Hoosier into the kitchen.  Dismantle the f’n 30 square foot counter and redo it to something saner!!! (long term) Pull the windows, put in the new wall and windows. Finish the sink window trim.

Laundry: (Cull/clean)  (longterm) Get the switch thing set up so you don’t have to pull the dryer out anymore!

Bathroom: (Cull/Clean) corners, window,  clear out.

Bedroom: (Cull/Clean) get couch downstairs. When reupholstered chair returns, put it here, not living room.

Attic: Get the 1 base cabinet in there (or elsewhere) and the cabinet which canme from the storage. Get the bookcases from office 1 into the attic.[1 base cabinet used in kitchen 8/20]

Office 1: . Get the counter cleaned. Remove everything from the bookcases on the north wall and get the cases moved into the attic.  Bring in the new dressers?

Office 2: Clear off the blue desk. Sell/cull items waiting for that. (long term) Move the office function to the other office.

Dining Room:  Take down candlabra, sell. Paint china cabinet and relocate the 2 Hoosiers.

Storage: Remove the 2nd Hoosier for the kitchen.Get at least 5 boxes out and deal with the stuff in them. Move to a smaller storage unit 10 x 20 instead of 10 x 30 which is what you have now.

Garden: Continue, finish and keep up the weeding, so that the weeds don’t take over the yard and next year’s vegetable garden is a disaster accordingly! [Worked on this 7/24-5, week of 8/20, 8/27]

Get the windows done. SR door panel 27.5 x 64,

Get the online and computer files cleaned out. (Drafts here = 51 as of 7/27, 50 as of 8/1, 48 8/9, 49 8/22)

Systems, Mostly Long Term: Heating: order 2 cords of wood. Finish basement insulation. Order 2 more cords of wood. Roof: get new back roof. Water: get clips installed on both roofs. Get guttering/water barrel.Landscaping: Walls, fences, gates, plantings as needed.


Assuming the fridge is dead, what do we do?

I’d like to go low-tech, no-tech, but DH won’t, so, a decision had to be made. After much discussion and looking at big box stores and our local used appliance place (great deals, if you want to spend that much — I don’t.) we decided on a dedicated fridge as opposed to a fridge/freezer combo. Much cheaper. Eliminates the ice maker we don’t use. (Did you know if you buy a side by side fridge WITHOUT the ice maker it’s more expensive than one with it?)

I’m willing to spend big bucks (the approx $2,000 we spent for the fridge we own) for something which was the “last” such item purchased in our lifetime. I’m not willing to spend that much if I have to replace it every 5 years. Energy efficient, stainless, etc. be damned. I’m not a good “consumer” I guess. I should have leapt at the $3,000 fridges for $1,000 I saw at the used appliance place, but didn’t. I love the shelves and bins in my current fridge, but I’m not willing to spend $1,000 or more for something similar, if I have to do it again in 5 years. No. (And you know? we already OWN the bins and shelves in the current fridge, I may repurpose them.)

This is the same sort of thing which happened with the furnace. I get mad and drop out. The older I get the more ornery I get and less willing I am to put up with badly made crap and corporate greed.

Your “lifetime” warranty is only good for 20 years? Even though we’re the original purchaser? Fine. I’ll go low tech instead — and if I do buy something new?

I’ll do much research. I won’t count on your machine working except as a backup for my low tech. And that is part of what I’ll do with the new fridge

Fall’s coming and with the house in the state it is, we can’t afford another project. But over the fall and winter I will plan our new pantry and kitchen, I was supposed to anyway. I will include a California closet. Or maybe I’ll get a metal worker to make me one for a window. The Victorians used a metal “bread box” hanging out a window, like a window air conditioner as a small “ice box” in winter.

Hmm. I wonder if you could use an old air conditioner shell . . . ?

I came home yesterday having delivered the merchandise to the new antique store and found DH priming the remaining trim in the hall! 😀

Today is

Farm day, if I don’t go later in the week.

We have talked about the imperfections I couldn’t fix in the beams and wallboard. The wallboard we can probably fix, but the beams are harder as they’re 10 x 10 or so pieces of milled wood. Cats over the years have used them for scratching posts, and put grooves in them. Wood filler shows. The answer is to fill the posts with tinted filler, then stain the posts. None of that was on our radar!

