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Nearly Done

with the taxes, or as much of it as I need to do actual work (not just getting data from the town, bills, or the checking account say). And I realized that I need a project. . . something fun, creative, and that will engage me for a few days, at least.

Not knitting. This feels like a paper, paint, markers, printer sort of thing.

What? I don’t know. I have the 1/2 finished bullet journal plan — that would be good. I had finally gotten to the “admission” that I wasn’t going to get what I wanted on my own. I need to pay someone to do the final art work. I know what I want, but I just don’t have the skills to make the pieces to my satisfaction.

Being able to actually use the bullet journal, rather than planning the planner, journal, diary, and calendar would be very helpful.

I have the stalled fabric rug to work on. (Not paper, that’s out.)

If I’m going to work with paper, I need the counter in my office clean and cleared. One reason the bullet journal is in the state it is? I have nowhere to easily lay out the pages. It would be most helpful to be able to use the counter I already have.


(No, this isn’t my office, but it could be! Mine is just as full of stuff and equipment and cluttered. This image, like most of them in this blog, is from images.google.com . )

Cleaning up my office will take a week, minimum. It has been a “dumping ground” for too long. Its bookcases are slated to be moved to the attic this spring, and the counter and drawer units moved in the room, so we might be able to get a guest bed in there?

I think this is a really good idea. The living room/kitchen project is stalled until DH finishes the window/shelf unit thing. But that’s stalled because there’s a piece of furniture which needs to be put up for sale/removed first. That’s stalled because the antique store is moving the middle of March, and I already have a piece of furniture for sale there (you get to sell 1 at a time.) Soooo. . . .

Working on my office as a “next step” makes sense. Sigh. It’s always been one of the coldest rooms of the house and it’s February, right? I can’t leave the door open because the small cat thinks pushing things off of shelves/counters is fun. (She’s broken several things in my office already, so she is NOT allowed in there!) Sigh.

On the other hand, if I start this and interleave it between the remaining accounting/tax gather, I will not have to spend hours in a cold room without end. I can use short pieces of time and then go back to the paperwork — and get both done.

When I get the counter cleared, I can write up/show (I hope?) what I want to the graphics art person. It’s a plan!

I get one more cuppa coffee today. I’m off to get it and then start to plot out what has to happen in my office, first.



Everything is still torn apart. But…

The new laptop stand is in my office tonight. (FINALLY!)

We still have to swap out a dresser and swap in a desk. I also need to figure out what I’ll sit on, but we have several chairs in storage (5?) so that should be an easy fix.

I filed a bunch of magazines & tossed some stuff. I’ll have to do a major magazine purge, but that’s been deferred until I know exactly how much space I have to free up. I’m doing much of my organization based on a space budget. I have x amount of room to store something. What fits, does, if there’s too much? I weed down the collection until it does. I admitted finally that the notion that I could endlessly fit one or two more things into the house is at least partly responsible for the stuff accumulation. The space budget seems to work for me better than the old maxim “If you haven’t used it in (some period of time) then get rid of it.”


To dump
14 decorative pieces, 6 more cherry tomato boxes, 6 page protectors, 2 books, (+28)

Shredded/Donated/To storage 0

3 page protectors (+3)

Found new homes
Magazines, counted below

Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
pantry consolidation +3, 183 magazines taken from 3 binders and loose into 1 file drawer +180, 42 magazines into1 wire basket +42, 7 packages of paper in 1 basket +7, coat, pants, jacket into seasonal storage & off coat rack +3, (+235)

Sold 0

IN 0

25 brochures (to be mailed)

today 266

old 8478 100% + 434

new 8744 100% + 700