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Thursday’s Five & Backlog, still. . .

  1. Get rid of the clothing donations which were supposed to go to the dump Sunday. 11:00 a.m.
  2. Use up the ice cream base in the freezer.
  3. Wash the net curtains.
  4. Do another load of the backlogged laundry. (fill in) 6:15 p.m.
  5. Wipe down the sweeteners and their shelf in the pantry.


  • Go thru the record collection, cull.
  • Put garden hoses away for winter.
  • Recaulk the bathroom as needed.
  • Make pepper jelly (or use up the peppers somehow).
  • Figure out a new way/place to store the yarn and put it away.
  • Look at the stored snow tires. Need new ones? In the budget?
  • Make cookies with the frozen oatmeal. Recipe found. Oatmeal removed from freezer Tuesday.
  • Empty my desk, again.
  • Make up/try the Naval Academy brass polish.
  • Move the longer lumber from the shed so it can be put away in the loft.
  • Examine winter coats for flaws, etc.
  • Do the last gather of tag sale materials, last sale is Saturday 10/14 date changed to 10/21
  • Put ice scrapers in the cars, examine and see if they need replacement?

Chores on hold or in process, for whatever reason:

  • Fertilize the lawn. Did the dooryard lawn and the lawn on the street side of the bulb bed. Tues. 4:30 p.m. Lots more to do!
  • Cut more sage and other such from the garden. Kale Fri. 10/13, most of the rest of it 10/15. Need to pull some tarragon and that’s it.
  • Cull books from one “holding pattern” bookcases. Either they’re out or they stay!, in process Thurs. a.m. (I did the 1st shelf.)
  • Put family photos in the album. Can’t be done. Photos located, album missing!
  • Clean off DH’s desk. This is going to be delayed until he and I catch up. I pulled everything from the top drawer on his side of the dresser, we’re still going through all of that.

To Do List, Revised 9/19

to do list 1


Get at least one piece of one item off of the long-term list!


  • Replace the north/south doors. (They’ve been ordered, will be delivered tomorrow.)
  • Work on the websites. In process
  • Prime & paint the removed clapboards from the laundry wall where the new door is installed.Backs have been primed. Fronts along with new, preprimed clapboards will be painted all at once
  • Paint the rest of the exterior of the house next to the porch.
  • Get the clapboards reinstalled. Started Sunday will probably be finished Friday.
  • Finish filling in the holes caused by the construction. Wednesday
  • Finish edging the “rain garden”.
  • Fill the bagster There’d an unexpected problem. . . .
  • Order gravel.
  • Order wood.
  • Get sanding sealer on inside of new slider.
  • Finish verathane on porch posts. Finished 10/1
  • Primer other unprotected wood on porch which needs it. In process 10/1
  • Get the triangles sealed up. In process 10/1

MEDIUM TERM: (in the next 2-3 weeks)

  • Empty the old coffee table full o’ stuff in the hallway.
  • Resolve the “too many” coffee tables dilemma.
  • Remove the “island” of boxes of stuff from the attic. Sell, donate, or trash enough that the floor can stay cleared.
  • Put food away for winter. In process
  • The fridge freezer needs to be organized and purged. Started Monday
  • Clean the fridge’s shelves.
  • Paint the laundry room, inside and out.
  • Paint the bathroom.
  • Get the new shower curtain liner painted and installed.
  • Get through more of the accounting backlog.
  • Get last year’s unfinished clean up done in the entry/living room/hall.
  • Get the marble table out of the kitchen and to the antique booth. [Called the person who had indicated he’d help me get it to the shop.] It has been cleaned off, needs its base cleaned and for DH to take a pic.
  • Get wood stacked and ready for winter. First 1/2 of the wood has been ordered. Delivered 9/30/17
  • Get kindling boxes made up for winter. 2/4 are made up.


  • Get a job.
  • Pay off the equity line.
  • Continue to use up the stored foods: grains, beans, pasta, etc. (The canned goods purge the end of last year beginning of this year worked.) In process
  • Rebuild the winter pantry. In process
  • Writing Projects: Memoir, 1st 3rd of retype complete 8/30
  • Writing Projects: Article In process
  • Writing Projects: Kitchen Book
  • Writing Projects: Novel
  • Get the small dressers cleaned up so that they can replace the big one, so it can be cleaned up and sent to an antique store or to auction. In process

Monday’s Six

Here’s my list of what I’ll do today, other than the regular maintenance:

  1. Clean the wine cabinet.1 thing in out pile, 4 items relocated into new home, 2 items “put away” which had been floating.
  2. Clean a canister. Cleaned two and the counter under/between them. Culled 2 or 3 items, found 1 piece to sell, and one small bag of food put where it should have been to begin with!
  3. Writing implement storage #1) cleaned, #2) cleaned, 5 pieces tossed, 7 for swap shop, 6 out of place pieces put away,#3-#5) cleaned and culled, 3 pieces put away, 2 more pieces culled
  4. Kitchen counters… partially done with the canisters (See #2 above.) Cleaned the right/middle sides. (The left side is the BIG one, 10′ long!) About 1/2 done Weds. 10 a.m.
  5. Vac. under the bed.
  6. Dust the stained glass.