Every time I turn around there’s more to do, instead of less. I keep working on the room and more things which need to be done make themselves apparent. Like eating peanuts, or something?

The pantry/office wall is one of the smallest walls in the house. It’s only the frame around the doors. Of course, this means there’s very little surface to clean/spackle and put primer on. This also means that you can’t use a roller, the power sander, etc., no room. It will either be really, really quick, or it will take me the entire day — we’ll see!

I have two door frames to add primer to. I primered over the knot sealer on the pantry and office door frames yesterday, the same day I knot sealed them as an experiment, to see if the knot sealing “took” even if primer was put on top of it the same day. If not, it isn’t so much that I can’t easily redo it. If so, it cut down the time required, though I only have 2 door frames yet to do. . . .

I need to do laundry and dishes this morning, they’ve been neglected for painting, etc.

It’s about 9 in the morning. I wonder if I can get that wall cleaned/patched/primered by noon? Yes! 11:50 am


New and Old Plans


What I’ve done today 8/7/16:

Empty/remove the 3rd bookcase box. There are two more larger bookcase crates (came from the storage) in my car to be added to the house. (In the house 1:30 pm.) When the bookcase boxes are “put back” they’ll be added. It’s too easy to eliminate cases without replacing the storage I’ve found!

Last night I quit moving things when I realized that the living room had about  the right amount of “things” in it. . . after three days of moving boxes, furniture, and stuff out of there, to the kitchen or the storage.

One of the problems I’ve had is just this: how do I know when I’m done culling stuff? I guess the answer is “When it feels right.” All I can say is based on this, I have a LOT of culling yet to do!

My Plans for the rest of today 8/7/16:

Finish the bookcase box move, then prep the wallboard on that wall (living room side of the stairs 1 of 2). Then remove whatever else is on the interior parallel wall and do that. Should keep me busy for a little while, ‘eh?

Largest piece of the room side wall has been taped, cleaned and spackled. The last 2 bookcase boxes still sit in front of the other side of this wall, it is untaped, dirty and unspackled right now. 10:49am Done! 7:09pm.

I’ll edit this as I get things done to indicate where I am.

The piece below was one of my “drafts” here (I have 49 now.) I’ve deleted a few more and modded others to make them posts — part of the reason I’ve sometimes posted twice in one day. I’m putting this here because all I’m seeing right now is the mess in my kitchen, the pile o’ stuff, and the unfinished painting job in the living room. I need to give myself credit for persistence and yes, I AM, getting things done!

Desk/Office Ruminations Began 3/5/13:

I have 5 bookcases in my office from the old shop. One is entirely bead storage now, one is a mixed bag and contains all the little drawer sets. But that leaves three which have been a hodge-podge of mixed stuff and books. I have enough paper, metal, tools, supplies, etc. to fill all 5 bookcases.

The bead/button bookcase is pretty much set. If I can add the beading and related books\, it would be helpful. The case on the other side of the counter currently holds wrapping paper (and other roll papers), the little drawer sets, the templates, etc.

The three other cases, if organized, would go a LONG way towards making the office into a functioning work space.I have a lots of metal, cloth, and paper stuff. Most of the yardage & scrap fabric is in the drawers, so that what’s left are tools and of course the craft-related books. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of those too. I did this. It didn’t work all that well. The current plan is to find other ways to store the craft supplies and all FIVE of these bookcases wind up in the attic! 8/2016

The remaining furniture in my office is a black hole. That is, it’s the dresser that’s slated to be sold, but hasn’t been pulled out yet. In the hallway beyond, is the bookcase/desk that’s supposed to be my desk and replace the dresser. I suppose the next  step is to get the barrister’s bookcase into the new booth, or if not that, then get the dresser there instead? When we accomplish that, the the hallway gets unblocked, which would be a HUGE relief! No more balancing things in the hall, etc. Finished 8/2016


New Ways: Food & Plans

We belong to a CSA, which is why I have a weekly flood of fresh food. This week was the first full-blown week at the CSA: both aisles were available. (The CSA is a mix and match of so many items each week.) This week I got two portions of carrots, with tops.

I make a midwinter dish I call “beans & greens.” This came from an old list serv back in the day. Not sure I could find the website, if it still exists, and I haven’t seen the recipe or anything like it elsewhere. Basically, it’s a bean dish with carrots and their tops. So first thing I cut off the carrot tops, chopped a bunch of the leaves, labelled it and put a bag of them in the freezer. Carrots with tops are ungodly expensive midwinter. I have never remembered this when fresh carrots show up before!

