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More Bedroom Progress

If I was using the old terms, I’d say I’d done four reveals in the past few days: the floor behind the couch, the windows behind it, the wrought iron bed table, and the partial closet clean. The bedroom certainly isn’t clean, but it’s sure a LOT cleaner! Also, used are 1 tube, 4 mirrors,1 nail, 4 wall mounts, 3 plumbing fixtures, 6 screws, 2 dowels, 4 wood pieces, 1 package of curtains. Culled were at least 2 bins of paper, call it 100 pieces, about 4 pieces of clothing, and around 12 books. That would be: 4+1+4+1+4+3+6+2+4+1+100+4+12=146 items used or purged in the past 2 days.

The wall is spackled and the mirrors are up. They still need to be painted, but that will happen in the spring or summer. Also, I figured out how to hang the valance over the new curtain rod.

The curtain rods are also home made btw. And I may, or may not paint them too — haven’t decided!

The next steps are the valance and the new bedspread and the continued purging and culling. I need a piece of hardware for the valance. I need to sew stuff for the bedspread to be done.

I took the paper patterns of the mirrors, made sure they were labelled  and then rolled them up and put them in a tube I already had. The tube was made to store a collectible baseball bat, which it has never been used for. I used it previously to store rolled artwork. Last year or the year before I got that art at least matted if not framed. Because I do crafts and DH does art we both have love visual arts, and we’ve got a fair amount of it.

One other thing I want to do is put up one or more gallery walls, so we can regularly display some of the collection. Most of what we have isn’t valuable, just pleasing to us. DH knows how to put together frames. He does most of the framing around here. This saves us a bunch of money!

Matting and mounting can be time consuming, finicky and frustrating. We have done our own, but a friend who runs a frame shop and has a BIG mat cutting machine does most of it.

There’s a poster that will go up on the wall, a picture that came down, so that’s a net of 0 new things used on that. I have 7 more books to go away, but that’s about all that’s really new right now. I’m pretty tired after the last 2 days!

I need to start putting books up for sale again, I’ve got stacks of them around and that’s what will have to happen to make them go away. I’ve got a package to wrap, something a friend is going to sell for us, it needs to go out tomorrow a.m.



New Changes/New (old) Stuff

Okay. The accounting for the cleaning has gone awry, almost since the beginning of the year. I know where the tracking for the other stuff is, but the every day tracking pages are among the missing. I’m not surprised, it was TOO accountable for my PTSD. However, the 4 things HAVE become a habit and almost every day the dishes get washed, the food gets put away, the toilet gets swished with a brush and the sink gets a wipedown from my soapy hands.

Starting the next phase has gone exactly nowhere, sigh.

On the other hand, there’s progress of a sort. We had always planned a dual-use living room, partly for DH’s hobby use and partly as a living room. We’ve decided to just split the room in 2 and except for some storage, One 1/2 as a living room, and DH gets the other. When we get the excess stuff outta there, that will make life much easier!

I also have a plan for our bedroom, which includes making it smaller, adding a hallway with floor-to-ceiling bookcases. DH is skeptical, I think it will work. We have the new dressers, not in place, but we have them (Jamity’s Mom went with me to get them one day a while ago). Yesterday I bought mirrors to go over them in the “new” bedroom. DH just cleared off the table so I can trace around the mirrors and figure out where I want to hang them. (I’m going to make paper cutouts by tracing around the mirrors. Much easier to figure out placement with brown paper and painter’s tape than wood framed glass and nails!)

The old dresser, I’ve had since kidhood, is fine, attractive and functional, but frankly, I just want something DIFFERENT. Anyway, my plan is to slowly but surely pull, move etc. things over and around the bedroom so when/if this summer I say, “Let’s put a wall there.” DH, who at the moment is skeptical at best if not down right resistant to the idea, will at least entertain the idea. Right now he all but rolls his eyes — it’s another of her weird ideas!

This week, I made rugs from yarn. They’re multicolored, but not the blue of the rugs I wanted to buy. I will make rugs that color too, but I don’t have the yarn now. The rugs cost about $15 each in materials, so both of them together cost us a 1/3 of the price of the  manufactured rugs would ($90). I like spending $30 for two rugs a lot more than $180 + shipping!

When things get a bit more pulled together, I’ll post an image.

In the past few days I’ve sold a metal tin, gave away a piece of office stuff, and sold 4 books, 3 magazines, and there’s 3 books, 1 pair of pants, and a few other items in the swap shop bin too. So it’s happening, just not as fast as I’d like!

