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Making the Bed

Part of the routine I’m doing these days is making the bed. It’s to the point where I can say it’s a habit, so I can check it off the “get this to be automatic” list.

I find myself making the bed in certain ways:

  • Flannel bottom/top sheets because it’s fall and starting to get colder and they’re cozy.
  • The older hand-made coverlet we use,  this covers the entire bed, it’s soft and not scratchy and is what’s closest to our faces.
  • Then the secondhand wool blankets: the smaller one on DH’s side of the bed as he likes to “cocoon” himself in the night and the larger one on my side so I can still snuggle up to him without a tug of war.
  • The polartech light blanket, covers the entire bed and is the cat’s favorite.
  • The two hand-made, smaller (single bed size) Swedish blankets we bought to replace the one my Dad had bought me, and the one I’d bought to go with it. (They were destroyed in a fire at the drycleaner, long ago.) These blankets have fringe on the edges that needs to be tucked in to keep the cat from going mad AND to keep her from unweaving the blankets. At the moment, these are folded up at the end of the bed; it’s too warm for them!

When it’s really cold and we have the down comforter on, I alternate the small wool blankets (both sets) between the full size ones, like layers in a sandwich.

There: when I make our bed, I consider all of us (2 people and pets) who’ll sleep on it, our comfort, etc. It makes the “chore” into an act of love, not just being tidy because it’s expected or whatever. Every time I put things just so, it makes me smile. Self-care and loving sometimes are the smallest acts.

Bedroom Progress

Last night I cut blanks from masking paper to size around the new mirrors and a piece of art we already had. Today, DH took down the mirror over the dresser. In order to get the paper stuck to the wall, I had to lean over the dresser. This caused me to clean off the dresser, something which needed to happen anyway. In the process of that, I also cleaned under the bed table at the end of the bed and part of one of the closets. There’s a trashbag of paper, etc. to go away, a box full of papers to file/go through — not obvious trash, may need to be filed, or may need to be pitched, not sure — a tray and bin of craft supplies/projects, etc.

This whole effort of course completely trashed the bedroom. I’ve dusted the closet with DH’s help and cleaned under the bed table as I said, and that’s getting pulled together. I have 2 books to add to the swap shop bin right now, more will go before the dump run is made, later.

I went 1/2 through a box of business papers before I got fed up with sorting, culling, cleaning, etc. so most of that went away too. There’s definite progress, but it’s going to take 3-5 sessions like this before we are anywhere near where I want to be.

Other progress: we have an old quilt we bought at auction (it’s just white, not pieced and was cheap of course) that we finally got it cleaned, it looks great! My “vision” for the bedroom is white, cream, off-white covers and valances on the windows with gauzy curtains and other stuff with color. The room is painted white now, except where it’s wood and that may change, but it will be spring at least  before that happens.

The mirror is down, wrapped in towels and in the attic. My new rule about the attic and other storage “dumps” is that whenever I put something away in an area like that I have to pull at least 3x as many pieces out and get rid of them. Did that.

We went to the dump. Came back, I started clearing the  couch so DH could work on the curtain rod. Then went and made chicken veggie soup, came back, finished the cleaning, ate dinner, DH got the curtain rod & curtain up. The asst. clothes that had been heaped on the bed are now on the couch, but wtf, it’s progress!

The wall has been spackled where the anchors for the old mirror were. The paper cut outs are in the approx. position the new mirrors will go — tomorrow. Then I have to get rid of about 4 more boxes of books, well, 8? and then the bedroom might begin to look like I have in mind. Still to do: move the bed, paint the room and dressers, get the other curtain rod/curtain up and figure out wtf we’ll do with the dresser, make the valances and bedspread/pillow covers.

My old idea about the dresser won’t work with DH’s hobby taking 1/2 the living room space, so . . . . we’ll punt. I just don’t know what the answer is yet!