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More Merry-Go-Round Chores

The wall over/under the window and behind the hearth has been cleaned and knot sealed. Tomorrow I can put the first coat of primer on it. The next day it gets sanded. Then it gets primed again. The next day it gets sanded the 2nd time.

The next piece of the living room  wall is truly inaccessible. It’s behind the roll flooring (remember that? I bought it two weeks ago) and the large oak (it’s on wheels) flat file. There’s a major piece of equipment  and a metal sculpture there too, but the equipment is made to move and the other hangs on the wall.

The problem isn’t moving this stuff. The roll flooring can be moved with a dolly. It’s that there’s nowhere to move it to. The center of the room is already filled with furniture, books, misc. pieces from the living room teardown/painting already in process.

However, I’m determined to get the living room painted, and before the middle of August. I want to put it together, the way it’s supposed to be by or before Labor Day. Some of that is in progress  — the chair being reupholstered starting next week, for example. Removing the chair will create a hole in the island of stuff in the middle of the room, but not enough.

The sculpture has a designated new location, which was cleared months ago. It just needs to be taken down, cleaned, the wall where it’s going dusted and then the piece put up. That wall is only partly wood, so not all of it needs the extra step of knot sealing before the primer.

Today we got the next 2 pieces of the log wall sanded, cleaned, and knot sealed. Also today, DH made the pull out shelf he was going to — works great! And otherwise? We cooked, cleaned some, went to the dump and I have a box of books to be mailed to a friend, tomorrow probably. Those books and the books I decided to take to the antique store completely emptied a box which was hiding in my office. [That’s effectively 2 linear feet of book shelves I will NOT need. Hurrah!]