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What I’ve Been Doing

Aside from the ironing the driveway thing I talked about in the last post….

Two days ago I removed all the magazines which filled the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet. Got rid of the immediately obvious culls: dupes and things I’ll never use. I organized them in the bedroom where I can go through them as I can to pull wanted info out or pitch them, whatever. (They’re also neatly stacked.)


(This photo IS mine. It’s the storage unit, or one of them anyway in 2013, so 6 years ago now. I have a LOT fewer boxes these days!)

Yesterday I worked on the storage move and brought home 6 boxes of “go through these” books. I did. The first box was romances. A slug of them are waiting to go to the dump’s swap shop, some are in a spring flea market box. A box of them will be given to a friend who’s a romance writer to take to a meeting. A few (6?) were valuable.

Earlier this week I called one of my previous antique co-ops about renting a glass case. I don’t have a place to sell really good books when I leave the current shop 2/15.

Today? Today I finished the file box of romances and went through all of an egg box (50-70 books) of mysteries/thrillers/spy novels. They also got sorted: swap shop, too good to give away, and flea market books.

Two of the boxes in the car are labeled that they’re DH’s books from an earlier office clean out. Guess? Many of them will be old computer books and will go to the dump, probably into the paper recycling. There’s one more box that I remember in the car. It has sf magazines in it, at least on top. If it has complete year lots? Cool, it’s booth or flea market. I have no reason to keep an odd issue here or there, but have 2 years of this magazine missing 1 issue each. . . maybe I can fill those holes?

There are 3 wire crates, 2 typing tables and other items slated to be put into the antique store for the last month I’ll be there. (I’m having a “container” sale.) Anything which doesn’t sell is either going to auction, will be donated, or taken to the flea market in the spring.

Oh yeah. I also have a few things in the car to consign.

So, see? I’ve been busy, but not talking about it much!

The 2 boxes marked for DH were gone through Friday eve. The outs will be researched, but many of them will find their way to the dumps swap shop no doubt. That’s 2 more boxes outta here!


Attitude Adjustment

Things are definitely different here. We’re off to work on the storage today. I have a large bag of papers to take to Staples for shredding. It’s expensive,but will get the approx. 1 file box of papers out of our lives for good.

paper trash

Had to move a box for DH this morning, so I went thru it with the idea of culling the books down. Came up with an immediate 2 books to get rid of, they’re going out today too.

These days, I toss something in the trash and think, “2 cubic inches more of my life free!”

Sure is different!


Also different: 3 more bags of garden materials were bought today. They are already spread out in the garden, the packaging dealt with, the cart and tools put away, and did some raking before I put everything away. The materials are in their permanent home, the trash dealt with, and not only did I do the “new” stuff, but the remaining upkeep has been lessened too. DEFINITELY DIFFERENT!

Happy New Year: Toss List

I tried to do what I’ve done in the past, that is take one of those “get rid of these 30 things” lists as a new year’s step towards minimalism.

I couldn’t get past the woman’s graphics, links to snapchat, etc. It seemed that I would clutter up my life with her or other’s lists about decluttering.


I made my own, smaller list.

  1. Deal with anything which is broken. Fix it, dismantle it for its pieces if you have a plan for them, or take it to the dump.
  2. Dispose of or deal with anything which is out of date — almost always consumables, food, health or beauty products.
  3. Donate things which aren’t broken, have nowhere to be put away (so you’ve moved them around for a while) and you haven’t used: food, clothes, books, tools, etc.
  4. Shred financial paperwork more than 10 years old unless you have a compelling reason to keep it — keep mortgage and insurance papers which are still current, but shred old paycheck stubs, deposit slips and such. (Ten years is how long the IRS keeps files active.)
  5. Go through the stuff you’ve kept (this will likely take all year): books, magazines, knicknacks, clothes, frozen food, etc. and decide if you really want or need this now? If not, donate, sell, or toss it. If you keep it, make sure it’s clean and has a spot to be put away neatly. If you try to donate or sell it and it doesn’t work (I’ve tried to donate things thrift shops wouldn’t take, I think most people have!) have a back up plan.

That’s it. This covers everything: furniture, art, clothes, health/beauty products, food, building materials.