I also dried a bunch of the carrot greens and added that to the dried greens bottle. I think the bottle will be full before the end of the month.

Available the first time was broccoli. I stripped the leaves off first thing, removed the stems, then dried those leaves as well.

I am eager to try my idea of using vegetable powders as stock bases, in soups, etc. and apprehensive! If the flavors are off, I have no real idea how to “fix” it. As an experiment, I really like the idea. Hopefully, if it doesn’t work, the fix will be fairly easy, that is, we don’t like the mustardy component that mustard greens add, for example.

I do know that the green powder consists of leaves from lettuces, bok choy, mustard greens, spinach, carrots and now broccoli. I may add some basil, thyme and parsley to the mix. (Or maybe I’ll make an herb mix?) I think I’ll label this jar “leaves” and go on from there.

I love trying new things but sometimes I hate it too — I have no idea wtf I’m doing and stumble along trying to find methods and organization for the new thing. True with the “green” powder and dehydrating food in general. I now have a “system” for dealing with the going-to-be dried and dried foods to powder.

Part of that system is that the leaves I haven’t dried yet are all in cups, vases, etc., stems in water, on the kitchen counter. Previously, the stuff would have likely gone bad. There’s no room in the fridge to put three kinds of basil, the remaining greens from 2 bunches of carrots, cilantro, argula, parsley, etc.

One of my other necessary jobs is to cull the food down, again. That means figuring out what to use NOW, what to freeze, what to compost, and what to dry. One thing I did was pull the remaining yellow summer squash and zucchini out of the fridge. I got a new batch this week. The “old” squash got dehydrated, immediately! (Dried yellow squash is sweet, did you know? I didn’t.)

The new freezer space should be available, hopefully by the end of this weekend — that will help immensely! I wish I knew how to can things, there are times I think it would be easier. Or maybe I should just add a canning class to the mix of things I want to do?

The long-term list, aside from the writing projects I talked about earlier this week includes:

  • creating a capsule wardrobe with a “uniform.” I have one in mind, but don’t right now have the skill to make such a thing. I intend to learn. Associated with this is furthering my craft projects with old clothing.
  • Raising chickens and/or rabbits for meat.
  • My plant/sale idea.
  • Plant enough blueberry  bushes that we get more than a handful each year (assuming we fend off the chipmunks)
  • Actual landscaping in the yard, including fencing.
  • Using the bead collection to create gifts or items for sale or selling  the lot.
  • House decorating. 1) News on that is that the help/class I was going to take to redo what I call “the daddy chair” (a leather chair my Mom gave my Dad, 60+ years ago). The leather didn’t like moving from the beach, to the desert, to the swamp, to New England — it’s crumbling, and as I said > 60 years old. I intend to reupholster it. 2)Decided that carpeting for the stairs needs to wait, so no new carpets.
  • A real guest room
  • Give regular parties.

I have forms to make, inspired by my Aha! yesterday, and there’s painting, food prep, garden, and of course, more culling and cleaning to do.

Adding more to the freezer displaced a pint container of strawberries, so it was a hardship, but we had strawberry shortcake (of a sort) for breakfast.

I love summer!


Progress, Plans & PTSD

Had a major breakthrough re: the organization of the cleaning plan this  morning. A way to sort things has been niggling at the back of my mind for some time, and I’ve tried to work it out and tried and tried — and knew what I did was wrong, but couldn’t see how.

Came up with the answer this morning. After I finally saw what it was, it was so obvious I’m surprised it took me so long! That makes my major accomplishment as of 9:15 a.m. something no one will see until I get the house clean and the plan thing written up, etc. That will be some time yet.

My helper and I discussed having him work on the memoir yesterday and came to the conclusion that there just isn’t an easy way for him to do the work. We also discussed the 5 writing projects I want to finish writing before I die: the memoir, the cleaning plan, the kitchen book, and the two unfinished short stories. I have a few magazine articles and other small pieces, but those 5 are the long-term projects.

The house has to be cleaned first. The stuff gets in my way and makes the other projects more complicated.

The asst. boxes were shoved into a corner for the chimney inspection in the living room. My helper and I started working on the boxes of books in the bedroom yesterday. Progress exists — but it’s too slow, as usual!