Of course, today I bought a refrigerator bin and a few other odds & ends for resale too. So, I suppose the net out is probably around 0 unless I really g0 to town filling the swap shop/donation bins again!

Life is about normal here, you?

Thought Experiment

This was written originally just for myself. I emptied a large trunk in my office that was filled with cloth. One of the “collections” of cloth was a group of blue & white fabrics I’ve been saving to turn into curtains. It seemed like a good thing to just do some rough planning for this. If it wouldn’t work, then I could purge the fabrics. If it would, then I’d use the stuff and wouldn’t need to store it.

Name Weight Size Notes
No name skirt Light 30 x 32 10 buttons, 30.5 l w/out waistband
Lauren skirt Light 80 x 32 Some stains
Thin plaid fr Whist #1 Light 92 x 57
Thin plaid fr Whist #2 Light 96 x 54
Thin plaid fr Whist #3 Light 96 x 57 Color faded, stains
Big Block tblcl fr Fair. Med 64 x 47
Thanksgiving cloth Heavy 55 x 93.5
Blue/br plaid remnent Heavy 59 x 110 Will need hemming

The shortest lightweight piece is 32 inches, both skirts. I think the small window is 36 wide, the other two are double, with is 36 x 2 or 72.

How about using the skirts to make valences, horizontally instead of vertically. The no name skirt isn’t long enough to do that without piecing, but that can be done too. There are 1single window, 1 small window at the sink, and the double wide window in the dining area. I can use the buttons, I only need 6.

I don’t know how big a valence is supposed to be (long). It will make a difference! See below


Small window height 32.5 inside trim, 42 outside trim (edge to edge) 42/6 = 7” is how long the valence over the sink should be. Including a rod pocket and hem, that will be at least 8” or so. 32 (no name skirt) /8 = 4, if I use one panel for the small window, that leaves me with 3, ug. If I assume that the big windows are the same height, then I could use the no name skirt and make the valence for one double window, pieced. 30+30+12 = 72 x 8. I should have one 30” piece 8” wide and another partial piece, the waistband, buttons and pockets left over.

no name skirt pieces copy


Using the Lauren skirt for the other valence will be harder because of the staining. But it’s 80” wide ( and already partially dismantled). So it should only take one 8” strip for the 2nd double window, leaving the waistband and about 16” to use elsewhere.

That means, starting the curtains, I have one piece left over from the Lauren skirt and the two waistbands, pockets, the other piece and the buttons available too.

lauren piecing.

So I have 1 8” x 24” piece, 1 approx 8” x 30” piece of the no name, 1rather larger piece of the Lauren skirt

The two tablecloths which have color are both big enough to (I think, won’t know for sure until I actually measure) to do the two big windows. The faded one, even with the stains, is twice as big as I need for the small window.

This will use the first five items in the table above. What’s left from the lightweight fabric can be used for tie backs or just purged.

Unfortunately, none of this uses the medium or heavier fabric. I wanted to use ALL of it. If I do blinds too, then I can probably use the heavier fabrics, not quite all of them, but most.

We’ll see if the thought experiment works and becomes reality or not? This is how I spent part of Jan. 1, 2014; seems pretty productive to me for all that I’m still running around in my robe. [Hey, it’s a holiday!]

How did you start the year?


Let’s see. What’s new with me is that I have beat the shame and got the PTSD under control. So, is my house clean?

Well, no. Cleaner, yes. Clean? Not yet. I still have safety issues to deal with. I’m certain they’re related to the PTSD. I have been doing my “surface cleaning” thing since the end of July. As I said, the house is cleaner, if not exactly clean. I figured out not too long ago that my problem wasn’t being disorganized or unwilling to clean, it’s just that there’s too much stuff here, still!

And although I find it frustrating when I can’t find a book I know I own, I’m still reluctant to purge stuff. Why, I’m not sure. Doesn’t matter. We have company coming for brunch on Sunday. I want my house clean. These are folks who know us, if the house won’t pass a white glove inspection (it won’t) or it’s cluttered, that’s not going to change their mind about us. I know that. Still, I’ve been whacking away at cleaning the house for the past two weeks, off and on.

The first few days were easy. But for some reason cleaning the big rooms is harder? Don’t know why. I’ll figure it out. Maybe because it’s hard to see the end in a quick bite? Like I said, I don’t know.