Additionally, I have other longer term cleaning things to do:

  • Finish cleaning the marble table so it can be photographed.
  • Load my car with things to be donated or sold.
  • Work on household improvement projects: last two post surfaces, interior of sliding door, stone path and grading.

Phoning and other chores:

  • Wood order/left message ORDERED
  • Pest spraying left message
  • Shed cleanout
  • Get 2nd small dresser clean.

Monday is my “6” day, that is the day I try and do six things instead of the usual 5, which I try and do Tuesday – Friday. Mondays start with me being really ambitious about how much I’ll get done and charged up. The idea is to take advantage of my optimism and energy.

We’ll see how much of this I actually get done! You’ll notice if you look that the six numbered tasks are set, defined, where almost all the others are long-term whittling away at it type of jobs. I’ve been working on the stone path for about a month now, for example.


What I accomplished today:

  • Work on the household notebook

Let’s hope this isn’t so organized that the PTSD has a fit and I get like

download (1)



(image: billdaviswords.wordpress.com )

Busy Day

Today is a dump day. Tomorrow is farm day. I have to do or finish the following:

  • Salsa
  • Deal with the remaining hot peppers
  • Finish moving the compost heaps
  • Finish raking the lawn (it was mowed yesterday)* in process
  • Work on the porch*
  • Work on the south side of the house*
  • Finish the shed cull
  • Finish filling the kindling boxes
  • Fill (as much as possible) the wood shelter
  • Finish grading around the patio
  • Clean my car Done! Or as much of it as I’d planned to do!
  • Blueberry/Peach cobbler peaches have been cleaned and peeled
  • Make jam (see cobbler, which will happen first. If I’ve got enough peaches, I’ll make jam, but not otherwise)
  • Clean out the fridge Done!
  • Haul the large load of construction debris to the dump 1st load has been set up although not taken to the dump, yet. Two loads taken, one small load remains to be taken later this week.
  • Catch up the laundry 2nd load in the dryer, 
  • Work on the cleaning plan
  • Call the auto glass, gravel, firewood, and pest control people.

*Either waiting on something from DH or could use his help, or is something which needs to work with his schedule of work on the house.

If you’re thinking that there’s no way I can get this done in ONE day? You’re absolutely correct!

These are the short-time projects:

  • Finish filling the two kindling boxes
  • Blueberry/Peach cobbler
  • Clean my car

These can be worked on or completed as other things are being worked on:

  • Salsa
  • Blueberry/Peach cobbler
  • jam
  • Catch up the laundry

So, it is likely I will deal with the peaches (cobbler and jam), finish the salsa, work on catching up the laundry, fill the kindling boxes while I’m doing other things, probably going to the dump multiple times!

Yesterday I took our old breadbox, a Perfection table top stove, to the antique store. The Victrola horn sold — hurrah! The stove looks sort of like this:


and I took a wrought iron lamp we’ve had forever too. The sewing machine table is the next item slated to be removed, but I have to clear off a coffee table, move it and then get a lot of junk out of the way, first. There are other, more pressing things to do, obviously. With luck the sewing machine table base will be removed by the end of the week.

I’m assuming the Hoosier cabinet sold last Thursday at auction. I have not let myself call the auction house to find what it sold for. I’ll get a check and that’s all I need to know.




Morning Methods or Madness?

Not only is it MONDAY, so my brain is buzzing with all sorts of “things to be done,” but the construction people aren’t here, and there’s this huge back log. It’s also nearly FALL and so all the “delayed” and “put off” chores are screaming! at me.

Accordingly, my ADD tendencies have run amok this morning. I have worked on these items and finished the lined-through ones:

  • filing manuals, etc. for things we own.
  • cleaning out behind the washer/dryer Finished about 11:30 a.m.
  • culling/clearing out the top shelf of the small freezer
  • figuring out what I will use to replace the French door blinds
  • Researching how to do it.
  • Finding the fabric I already own for the curtains.
  • Figuring out a way to “put away” the scrub brush which went missing.
  • Figuring out a possible way to “put away” various roll goods: masking paper, Tyvek, shelf liner & weed cloth are the immediate needs
  • Work on clearing out the attic.
  • Work on cleaning up my office.
  • Laundry x 2 2nd load started around noon. Two loads done Tuesday as well.
  • Determining the trunk in the kitchen is still empty.
  • Figuring out another set of crates, etc. to take to the antique store as shelving.
  • Cull the clay flower pots — I have too many of course. Started about 2 p.m. but not yet finished. Worked on this Tuesday as well. Completed Sunday.