I am making myself go slowly:

  1. My shrink has retired, so I need to manage my stress. I have no back up to lean on emotionally if things get bad, so the answer to that is to not let them get bad to start with.
  2. I don’t want the PTSD flashback, the anxiety, etc. that going full bore has always brought with it.
  3. I don’t yet know if the breakthrough I had is enough to keep the flashback, anxiety, etc. from surfacing.
  4. Many of my ideas for decorating the house need money. That of course is in limited supply. (I think this is always true, for everyone.)

Because things were shoved to one side in the living room, I’m about to start the sanding on the wall behind the wood stove. More progress on that front! There is the end of the wall the wood stove sits on and one other small piece which has no wall board on it to do prep for. Then prime, sand, prime — and then PAINT! Seems like this has taken a long time, which it does, when you work on something in fits & starts. But progress counts.

Something new, we got some new flooring yesterday at the Habitat ReStore. Not sure exactly where it will be used, but we have started the discussion. The pantry could use a new floor as could the laundry room. The sun room, the new entry (if we do it) and/or the new kitchen are all possibilities. We don’t have enough floor to do all that. So we’ll see what happens.

The most pressing is the laundry room. It has laminate in it. It’s cheap and we’d opened the packages. Found out the problems with all of that. Cheap laminate doesn’t fit tightly after it’s opened. Cheap laminate, if there’s any problems at all, doesn’t fit. So, the laundry room floor looks better than the badly painted plywood beneath it (the way  it was when we bought the house), but it isn’t anything like what we want, that is, well done and looking good. It’s much better than it was, but that’s the best that can be said for it.

Re: the stress, PTSD, etc. associated with the cleaning? So far, I’m good. With luck it will stay that way!


Yesterday & Today

I removed, culled, cleaned and replaced the room divider boxes for the dining room. I also worked a little on the front storm door and the two brown outdoor chairs and the cleaning plan.

I’m left with the part that has me overwhelmed today, the stuff piled up under the counter, on the floor below the counter where the room divider boxes sit. There is not only too much stuff in the room I’m clearing, but there’s NOWHERE to put the stuff I want to keep that’s cluttering up the space.

There are three categories of stuff that I know of still stashed in the dining room: the hand wash which my helper and I bagged up 2 weeks ago, craft supplies, and boxes of books.

The only inspiration I’ve had about the book boxes is to make a rough guess as to how many shelves the new large bookcase will have and its linear capacity. Then figure out many boxes of books that means I can keep. If I do that, then I can figure how many boxes of books I can keep, and how many to cull. I’ll be using my own technique for estimation, just doing it backwards, approx. liner footage = how many books I can keep. See (link) if you’ve forgotten what I’m referring to. Meanwhile, I keep moving the boxes of books  around, which is just nuts — and overwhelming.

Added info: The tomato boxes I prefer for hardcover/trade storage hold approx 1.5 linear feet of books per box. An egg box, my preference for mass market paperbacks, holds approx. 4.5 linear feet of books per box. (1:4o p.m.)

The other main category of “stuff” parked in the dining room is craft supplies. Hopefully, some of that congestion will start to be eased when I finally (yes really!) get to move things into the new booth — Thursday this week. Finally! Just heard from the woman who owns that shop, she wants me to hold off for 2 weeks,  pending her SBA loan. If she gets it; things go as planned. If not, then we’ll see. Pfui! (10:00 a.m.)

But the empty space the first cut at the great craft supply shift created has already been used up. The stuff was moved to the storage a week or two ago — so no joy for the dining room congestion, right now.

To get more room, I could take the new items and what I know is set aside and pack the car. That will relieve the congestion, for a moment or two in the house/dining room.

And I guess this is what I have to do today: estimate shelving, then figure quantity of books I can keep, by the box. Also pack the car with the craft supplies which are currently cluttering up the dining room and kitchen area to take to the storage tomorrow.

In between there, just to do something different, I’ll probably work some more at returning the laundry room to where it was and on the storm door.

Other news re decongestion of stuff: a family member is likely coming sometime this summer to get a dresser, the coffee table, and a few other odds & ends. The dresser will create space  in my office, which will be most welcome. If two people come, then we can probably get the table out of the kitchen to the antique store, [Done!] which will create a hole there as well. (That’s in the next part of the kitchen I need to tackle, after the dining room.)

The road goes ever on . . . .