The only big cleaning revelation I’ve had in the past week or so is realizing that I purely HATE doing large loads of dishes after I eat. I want to sit and relax. So, the answer is to take the time (and there’s almost always some) when things are cooking and do most of the dishes and clean up then. Then after eating all I have to do is wipe down counters and wash the few dishes we ate from, and I don’t mind that so much I won’t do it. This means the kitchen is staying cleaner, longer. Yay!!!

The data that filter down this way are few and far between. I wish this process was faster, but then I wish most of my healing was faster too.

So I’m working on it! More to do, more to do, more . . . . (repeat, for a very long time).


Painted Stairs (sort of)

A few years ago we removed the uncleanable beige carpet from the stairs. The oak treads weren’t so bad, but the stair fronts weren’t good, so we painted them an almost federal blue.

Years went by. The blue stair fronts got dirty. And have for some time been so dirty they were uncleanable. I hit upon the idea of painting them in such a way that it would disguise the dirt. Then agonized:

What if we hated it?

After a bit I realized that was just silly. If we hated it, well, I’d paint them again!

So, I painted the stair fronts yesterday. I took pictures, none of which came out very well, while I was doing it. Then my camera seemed to quit working. I have some touch ups to do, but they’re mostly done. The treads need to be stained and will be, if we decide we like this, permanently. If not? Well, like I said, I’ll paint it out!

When I can get my camera to cooperate (when DH can) I’ll post pics. (The image shown is before the stair fronts were waxed. The colors are deeper and shiny now.)


painted stair front

New & Different

I left here with a mission the other day:  to get rid of stuff!

I took books to the bookstore to sell, sold 2. Went to another bookstore, traded 2 and bought 2. Went to the market & put 6 books in the donation bin. If you’re keeping up that’s 8 out. Then I went to one of the antique booths and left 3 for sale. Sold a rattan case. Also swapped out a display at one store and slightly rearranged things in the other. More to do, more to do!

The following few days, everywhere I went, all of my favorite church shops, etc. were having sales. I bought a LOT of stuff, but put it in the booths ASAP. I don’t think I bought anything for the house at all except maybe shirts for the rugs.

Since then, I’ve sold another book to the bookstore, a book case, a vase, donated about 25 books, cataloged another box to go on the spinner, etc. It’s Labor Day weekend, and I wanted to be moving my bedroom around/painting it now, not just the same old, same old, sigh.

The 2nd household rug has now been designated for the laundry room, needs to be the biggest rug I’ve made. That’s being worked on.

I have a plan for the cleanup/prep of the memoir file so that I can deliver it in TWO WEEKS

Have emails out to the other paritcipants about a promotional event maybe for the current product.

Have started clearing out the corner of the kitchen so I can use the big kitchen table for the rug, but also, it’s the next large piece slated to be sold.

We’re waiting on the schedule for the roof, there’s been a glitch for the contractor.

I’ve got an entire egg box of books that I’m processing today to go out to the shop where I’m selling paperbacks, got maybe 12 left to do for that effort. They’ll go out, I’ll put an ad in craigslist and if they don’t sell, next week they get donated. I don’t have time to keep things around anymore!

Same song, slightly different dance —

Cleaning Underway, Clutter . . . ?

isn’t covered by my cleaning scheme — on purpose. I know I have problems with clutter/stuff removal, so I didn’t include it, as I knew it would sabotage the effort at the beginning.

I managed to find a way to approach cleaning the house such that it doesn’t create guilt or stress. I wonder if I can do the same with the clutter? I don’t really need or want all this stuff. I can’t store it forever, can’t use what I’ve got because I can’t find it, and it’s in the way.

So, what to do?

What I’m doing with the cleaning is dividing the job into component pieces and then figuring how much minimally I want to do in a week say. I’ve been doing some of that. I sold my first paperback last week at the new booth. All of a sudden, I’m cataloging books for the spinner again. Not many, but since I hadn’t done ANY for quite some time, it counts.

I have three customers looking for collectible books, which has helped too. I might be able to sell some of the better stuff, instead of simply storing it forever.

And I guess my attitude IS different than it used to be. I went to put a mug away last night after doing the dishes and there wasn’t room. I immediately started thinking, “Okay, do I get rid of this one or another?”

I’ve been working on rug #3 and I have a plan to use up the bits & pieces left over after making the rug yarn, so that all won’t be stored forever either. My attitude is different than it used to be, but it’s not getting done fast enough I guess?


This is an unsolved problem. I’ll work on it!