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Trying To Figure It Out

I want a way to track ingredients I’ve used up (a shopping list) and left over items going into the fridge or freezer. I’ve been fiddling with this for some time and haven’t quite gotten where I want it.

But while working on it, I came up with today’s menu. (Sunday is the only day we eat a formal breakfast.)

Breakfast: blueberry pancakes, which were supposed to use up the remaining container of blueberries (bought 2 yesterday).  We usually have pancakes, but nothing so high as blueberry pancakes, but we had the berries and they needed to be used. . . .  It used most of them, but not quite all. They’re out on the counter being eaten as hand food, and that should take care of the remainder.

Lunch: LO fried chicken in a chicken salad for lunch sandwiches, and the 3 pieces of lemon pepper chicken will be added to the freezer. I cooked 2 lbs of chicken during the week, 3 pieces as fried chicken and 3 more as lemon pepper chicken. The plain fried chicken I set aside the biggest of the 3 pieces so that I could use the meat for both of us.

Dinner: LO shepherd’s pie for dinner, with the remaining baby greens, sauteed. The pie was bought yesterday and we had 1/2 of it for dinner.

This will completely empty my LO shelf, which is the idea. My goal is to do that once weekly! But how do I make a system which will give me what I’m looking for? I don’t exactly know. Both of us think a spread sheet might help. It might, but it might not. And it won’t help at all if I don’t have some clarity about exactly WHAT I want to track. If I know that, then the rest is easy. But I’m still not exactly clear about how much info, for what period of time, or how I want it represented! That makes it difficult.

Of the forms I found online, this looks to be the most comprehesive and attractive, to me. Link



Okay, the week has gotten to me. The “it’s never going to be done”paint job is getting to me. My work situation has become more complicated, in the way that my colleague complicates things, again. And I’m weary of the apparently never-ending, never finished overwhelming things which need to be done.

And we added one: our 2nd batch of wood was delivered this a.m. Certainly, it beats freezing this winter, but we hadn’t, because it has been so hot and sticky, dealt with the 1st cord, mostly. Now we have a 2nd to deal with — and we need at least one more, 2 by preference and there will be nowhere to put those until we deal with these.

Re the fridge? We went shopping again yesterday and codified our planning. The tech was here yesterday, talked to KA about the fridge and they’re shipping him a part. (This is identical to what happened with the 1st fridge btw.) Assuming he can recharge the system, then it should work. But whether it will work for 3 days or 3 years is unknown. So. . . our short term plan is to use the small fridge we have, buy another big cooler (just in case) and hope for the best. The midrange plan is that AFTER the new roof goes on, next month, we start saving for a new convertible fridge/freezer. We plug it in as a freezer and sell the smaller commercial freezer. If the fridge continues to work? Great. If not, we convert the dedicated fridge/freezer to a fridge and probably go buy another freezer or maybe another convertible. Dedicated freezers are a lot cheaper than fridges. A convertible fridge/freezer although the insulation and compressor have to be beefed up are basically much simpler than the (fragile?) high-tech fridges. Hopefully this means they’ll work for 10 years at least instead of 4 or 5.

The interior staircase wall I worked on yesterday is gorgeous by comparison to when I started, it is no longer filthy, and marked with various wear.

I have 2 tasks today. 1) Clear the section of the kitchen where we plan to move the fridge. 2) Start moving things away from the other side of that wall, the kitchen wall, so I can clean and spackle it. It’s the only piece of the living room’s walls which haven’t been done!

And of course, there’s laundry and dishes and various horizontal surfaces to clear: kitchen counters and the dining room table being the most urgent. The dishes, laundry, counters and table are the things which almost always need work, sigh.


The fridge saga continues….

The fact that it still won’t keep the freezer below 70 degrees means that there’s still a leak that needs to be found. There isn’t enough tubing to attach/detach the tool that does that, so the tech we had said, “This is up to the manufacturer,” wrote it up and left last time.

The tech’s company called the end of last week to see if we’d heard from the manufacturer? No. The boss there said he’d call them and apparently did. (Best service we’ve had during this whole saga is from the repair company, not the manufacturer or the retail store where we bought the thing.)

Today DH got a call from the manufacturer’s rep. DH explained that we were disappointed to buy a machine that worked for only 2 months, we were disappointed that the parts had originally had to be back ordered, then sent to Alaska, AND we were disappointed by the manufacturer’s customer service in general, people saying they’d call us back, and not–as well as all of the other complaints (back orders, miss-shipments, etc.)

So the manufacturer’s rep said she was sorry (Of course she did!) and said she’d have someone call and set up another appt.

Well, they did. Except the poor guy that called had no idea wtf had happened previously, and the problem we’ve apparently got is something he doesn’t work on either (the sealed system). He’s going to call the manufacturer and see if he couldn’t get a more complete story.

Well, he did, and the manufacturer is calling yet another repair company. We’ll see if this works out any better I guess.

And there you have it. The circle of people who’re involved with this has now widened to include the 2nd repair company and potentially a 3rd, but we still have a $2,000 boat anchor sitting in the middle of our kitchen, and a much smaller, noisier fridge we’re using “on loan.” The 3rd company didn’t know anything about the history either and were going to call the manufacturer and maybe the 1st repair company. WTF!

Progress? Well no, I wouldn’t exactly call it that, would you?

Fridge gets fixed (we hope!) today :D

and that can mean a marathon cooking session. I stopped at the co-op on the way home and picked up some bulk stuff.

But again, where the hoarding/cooking intersect? The kitchen has to be cleaned and the area around “our” fridge needs to be cleared so that the guy can fix it!  Hopefully, that won’t be too hard. What he has to do is apparently extensive, but with luck it’ll go smoothly.

Anyone out there make gluten wheat/meat? I’ve done it once, it was okay, but it was a total pain to make. I have a new (to me) cookbook that talks about using gluten a lot and I thought I’d try it again.


Today’s tentative dinner menu: wheat/meat (something) and roasted pepper soup (if the peppers are still here and edible; I’ve been gone for a few days, we’ll see!)