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We got the last of the old dining room rug free (it was under a heavy wardrobe in one corner), which is the next step in the redo the kitchen/kitchen storage project. We talked about replacing the light we’d decided we were going to sell and the next steps of that:

  • Getting the “new” shade out of the attic. Got both of them out, decided which one we’d use and which one was being sold. 5/1/19
  • Figuring out its dimensions and buying/mounting an appropriate pendant lamp kit. Tried 2 different ones, neither do we like the looks of. More search and procurement needed, along with returning the unwanted lamp kits.
  • Remove the old light and replace it with the new.

We also talked about our potential new broom closet, cleaning supply closet, and other items which are likely to be stored in and around the kitchen area.

More progress! It’s not a lot, but it’s progress.

More Food Musings

Because of the frugal food analysis, I also got down the seed box.

I got discouraged with our veggie garden a couple of years ago, I planted 4 tomato plants (at a cost of $8 each for mid-size, organic, yellow tomato plants) and something ate two of the plants down to the ground. We got 4  fully ripe tomatoes from the other 2 plants and about 4 smaller green ones before the season ended. Tomatoes for $4 each just didn’t seem worth the effort, right?

So last year I just let the garden go. We had a wonderful crop of weeds.

I remembered what I wanted from my garden tonight, even with the farm food, and that is grow things I can’t really get enough variety or quantity from the farm: greens, beans and not red tomatoes.

So I started looking at seeds at my favorite supplier and got down the seed box. Which, because I haven’t planted a garden in two years of any size was chock-a-block full of seeds, some as far back as 2010! I put 52 seed packets in the trash can with seeds in them and 2 empty packets, which I’d kept for some reason.

garden bed

(Image isn’t mine but from images.google.com .)

No seeds in the box are from last year, most are from 2016. This means I’ll spend weeks testing seeds and more will get trashed. But that’s good because it will make me do another cull BEFORE I order seed! (I thought I’d culled the box last year when I moved it. Apparently not, I just put the lid on the box and put it away untouched.)

So, today I took 2 bags of books to the dump’s swap shop and tossed 52 seed packets.

We have been working hard on figuring out what’s next for the house: what we want and how to do it. One thing we decided we wanted is prohibitively expensive, unless DH builds it and even then it’s not cheap. That got tabled and we decided he should work more on the other projects. The big DIY project uses jigging and the company which sells that has a sale or two each year. We decided to try and buy the jigs on sale and maybe that’s it this year and tackle the project itself, materials and hardware, next year.

Things are selling at the antique store, which is really nice, since I only have 3 more weeks in that booth! On the other hand, I don’t think anything has sold in the new book booth, but I need to redo things a bit before that will happen I guess?


Office 1.1

Did more organization in the office. Had a loose file folder or two, looked through them. We need our copy of a w2 from 1997 why? I had the very first one I had ever gotten, from the 1970s. OMG.

Out they went!

That was an easy (and fast) 25 papers into the shred/dump bins! If there’s more of that sort of thing in my office, it will be a snap to clear out. The first shelf was cleared/organized. The second is about 1/2 done.

The last time I reorganized/cleared my office was when I first started this blog and took pics of all the bead containers in pop crates in the bookshelves. My current plan (after I get the bookshelves in the closet dealt with and the filing cabinet) is to cull/clean/clear off the bookcase which has all the beads and pop crates. Not sure what I’ll keep?

I started in the closet. For years when I wanted to clean something, I’d clean a closet or cabinet, so it couldn’t be seen. I don’t think this was because of that — all the interesting paper was in the closet, in a mess. So, I started in a closet, again. I’ve gotten through the interesting big pieces and started going through/culling the books and magazines, which take up more than 1/2 the bookcase. The goal is for them to take up 1/4th of the case, one shelf. We’ll see if I can do that!

Yesterday we went to a funeral and did some antiquing on the way home. Bought nothing, just looked. Today is dump day, so more stuff (if nothing else the recycles) will go away.

Getting It Done . . .

I found and then bought incredible fabric this week. It looks like this:

kaffee fassett flowers

It’s not cheap. I would love a bedspread made of this stuff, but unless something really surprising happens, that won’t happen, too expensive. We have an umbra duvet, which we got years ago on last markdown sale at BB & B, the only way we could afford it. Works great in winter; we don’t use a duvet in summer.

So, okay. Accent wall – right? Hang a length of the fabric on a wall to be spectacular. Look on pinterest. And do you know what most accent walls on pinterest are? Horizontal wooden planks.


Excuse me for the outburst.