Still to do:

  • Go to the hardware store for a piece to determine if the method of hanging roll materials will work.
  • Clean the laundry room. Finished just before noon.
  • Make the bed.
  • Find the missing fabric and determine which piece will be used for the door curtains.
  • Clear out enough of the attic that the trunk can be moved from the kitchen up there. Enough of the attic was cleared Monday, but the trunk hasn’t been moved, yet.
  • Get the crates, etc. in my car and to the antique store. Completed Tuesday.

Flow or No

Whether it is because of the PTSD or otherwise, I tend to work in spurts or fits and starts. I keep thinking I should just be able to schedule something for a few hours, I can, but mostly don’t.

I need to accept that the abuse, panic attacks, and PTSD all make a regular schedule very difficult, if not impossible, as much as I’d like otherwise.

I need to stop fighting this and just accept it as the way I flow, period. I think when/if I can do that, the panic attacks or vestiges of them will lessen dramatically. It’s my belief that the panic is due largely to people being able to “see” what I’m doing or have done. I have a lot fewer problems, like nearly none, when I’m working for other people. This is only the stuff I do at home.
fits & starts2
Can I repeat, again, how much I really, absolutely hate the woman who abused me? It totally sucks to have your brain be your main enemy. It sucks more to view any finished project as something which will be attacked, belittled, or sneered at, whether it’s a clean kitchen counter or an art work. This just makes getting anything done a real challenge. [And I needed more of those, right?]

P.S. Reading this, I realized t’s wrong. I don’t hate her. I hate what she did to my brain. If it wasn’t that no matter how much work I do, this will be with me forever, I would have very few feelings about here at all.

She’s gone, her daughter is gone. The memories of what she did just make me feel sorrty: for her that she could be so nasty, her daughter and myself because she felt it necessary to emotionally attack two innocent little girls,, who grew to be wounded women because of it. It was just a waste.

Why You’ll (Maybe) Hear G & S at My House

I have an itunes recording of “When the Foeman Bares His Steel” from Gilbert & Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance on my computer. I will set the controls to repeat it as a loop. When I’m alone (and only then) I will turn the volume up and


I clean house to it. I love that piece because, musically, it is the internal dialog that all of us go through when we face something difficult.

There are three main groups singing: the policemen and their sergeant (who’ve been tasked with going after pirates), the girls (daughters of the major general) and the major general.

The Police: “When the foeman bares his steel, we uncomfortable feel. . .”

When facing anything scary, we’re uncomfortable.

“…we find the wisest thing is to slap our chests and sing tar-an-tara!”

We do what we we have to, to get ourselves psyched to do whatever it is.

“…when your heart is in your boots, there’s nothing brings it ’round like the trumpet’s martial sound, like the trumpet’s marital sound. . . tarantara, tarantara, tarantara.”

We play inspirational music, read things, go to places, whatever works, to goad ourselves forward, right?

The girls: “Go, ye heroes, go to glory,though you die in combat gory, ye shall live in song and story. Go to immortality!”

Don’t we all tell ourselves we’re doomed to fail? But if nothing else, someone might just notice how hard we tried?

The sergeant: “Though to us it’s evident, these intentions are well meant, such expressions don’t appear, calculated men to cheer. But it’s very evident these intentions are well meant.”

Our internal reasoning.

The girls: “Go to glory and the grave! For your foes are fierce and ruthless, false, unmerciful, and truthless; young and tender, old and toothless,all in vain their mercy crave.”

You’re going to fail. You can’t do this. How many times have we told ourselves that? (Too many to count, if you’re me.)

policeman pirates of penzance

Lastly, there is the internal dialog steeling yourself to actually DO the thing:

General: “Away, away!

Police: “Yes, yes, we go!”

General: These pirates slay!”

Police: “Tarantara!”

The General: “Then do not stay.”

Police: “Tarantara!”

General: “Then why this delay?”

Police: “All right we go.”

Girls: “Yes, forward on the foe.”

Police: “Yes, forward on the foe. ”

General: “Yes, but you don’t go!”

Police: “Yes, forward on the foe.”

Girls: “At last they go.”

Police: “We go, we go.”

Girls: “At last they go, at last they go!”

Police: “We go. We go.”

Girls: “At last they really, really go!

Police: “We go, we go, we go!”