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Spring Cleaning

I am slowly, but surely going through the cabinets & drawers in the kitchen. So that I remember what I’ve done (and haven’t) as I’m doing this on an “as possible and I have time” basis, I’m putting labels inside each cabinet or drawer I clean with a note that I did it and the month/year.

I have no idea if this will work in terms of helping me keep things clean. I do something similar when I go through the dry stores and cull them. I put a label on the outside which is the contents and the date, but inside the lid I put a note which tells me when the canister was last cleaned. As some of my dry stores are kept for more than 1 year, it helps me to keep things clean. There’s so much stuff in this house and so many things to clean (shelves, cabinets, drawers, closets, etc.) that this is the only way I’ve found which doesn’t lean on the PTSD and I manage to get some sort of ordered cleaning done. I’ve been doing this off and on for the past year. We’ll see if I can sustain it!

I updated the post I wrote in December (January?) about house decorative items. I’d forgotten that I’d had a goal to reduce the decorative locations from 4 to 3. I’ve done that.

The front door now has my “spring/summer” straw hat on it. It’s a straw hat with fake silk flowers around it as a band. Does two things: it’s nice and spring-like and it’s handy when I’m going out into the garden. I replace the hat on the door when I’m done. No clutter in the house. Nothing extra to store. Works fine.

This post was started a few weeks ago, and I’m still whacking away at the cabinets, counters, drawers, etc. in the kitchen and elsewhere. I defrosted the freezer last week, for example. On the agenda this week is the “great refrigerator move.”

When our big fridge died last year, we moved a small fridge atop a corner cabinet and put it next to the stove. The big fridge was moved off to the side of the room so that it was out of our way and easily accessible for service people. It’s still there. Both of them need to be cleaned and put back into their previous home.

Today I go and talk to someone about new retail space. My problem with the old retail space is that the only consistent way I had to make money was to sell furniture and I don’t sell enough of that to make my overhead more than about 1/2 the time, which is unacceptable. The new shop is brighter (the new location of the antique store is cave-like) and I think suits me better. We’ll see!

The new plan may mean using the Hoosiers as sales fixtures for a while, which would be fine, as it would get them out of here and not in the storage. After the 2 Hoosiers, I have a double dresser/mirror and a wrought iron/marble table to sell, both high-end pieces. If the Hoosier currently in the antique store isn’t going to the new space, then I’ll haul it to the storage today and to the auction house next Tuesday.


What I Did, Yesterday

My long-term to do list contains this:

Hall: Replace smoke detector and add corner detail on doors (future). Sell the records, replace the cubes with the black table.

What I did was move the cubes and replace them with the black table. It looks great, enables pulling back the chairs from the hearth (so it doesn’t feel so cramped). I also used the library catalog as an additional end table between the club chairs. If/when I get the cubes out of the kitchen (and into the attic or sold) and the rest of the displaced stuff dealt with, this works much better.

In that sense, it’s like the coffee table switch I did last week. The new long, skinny, slatted coffee table is a much better fit for the area than what we had. But the old table is filling about 1/2 of the hallway and needs to be moved, rather desperately!

So, the next piece of the great furniture shuffle is to find a place to stash the coffee table and the cubes, pending getting rid of them, selling them, or whatever.

New and Old Plans


What I’ve done today 8/7/16:

Empty/remove the 3rd bookcase box. There are two more larger bookcase crates (came from the storage) in my car to be added to the house. (In the house 1:30 pm.) When the bookcase boxes are “put back” they’ll be added. It’s too easy to eliminate cases without replacing the storage I’ve found!

Last night I quit moving things when I realized that the living room had about  the right amount of “things” in it. . . after three days of moving boxes, furniture, and stuff out of there, to the kitchen or the storage.

One of the problems I’ve had is just this: how do I know when I’m done culling stuff? I guess the answer is “When it feels right.” All I can say is based on this, I have a LOT of culling yet to do!

My Plans for the rest of today 8/7/16:

Finish the bookcase box move, then prep the wallboard on that wall (living room side of the stairs 1 of 2). Then remove whatever else is on the interior parallel wall and do that. Should keep me busy for a little while, ‘eh?

Largest piece of the room side wall has been taped, cleaned and spackled. The last 2 bookcase boxes still sit in front of the other side of this wall, it is untaped, dirty and unspackled right now. 10:49am Done! 7:09pm.