Okay, so I’m bucking a trend — nothing new. A wall of horizontal planking isn’t an accent wall here; it IS the wall.

This doesn’t help me figure out what to do with my spectacular fabric. I guess it goes into the “tbd” pile. The “to be determined” pile is getting pretty big! There’s asst. things for carrying stuff, accent pieces, and a silk rug (yes, silk, I got it used. Oddly enough, its colors work with the fabric. Except of course that isn’t odd at all, as I like what I like.)

The other fabric I’m in love with isn’t as expensive or colorful, but I like it just as much. It looks like this:

kaufman doe mismatch stripe

It isn’t cheap either, no bedspread. I’ll break down and buy some no doubt, but I haven’t decided for what/how much.

(Both photos came from fabric.com. I bought the fabric at a local indy shop.)

Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend before I bought the fabric. Then I went antiquing, ending up at one of my former boss’s fave stores.

I was looking for inspiration. I found one thing I would have bought, if there’d been two of them, on the way home, but there was only 1, so I abstained. The project needs two or an alternate design and I wanted to talk to DH before I dove into yet another project — we have too many now.

Getting ready for one of the next moves means cleaning another area of the kitchen. Starting that, I discovered the large lot of mixed hardware, from the parts drawers we’ve bought over the years. Some of it should get altered (upcycled if you will) into new things. The odd bits can for the dump has a thick layer of screws and nuts in it — to go today. About a double fistful. If I was still counting, it would be wonderful, each screw would be one item — but I didn’t count!

More progress, slow, but steady.

DH is emptying the kitchen space he uses for hobby supplies. That meant moving his cabinet, and underneath that was a mess of dust bunnies and other archeological finds. The floor needed to be cleaned, and was.

There are three “boat anchors” in the house, actually pieces of furniture, hiding in corners:

  1. Our old oak table, antique, British, needs work, won’t fit in the back of the wagon, only on top. It’s in the kitchen. If we really dive into the kitchen cleaning, we may be able to weasel it out of the corner. It needs to be cleaned and then delivered to the antique shop.
  2. The couch, in our bedroom, needs to go to the living room. Blocked in by boxes ‘o stuff and even if it wasn’t, I can’t get it down the stairs by myself.
  3. The “daddy chair” which needs reupholstering. It’s moving out next Thursday to the friend’s shop where she’ll help me get it done. Yay!!!

So, the new cabinet is set up. A reveal happened where it’s located (old term from when I was counting). The old cabinet is on the lawn, awaiting cleaning. (Put aside for the moment, cleaned.) We’ll see if the new one works the way it’s supposed to in the next day or so. (24 hours later — so far so good!) If so, the new space will be shared between us, DH’s supplies will go back into it and I get to use the rest. (His stuff is back in there; we’ll see if I get the rest of the space, soon!)

I need my sewing machine! The old one works, mostly, but it’s frustrating to use. The new one needs its refurbishing finished. Either we need to buy parts and do the repairs, or we need to take it to the sewing/vac place and let them do it. Either way, the new machine isn’t usable, and I wish it was! I may move my old one elsewhere to see if that solves some of the problems, mostly related to how dark this house is.

The house is so dark even with the lights on that DH asked me this morning, “Were Al & Beth vampires?” (The people who built the house.) Lighting the place adequately has been an issue since we moved in. It’s on the long-term Fix it! list.


What I Did Today

I put the crafting supplies in the car, the priced books in the car and 3 boxes of books, which aren’t priced. but marked “outs” to go to the storage are also in the car.

Not sure what I’ll do if the new shop space (for craft supplies)  doesn’t work out, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Maybe rent a 2nd space at the antique shop?

So, the second room has been almost completely cleaned. I need to vac the rug, get the ceiling and clean the light, but that’s it. The largest pieces of the cleaning and culling have been done: the china cabinet, the bookcase, the box room divider, under the counter. All have been culled, cleaned and straightened out. The only things placed in them are things which will STAY there.

I started going through the boxes of books stored behind the china cabinet today too. That’s where the 3 boxes of books came from.

DH and I had a discussion about figuring out the going-to-be bookcase’s size, so I know how many boxes of books I get to keep.

I also cleaned one of my favorite fans, it’s a hassock fan. I guess they aren’t currently made, but it works really well. It would however, be hard to keep tiny fingers out of the fan itself, so I guess I understand why they aren’t used any more. The fan pulls cold air from the floor up and then pushes it into the room. No refrigeration required.

Mine looks like this, but it’s brown.

emerson hassock fan via pinterest

Need to go finish up and make dinner (salad and watermelon sorbet, I think).

Happy summer!