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Wednesday’s Work

Cleaned the dining room ceiling/light this morning before I went off to my appt.


Found a HUGE lidded basket to hold the extra pillows and maybe some of the out of season bedding. Yay! Also bought a Canada Dry crate (I had one, but it fell apart.)  which will finish the new crate/bookshelf in the dining room under the counter.

I took the stuff in my car to the storage.

canada dry crate

When I got back,  just because I had it in my head to do so, I culled/straightened/cleaned and organized the bottom of the bathroom closet. I removed the laundry basket/frame which was there. The bag is getting washed and then the whole thing will be donated probably. The new one pictured below is $12, no one is going to pay me anything  much for a used one! Problem with the thing is that it’s too big. I avoid doing laundry because it’s 2-3 loads and cumbersome to take the big bag to the laundry room when full. So, I avoid doing laundry; which just isn’t going to work.

laundry basket with frame

As I think of it, I’m reorganizing, replacing, finding new ways to store things, etc. It’s coming together, slowly.

I cleaned the top of the wardrobe. Cleaned the basket. Put the stuff into the basket (have to load the basket on the floor, then put it on the wardrobe, and the lid is on upside down. But the pillows and one of the winter blankets are in the basket, much neater than the helter-skelter pile of pillows and blankets that was there before. I need at least one more way to organize the remaining out-of-season bedding, but I’ll think of something, eventually.

I have a mixed mind about this entire process.

  • I think it’s kind of fun to find solutions to problems which I was busy ignoring in the past.
  • I keep wondering if the VOICE OF DOOM” that is, the PTSD, will kick in big time. But so far, I’m fine!

We’ll see.