I’ll edit this as I get things done to indicate where I am.

The piece below was one of my “drafts” here (I have 49 now.) I’ve deleted a few more and modded others to make them posts — part of the reason I’ve sometimes posted twice in one day. I’m putting this here because all I’m seeing right now is the mess in my kitchen, the pile o’ stuff, and the unfinished painting job in the living room. I need to give myself credit for persistence and yes, I AM, getting things done!

Desk/Office Ruminations Began 3/5/13:

I have 5 bookcases in my office from the old shop. One is entirely bead storage now, one is a mixed bag and contains all the little drawer sets. But that leaves three which have been a hodge-podge of mixed stuff and books. I have enough paper, metal, tools, supplies, etc. to fill all 5 bookcases.

The bead/button bookcase is pretty much set. If I can add the beading and related books\, it would be helpful. The case on the other side of the counter currently holds wrapping paper (and other roll papers), the little drawer sets, the templates, etc.

The three other cases, if organized, would go a LONG way towards making the office into a functioning work space.I have a lots of metal, cloth, and paper stuff. Most of the yardage & scrap fabric is in the drawers, so that what’s left are tools and of course the craft-related books. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of those too. I did this. It didn’t work all that well. The current plan is to find other ways to store the craft supplies and all FIVE of these bookcases wind up in the attic! 8/2016

The remaining furniture in my office is a black hole. That is, it’s the dresser that’s slated to be sold, but hasn’t been pulled out yet. In the hallway beyond, is the bookcase/desk that’s supposed to be my desk and replace the dresser. I suppose the next  step is to get the barrister’s bookcase into the new booth, or if not that, then get the dresser there instead? When we accomplish that, the the hallway gets unblocked, which would be a HUGE relief! No more balancing things in the hall, etc. Finished 8/2016


Busy Weekend: Windup

My SIL and her kids arrived this weekend. She arrived to help us haul furniture and to take some home she’d bought (with us as her agent) and been given by us. This process isn’t done, yet, but nearly!

We had to:

  • get the old dining table to the antique store
  • pick up the desk chair which was there
  • pick up the cabinet from the storage
  • bring it to the house

furniture move

All that is done. What I have left to do this morning:

  • Empty the dresser done 9:11 am. Get it out of my office 9:43 a.m
  • Get it into the kitchen 9:43am so SIL can take it home.
  • Finish tying off the ends to the rug for one of the kids, so they can take it home — 9 more ends to go. Finished Monday 8.1
  • If I have time, take the last hank of the yarn used in the rug and make a pillow cover out of it.

Of course, all of this also generates more chores:

  • Clean the cabinet which came here from the storage.
  • Clean the hole in the office where the dresser was.
  • Clean the attic where the cabinet will go.
  • Put the cabinet in the attic.
  • Now that the table is gone from up against that wall, measure the windows between the kitchen and sunroom, figure out where they’re going. Remove them and use them to replace two other windows. Fill in where the windows were, install the side lights we bought for the purpose, hang the zinc windows in front of them.
  • Eventually, clean out the other 1/2 of the attic, so the entire thing is tidy!
  • Go thru all the stuff which was pulled from my office and the hall to pull the dresser out.

And of course, the paint the living room project needs to continue and be finished. . . .

It’s so nice to have a lazy summer . . .


On the PTSD front, how am I doing? I woke up both Sat and Sun nights at 2 am, panicked. Went back to sleep. Had an anxiety bout on Saturday morning. But I’m okay otherwise. Not too bad, considering that I’ve had 3 other people in the house, the house is a disaster and my SIL Is OCD and we’ve been moving things around , purging, culling, getting rid of and putting things up for sale, for 2 days now. Not too bad!







Doing a Major Purge

Partly because I’m sick o’ all the stuff, and I have an opportunity to maybe donate a large qty of books, without having to ship them. The shipping problem has kept me from getting books to dealers in IN and VT because I just can’t make myself spend the $10+ a box to give away books, when I can just put them in a box for free in many places.

So, there will be a lot less books in my life next Monday, one way or the other. Huzzzah!

Also, for a change, I’m selling things at the antique shop. In the past 2 months I’ve sold a bookcase, a pair of end tables, and a magazine/display rack. They were $20 each, which apparently is the  price point where not otherwise great furniture just sells. The bookcase was in fine shape, but it was tiny. The end tables were particle board. The magazine rack was painted plywood and had some issues. They’re gone.

