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Still Working On It

I have a mountain of clippings to go through. But I have created a method for doing the index Have organized the indices into a binder, etc.

Am I done? Not even close.

At the end of this, however, when I want the info about that off the grid house, I should be able to actually find it, and that will help quite a bit!

Tbere are still many papers to sort. And I need more of the composition books I’m using for scrapbooks. Just the same? I’m pleased with the effort and the paper bin is getting “fed” regularly!

My Heirs Are Happier!

I spent part of today going though a box of papers. [Papers and books make up much of the boxed “stuff” here.]


paper piles

(from images.google.com, image is NOT mine!)

I found our original mortgage paperwork, from 1982? Why we still had this I don’t know. The only thing I can think of is that until a while back, I just moved boxes back and forth mostly and didn’t go through them often, so this got moved, from California to Georgia to Florida to New England and then within New England, until I found these papers again, today.

Out they go into the shredding pile!

One more foray into the stack of boxes found something long missing: the photo album. Now I can file the pics in one or two manila envelopes here which have been waiting for this event.



I’m going to be gone again until midweek, so this is the last post for a while.

I did something I’ve needed to do for a long time. I went through one of the picnic baskets atop the filing cabinet full of mixed receipts (to sheet) and statements (to file).

I filed what I could quickly in the top drawer and made no other effort to get the statements filed. I removed all the receipts that need sheeting, and filled a 1/2 empty box with those.

My long-term goal for this, aside from NOT having boxes of misc. papers around the house is to have the sheeted receipts, in their notebooks on top of the filing cabinet. To get there, I need to empty/remove three picnic baskets, full of papers, all of which need to be weeded, sorted, sheeted and/or filed.

I’m not going to just remove the baskets, I’m going to go through/sort/file, etc. and get them empty. The picnic baskets were my paper dumping ground for paper for some time. The problem with picnic baskets was that I just added another on top and kept going, not good! I should have made myself go through them or bought something that I couldn’t just put another on top.

I put the statements back in the basket. I tossed 63 envelopes, and stuff I knew was trash by going quickly¬† through the papers. This is a first pass, but some of it was completely obvious. I tossed a form for moving expenses for the company that moved us here.We’ve been here > 20 years. If you’d asked me if I still had any of these forms?¬† I’d have said, “Of course not!” but there it was, and out it went!

As of 2/29, the total should have been down to 8344 (82.9%, 1716 things gone) but here’s where I am.


To dump (trash):1 magazine, 1 pair shoes
Sold: cribbage board
Reveal 1 basket of misc. receipts/papers sorted (see paper trail)

Given away: 1 desk supply thingy, 15 bags, 21 books
Filed: 8

Returned: 1 electrical thingy

Paper Trail
3/8/12-3/10/12 0
3/11/12 63 pieces in the trash (8 filed, counted above)

Bought:3 pairs curtains, 3 valences, 3 pieces for DH, 3 books,
15 pc china set, 1 electrical thingy, 1 pair shoes, 1 pair jeans

today 4+45+1+63-27 =
113-27= 86

old 8749 86.9% (1311 things gone)
new 8661 86.1% (1397 things gone)

needs to be 7559, which is 2502 things gone
by 3/31 (24.9% of the year done, 91st day)