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What I’ve Learned

Well, it’s different, you see. Not panicking in a clean space means that I can just clean it and leave it that way.

That is new and different, so although these points may be obvious to you, they weren’t to me!

The reasons behind my decluttering now are:

  1. With less stuff, it’s easier to use the space.
  2. With less floating clutter, it’s easier to clean the space.
  3. Also with less floating clutter, it’s easier to maintain the cleanliness.

This has nothing to do with sparking joy or minimalism, but is a pragmatic reality. Intellectually, of course I already knew this.

What’s different is the impatience I have with the assorted piles and boxes of stuff. Instead of being something to doggedly plow through which is uncomfortable at best and traumatic at its worst!


New Practices

I’ve been much better lately about using up our stored foods. I changed a few things and that has made all the difference.

  1. Rather than simply looking where I always have for food to cook, I make myself dig through the dark corners of the freezer or pantry before I start cooking. Frequently, I’ll find something which alters my proposed menu.
  2. I am trying really hard not to have leftovers, so I am actively working at using them  the following day if we aren’t using them outright for lunch.

Last night’s dinner, for example, was canned baked beans, with additions. The additions were smoked pork neck (needed to be cooked) and onion. There’s about 1/2C left. Also, after I cut the pieces off to add to the beans I still had a larger bony hunk, which I boiled.

I’d forgotten about that bit of broth and boiled meat but when I dug into the pantry  this morning and found a lima bean and barley soup mix, I decided to make it for dinner (it had been on the bargain shelf at the market).

When I got to the kitchen,  I realized I had a pan of cooked, smoked pork and broth to use up too. So, I did the obvious. I used the broth (and the meat) with the soup mix. The seasoning packet is separate, and I may or not use it — depends on the flavor about 1/2 way, in 45 minutes or so.

Previously, I might or might not have used the soup mix (I gave away a bunch of these last year) and/or the broth (I made and tossed TWO batches of turkey broth in November). I am working hard at changing how I deal with food and wasting as little as possible. Getting better!

Removing Bricks & Others

Because we both have old-fashioned hobbies, where you make something, and we’re of an age, we have big and cumbersome hobby equipment. We both appreciate the heft of a professional chef’s whisk say, even if we never actually USE such a thing. [Yes, I had one. I also had a professional rolling pin — largest one I ever saw. Couldn’t store the rolling pin anywhere. The whisk never got used. I tried to sell them, no luck. I gave them to a friend who has a food truck! (She was delighted.)]

But we do that kind of thing, a lot. If it’s a hobby or skill we do or are interested in, over the years, we’ve acquired large pieces of equipment, sometimes many of them, to use. This means we’ve got various bits & pieces here: high-end equipment which no longer works or is completely old tech, and frequently — they’re steel– which makes them heavy as well.

So, there’s been a shift now. Instead of simply storing these pieces, we’re both shedding them. Mostly they go to the booth for sale, first. If they don’t sell, they get donated. DH has a piece he gave someone which had been in our attic literally since we moved here, it and its associated pieces are gone. We bought me a new piece of hobby equipment, but I have two others: one working, the other not. The working piece is slated to go to the booth very soon. The nonworking piece will go too, but not at the same time. There’s a wonderful, funky adding machine, with a glass window going soon too. My idea for it was to turn it into a night light, but it’s huge and heavy — it’s going to the booth, soon.

Aside from the “bricks” which are leaving our home, the other categories of stuff which are going out of here are books and Christmas stuff. I’m dribbling the Christmas pieces into the booth a tiny bit at a time. Yes, this is way too early for Christmas, unless you’re a dealer.

When you’re a dealer, then you want to have the pieces early so that you can design your retail/selling space at the right time. So, I’ve sold 2 feather trees and 1 metal tree thing. I’m not doing Christmas in the booth in large scale, but I am doing it. I want to sell the stuff and if I can get it sold by putting an odd piece or two out early, then I will. I hate being bombarded with Christmas after Labor Day, but my job is to sell the stuff, not keep it!

So, we’re on a mission here: get rid of large, heavy pieces we don’t use, bricks I call them. Also out of season stuff, if we think it will sell. This has created a chunk of empty space here, and that’s good!