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What Would You Do?

What Would you Do?

There’s a survey consumer data gathering site, which shall remain nameless. I signed up or started to but after they asked for my personal info, they asked for that of the other people in my household. Okay, I get that.

But it wasn’t a secure site, or at least it wasn’t an “https” site. So, I bailed and sent their customer service person an email (If you have any questions .. . .) that asked the question, “Is there a secure way I can sign up?”

I got back a cut/paste of their privacy Ts & Cs.

That’s wonderful, but it didn’t answer my question. So I sent an email yesterday back to the same person, pointing out that she hadn’t answered my question, and I still wanted to know if there was a secure way to sign up?

I got back a form letter thanking me for my input.

At which point I decided the person I was corresponding to was 1) a moron 2)fictional 3)trying to do way to many tasks or 4)technically unable to answer the question.

I am loathe to send yet another letter, but I’m tempted to research and find the woman’s manager and send them the stream of emails. At this point, an honest “I don’t know” would have been better. I went from interested to annoyed (initial letter/response) from annoyed to almost mad. It still isn’t worth my time to actually get mad, but I DO have better things to do than play multiple choice with this woman until I get my question answered.

So, what would you do?