What’s in the booth now is a large COVO tin with a lid and handles. It’s more than $20, so I have no idea when we’ll sell it. The image was swiped from ebay. Mine is in better shape!

covo rin


Also we have a Mermite tin. These are used by folks for motorcycle side cases. (It sold, finally.) Again, mine is in much better condition and the pic came from ebay.

mermite container

But no furniture. I have the last spinner, a banker’s chair and then I’m not sure what else to get out of storage and to the booth. I have a few pieces to get out of storage and bring home as well. And our old dining room table needs to leave here and go to the antique store as well. I have a bookcase I’ll probably give away.

We are planning on painting redoing the hallway and bookcases,but not acquiring any new furniture this year otherwise, so things should get fairly empty — I hope! With luck, I’ll be able to paint the living room before June.

That’s what is going on with us. I’ve been under the weather the past few days with a gum infection. And I’ve been writing books off, which I find depressing, but necessary!

Hope everyone is enjoying our early spring!


Sleep on it?

We got a flat file,a large oak one, this past summer at auction. We’d been looking for one,  smaller than the one we had; but this one is BIGGER.

DH mended, sanded and shellacked it. He fixed its frame; it’s in the living room. There are two units one atop the other. We talked today about making it into the support under our bed. It’s almost exactly the right size, would utilize a dead space used only by the pets, stray books and dust bunnies at the moment, and doing so would give us a huge piece of real estate back in the living room/DH’s craft room. We’d have to buy a box spring and DH would have to change the framing. Weird? I suppose, but actually, I love the idea!

The living room didn’t get clean by thanksgiving alas, but it is cleaner. There’s less stuff in it, almost daily. The big push this weekend was a rack DH put up that stored a bunch of items which had been all over the house. So they’re not any more, they’re in one place, organized and tidy. Hurrah! The rack is in the living room, but it works, and until we can get the pieces made/built we’d planned or we change the plan, it will work WAY better than having these pieces scattered all over the house!

Happy holidays all!


Preventing the Mess?

We have confirmed that our bedroom is large enough to add the wall we’ve been thinking about.

I got a quote from a local lumberyard for materials for both  the living room bookcases as well as materials for the wall.

One persistent problem here is that I can’t put my books away. This means when I unpack a box, whether the books are mine or stock, I have no dedicated place(s) to put such things. The mod. we’re talking about will not only give us a place to put out of season clothes and a dedicated linen closet, but it will give us a wall for bookcases too. I’ll be able to put at least some of my books away, in a permanent home. Huzzah! That hasn’t happened, except with some craft books, for a long time.

There’s definitely fewer books and boxes here than previously. It used to be that a large chunk of the living room (> 1/2!) and a large part of the kitchen were taken up with boxes of books.

I’m doing things differently than I used to as well. Example: I went to a sale, bought 3 boxes of books. Pulled the few I wanted to keep/sell individually, then took the remaining books (still 3 boxes) to a colleague. He bought what he wanted. I made a small profit and donated the remaining books (2 boxes) — that afternoon. I think I kept 8 or 10? Previously, I would have kept at least 1/2 of them — not anymore!

We went to an auction last Sunday. I got the 3 pieces I wanted, (2 of which  are priced and up for sale already). We also got a large crate and a few other items. The crate is going to become the “out” box.

DH will make dividers for it. Things going to place A will go in one section, place B in another. The crate is heavy duty and lidded.  Items going away  can be sorted into it and the mess concealed — YEAH!

Now, things to “go away” become piles, by the front door and elsewhere. Hopefully, the crate will solve THAT problem and not be so inconvenient that I won’t use it. I’ve found much of the problem isn’t so much deciding to cull stuff as the fact that when I do, it just becomes a different mess. Hopefully, the crate will solve part of that problem.

The great wardrobe safari continues!

We’re looking for wardrobes/amoires. Found a wonderful one, but it would block almost all the light from the big window and block two corners of the room. Beautiful piece, reasonably priced for what it is, but way too big. Another, also really nice, is about 1/2 the price of the first, but still too pricey and too big. A few others, which probably would have fit the budget were just ugly. Another one or two were the right sort of size, too much money, or in lousy condition. We’re being fussy!

We’re entitled, it’s our house and money, right?

I ordered and received most of my seeds for this year’s veggie garden. Spring may eventually get here, although you can’t prove it right now — it’s snowing!