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Saving Money on Organic Soap, Glasses, Cream Rinse and . . . .

BAR SOAP: Since I’m an eco-freak, scent sensitive AND I’m a cheapskate, a long while ago I started looking for unscented, affordable, organic soap bars. Dream on, right?

You can find  –organic, unscented bar soaps– easily enough, but cheap they’re not!

Then I had an idea, how about melt and pour soap? And that has worked, for years. I buy organic melt & pour soap base (I’ve seen it at Michael’s, but never when I actually needed any.) in 2 lb packs, which lasts about 3 years. I get them here. and as of this writing, it’s $10.95 + shipping for a 2 lb package.

I cut it up in 1 lb quantities. That cuts down into about 10 small bars of soap, like hotel soaps. DH prefers liquid soaps, so I’m the only one who uses it. But it gives me organic, unscented bar soap at a price I can afford. Yes, I have to do a little work in cutting the 2 lb slab apart (it comes with “scores” for dividing in it 1/4s) and then cutting the quarters into 5 “bars” but so? It’s .55 a bar, plus shipping. I can find soap that cheaply, yes. But not the unscented, organic stuff. One warning though: it IS melt & pour soap base. If you’re inclined to leave soap in the water, this is not a frugal option for you!

SHAMPOO: Before everyone it the US went in for scented everything I used to buy shampoo base in gallon bottles from beauty supply shops. It’s regular shampoo, just concentrated. I found out about them because I asked a lady who cut my hair where they got their shampoo? She said it came in a concentrated form and they got it wholesale, but when they ran out, they got it from the local beauty supply store. Since aromatherapy, I haven’t been able to buy my shampoo this way, but a gallon bottle used to last us about a year and a half, if I remember correctly!

GLASSES: Saving money on glasses? I learned this one from my husband. The easiest way is to reuse your frames. If you’ve got good frames, use them again!

CREAM RINSE: Well, it depends on how old you are. Really! After the change, my hair got “sticky.” It is fragile and breaks easily. Apparently I’m not alone. I found an AARP write-up that said that women of a certain age should use more cream rinse. For me, that isn’t enough (I used to have REALLY nice hair!) I hate what my hair has become, I use Giovanni, Nutrafix, Hair Reconstructor these days. I use it like I used cream rinse before.

For a long time now, I’ve used a wide-tooth comb and gently combed out my long hair, in the shower.

When younger,  I’d put about a dime-size blob of cream rinse in my hand and use it as a detangler on my damp hair. (I didn’t always need to rinse it.) I bought cream rinse about once yearly, and yes, I have had long hair for some time. I use the hair reconstructor the same way, but it takes more, darn it!

I am contemplating turning the soap base into liquid dish soap and laundry detergent. I haven’t done it yet, or tried. If I do, I’ll let you know how that goes!