If you need to be reminded of specific items to toss, cull, edit or whatever, there are a lot of lists out there. Seems simplier to me to use principles instead of specific lists. I’ve never found a list which fit me, so aren’t they a waste of time?

Hopefully, this list isn’t!

Happy New Year —



Yesterday & Today

I removed, culled, cleaned and replaced the room divider boxes for the dining room. I also worked a little on the front storm door and the two brown outdoor chairs and the cleaning plan.

I’m left with the part that has me overwhelmed today, the stuff piled up under the counter, on the floor below the counter where the room divider boxes sit. There is not only too much stuff in the room I’m clearing, but there’s NOWHERE to put the stuff I want to keep that’s cluttering up the space.

There are three categories of stuff that I know of still stashed in the dining room: the hand wash which my helper and I bagged up 2 weeks ago, craft supplies, and boxes of books.

The only inspiration I’ve had about the book boxes is to make a rough guess as to how many shelves the new large bookcase will have and its linear capacity. Then figure out many boxes of books that means I can keep. If I do that, then I can figure how many boxes of books I can keep, and how many to cull. I’ll be using my own technique for estimation, just doing it backwards, approx. liner footage = how many books I can keep. See (link) if you’ve forgotten what I’m referring to. Meanwhile, I keep moving the boxes of books  around, which is just nuts — and overwhelming.

Added info: The tomato boxes I prefer for hardcover/trade storage hold approx 1.5 linear feet of books per box. An egg box, my preference for mass market paperbacks, holds approx. 4.5 linear feet of books per box. (1:4o p.m.)

The other main category of “stuff” parked in the dining room is craft supplies. Hopefully, some of that congestion will start to be eased when I finally (yes really!) get to move things into the new booth — Thursday this week. Finally! Just heard from the woman who owns that shop, she wants me to hold off for 2 weeks,  pending her SBA loan. If she gets it; things go as planned. If not, then we’ll see. Pfui! (10:00 a.m.)

But the empty space the first cut at the great craft supply shift created has already been used up. The stuff was moved to the storage a week or two ago — so no joy for the dining room congestion, right now.

To get more room, I could take the new items and what I know is set aside and pack the car. That will relieve the congestion, for a moment or two in the house/dining room.

And I guess this is what I have to do today: estimate shelving, then figure quantity of books I can keep, by the box. Also pack the car with the craft supplies which are currently cluttering up the dining room and kitchen area to take to the storage tomorrow.

In between there, just to do something different, I’ll probably work some more at returning the laundry room to where it was and on the storm door.

Other news re decongestion of stuff: a family member is likely coming sometime this summer to get a dresser, the coffee table, and a few other odds & ends. The dresser will create space  in my office, which will be most welcome. If two people come, then we can probably get the table out of the kitchen to the antique store, [Done!] which will create a hole there as well. (That’s in the next part of the kitchen I need to tackle, after the dining room.)

The road goes ever on . . . .



Ratwheels Forever

Okay, okay all ready! Yes, I am READY to move on with my life.

But, but I’m weighed down by previous work obligations and all the stuff. I’d get a dumpster and have a “pitch it” party, but you might as well make a big target on my back , point and say,


This is what it feels like to be trapped in an Isben play, I guess.


I got here.

I don’t hurt.

I didn’t flashback with a major revelation.

I’ve waited for those two things to occur together for 58 or so years. And I’m bogged down with all the strings, ties, stuff: emotional and physical trash that I accumulated to deal with  the undiagnosed PTSD and abuse issues for most of a 1/2 century.

The mechanisms and stuff helped. It kept me safe. Now I’m not afraid to see what it could be like to live in a neat house, but I’m afraid of going too fast — because that’s always brought the issues up before, and I don’t know if it still will — but it always has, for 50+ years.

Will someone please just find the F’n switch for this stupid ratwheel I’m on and shut the stupid thing OFF already???

Bet: it won’t happen that way. I have to clean up my own mess. I have to keep fighting. I have to push on and on and on. Which, considering that I stayed alive at birth, as a preemie, when they expected me to die, means if you’re me, I’ve been fighting since my first breath. They expected me to die at the first suicide attempt, when I was 16, didn’t. I almost did the 2nd time I tried at 19, but I  didn’t. Had the motorcycle accident which could have left me brain dead or just dead, didn’t. On and on.

