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EFRK7 -What?

I have been working on my organizer. Which I have divided into 5 levels, by time: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, once a year (or longer).


What does EFRK7 have to do with that? Ah. It’s the way I think of this. Since I intend to do printables, I won’t explain, just yet. I have to get clean images/files first. The weekly and monthly pages are designed. The remainder are designed, in my head, but the drafts aren’t done. When I have all the pages designed, it will be a sort of bullet planner, but with printables.

The reason I like bullet planners is that they’re not rigid. Most planners and/or organizers I’ve used seem to not work for me after I set them up.

The one I’m creating works with my monthly binders and the seven levels of stuff cleaning plan, as designed. I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. I spent a lot of time and energy figuring ways to cope with varied tasks, appointments, chores, etc.

EFRK7 incorporates ALL my previous work and puts most of it in one place. It’s set up so that I can look ahead in chunks: weekly to yearly, something I’ve never found in another organizer. I wanted a system to help me do long-term planning and prep., most organizers are set up to deal with appointments and chores, not achieving multi-step goals over a long period of time.

I’m pleased with the direction it’s going, and pleased with my progress, although, like everything, I wish it had been finished — yesterday!!!