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What’s New?!

I bought stuff Sunday and Monday.

SUNDAY: At the flea market I sold 2 shirts, an umbrella, two large saws. I bought 6 au gratin dishes. Took the extra 2 and left them at the storage — they’ll be put out for sale.

I got to a consignment shop and bought a dresser and a picnic basket.

  • The dresser is for the attic. The drawers are nicely proportioned for the size of the piece, and it’s slightly ratty, but not so much you’d cringe to own it. Why did I buy a dresser? Because I realized many of the “disorganized and in boxes” items are small pieces and I have nowhere to put them away.
  • The picnic basket is smaller and more complete than the one I had. I had started carrying one in the car in an effort to use unnecessary plastic and paper goods.

Got home, pulled the 4 au gratins I had, put them in the car, along with the bigger picnic basket.

MONDAY: I went to a shop where I consign things and bought stuff for the booth. I left the items I replaced (picnic basket & au gratins) as a consignment. The items I got for resale here were priced/ready to go that day. (They’ll go to the booth tomorrow.)

The roof/porch project, which was going to take 2 or 3 weeks? Well, it’s still in process, although they got the last of the roof panels up today. Hurrah!

Right now we have too many dressers, but that should change soon. The plan has always been to sell the double dresser (which I grew up with) and use the $ to help pay for the back roof. We have at least one other piece to sell too. The two pieces won’t pay for the roof/patio, but they’ll make a dent, and that’s good. Less debt, less stuff, and better living space doesn’t strike me as a bad deal!

This morning I worked on the other website and my cleaning plan while I was drinking my coffee and later, I cleared out the space in the attic where the dresser will go. Of course, several things came out of the attic which will be sold: a bookcase a bin of china/glass and there’s a few things which will go to the dump.

I haven’t finished cleaning the shed. I started cleaning the attic. I worked on the cleaning plan. I worked on both websites, as well as the day to day mundane stuff: cleaning toilets, dishes and laundry.

Life goes on!




My To Do List:

  • Discarded wood to the neighbor Done! 1:06 pm
  • about 3 more runs to the dump Did 2 6:23 pm
  • I’d like to move the larger stuff/splitting collection over to the new wood pile. NOT TODAY! 6:23 pm
  • I have to take out the viburnum next to the sun room and wanted the soil wet for that. We cut it back. Taking it out is likely more than I can do without maybe the help of 2 adult males! (They don’t need it taken out anyway. 9/11)
  • The rain will make taking out the remaining day lilies out front and on the north side easier too. Most of these are out, but not all. 12:29p (Job finished 9/10)
  • Panic clean the house NOT TODAY! 6:23 pm
  • Pear coffee cake Yummy, but too sweet!
  • Laundry (I’m seriously nearly out of clean clothes. I wonder why?) 1st load got put in when the coffee cake came out, forgot to note it 1:06
  • Maybe? take out the canary pine I hate NOT TODAY! 6:23 pm
  • New item: find my gloves and the timer I misplaced! Timer on the outside table. Gloves were in the bathroom. DH is a wonder!

We’ll see how well I do?

Not too badly, but not perfect. I can live with that! 6:23 pm