I’m alive. I don’t hurt. That took 58-9 years. Now what?

Well, “now what ” is that I have to deal with more backwash, more stuff, more things and mechanisms I had created so I could cope.

Part of me wants to PARTY! CELEBRATE!!! Find a new direction and go thataway!

But I have several 1,000 books to get rid of, first. I have a new way to live to learn, first. I have to learn new skills because the new me is more aware of my shortcomings than my old self (I was too busy hurting.)



And yes, I’m sick of this. I’m running out of energy and I can’t do anything but deal with the vestiges of my past, even though I’ve spent all this time/energy learning to cope with it.


This pity party stops here.

How I ‘ll fix this I have no idea, but I’ll find a way. I have to believe that or I will go mad. I’m just tired.





Changing My World, Again

The chair sold — hurrah! Today’s task when I get to it, is to empty the bookcase in the storage and take it to the antique store, for sale. Seeing a trend here? Or, I can take the small modern side tables — either way, something is going — today!

[I took one of the modern side tables, the “orphan.” It sold! 3/18 :-)]

Had an appt. today, it got canceled. So I have unexpected free time. I’ve filled this with doing some necessary yard work (Did the springy rake get put away somewhere mysterious — or did it get stolen? Possible I’m afraid.)

I have 3 writing projects midstream, one for my “day job,” one with a friend I’m writing an article with, and one for a friend who asked my help organize a history thing.

All have been sent to the other folks and are awaiting input — more unexpected time!

So, I’m off to the storage to get tables or bookcase to the antique store (Unfortunately, the spinner hasn’t sold, for $5. Given that, I’ll probably throw it in the back of the car and just take it to the dump Saturday. But I anticipate more pieces gone and quickly!

I’ve been working continually on our bedroom. I’m running out of places to stash the “I don’t know what to do with this” stuff. This is the part I dread. It isn’t getting rid of things, it’s trying to figure out which things to keep and where/how. Especially a challenge with a log house, no basement, no attic to speak of, no garage, no closets, etc.

I found another skein of the yarn I’d used for spring colors bath mats. My answer to that piece of clutter was what did last before bed yesterday: I added the yarn to the smaller mat. One less item floating around here and a  more useful mat (it was pretty small) — all good!  If I could just do something like about 2,000 times in a month, I’d be all set!

It’s nearly spring — I want my home to emerge from under all the STUFF!!!


Doing a Major Purge

Partly because I’m sick o’ all the stuff, and I have an opportunity to maybe donate a large qty of books, without having to ship them. The shipping problem has kept me from getting books to dealers in IN and VT because I just can’t make myself spend the $10+ a box to give away books, when I can just put them in a box for free in many places.

So, there will be a lot less books in my life next Monday, one way or the other. Huzzzah!

Also, for a change, I’m selling things at the antique shop. In the past 2 months I’ve sold a bookcase, a pair of end tables, and a magazine/display rack. They were $20 each, which apparently is the  price point where not otherwise great furniture just sells. The bookcase was in fine shape, but it was tiny. The end tables were particle board. The magazine rack was painted plywood and had some issues. They’re gone.

What’s in the booth now is a large COVO tin with a lid and handles. It’s more than $20, so I have no idea when we’ll sell it. The image was swiped from ebay. Mine is in better shape!

covo rin


Also we have a Mermite tin. These are used by folks for motorcycle side cases. (It sold, finally.) Again, mine is in much better condition and the pic came from ebay.

mermite container

But no furniture. I have the last spinner, a banker’s chair and then I’m not sure what else to get out of storage and to the booth. I have a few pieces to get out of storage and bring home as well. And our old dining room table needs to leave here and go to the antique store as well. I have a bookcase I’ll probably give away.

We are planning on painting redoing the hallway and bookcases,but not acquiring any new furniture this year otherwise, so things should get fairly empty — I hope! With luck, I’ll be able to paint the living room before June.

That’s what is going on with us. I’ve been under the weather the past few days with a gum infection. And I’ve been writing books off, which I find depressing, but necessary!

Hope everyone is enjoying our early spring!