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We sold a bunch o’ stuff and donated a bunch more. My biggest frustration is that I either 1)donated the accounting with the things we donated or 2)put it into the storage unit with the items we returned there. At any rate, it isn’t in the cars. Fortunately, I DO know exactly what I took in money-wise, as I was doing a running tally with every sold item. I had $x until just before we packed and I thought that was it, and sold another item for $5 last thing. The money checked out the way it should (start cash + sales = expected $) and I would have been very surprised if it hadn’t.

But it’s annoying in the extreme that I don’t have the actual tally. I can only recreate about 1/3 of it out of my head, what sold and for what, and I’ve done that. Hopefully the stupid piece of paper is in the storage and I’ll find it tomorrow. Otherwise I have the partial tally and I’ll have to put something like (unknown qty/items) sold for $xx.xx in my accounting, and I really don’t want to do that.

The flea market was a success, both in terms of selling things and doing a major cull o’ stuff.

receipt book

Obviously, however, I have some work to do yet on actually getting organized. Or, more accurately, getting organized for not in a store event. I will probably just go buy another receipt book as that always worked before. It isn’t records I have a problem with, it’s when they’re on odd sheets of paper. I’ll fix it.


Busy, busy

Today. Frankly, I took yesterday and the day before “off.” I’ve been working so hard, for weeks now to finish getting out of the old storage that I just needed a break. I’ve been doing maintenance cleaning and whatever culling was quick & easy & in front of me, but that’s it. So, I’ve purged a few books, a couple of magazines, decided to sell a few things, etc. but no concentrated efforts.

flea market

Tomorrow is the flea market and I have a day full of prep. to do for that. Pull the tables and merchandise from the storage. Get money from the bank, etc. The plan is that I’ll go early and 90% of the unsold merchandise will be donated, like after the April flea market. This flea is a regular thing. Next weekend, I’ll do the same. And again and again.

Hopefully this will clear enough stuff to empty the attic and then close the storage for good, but that may be unrealistic. That’s one of my goals for the summer.

We’re getting our back roof replaced and a covered patio at the same time, so all will be chaos here for a while — another reason I need to quickly get rid of a large slug o’ stuff.


Tomorrow Was Indeed

better, although I’m still pretty discouraged. The antique store WILL take furniture again and the money issue I had with them has been resolved too — all good.



The shop where I had craft supplies for sale is undergoing a huge change of methodology, so I’ve pulled all my stuff. That will be the basis of my inventory for the flea market, next week. This makes things much easier, as I didn’t really have items pulled for a flea market. Had some but not enough.

I need to get to the antique store today, move in the Hoosier, pull the oldest things  and rearrange the space. I have new merchandise to catalog and put in too. I have a lot of stuff to do with a lot of “stuff.”

In the ongoing book purge, we took 4 books to a donation bin last night while we were running errands. That is still ongoing, daily. It may never be enough, but. . . .


Made the Jan-Feb Goal Today

That’s 338 pieces. I talked about that here. I’m at 370.

Hopefully, I can get rid of a lot more before month’s end. By contrast to the paperwork purge going on here, the things at the antique store are just sitting, as of 2/9 I hadn’t sold a single thing this month.

I’ve signed up for the one-day flea market I’ve done in the past. Was unsure about it this year, not sure people will want to spend the money; not sure I’d have anything for sale (We have 1 small box set aside for the next flea market. In years past, whatever hadn’t sold pretty much wound up in the “flea market” category.) After a flea market, I usually donate whatever doesn’t sell. If I can’t sell it for $5 or $1 or whatever it’s not likely that I’ll sell it, period. But I’ve changed things this year. Most of the pieces I pull from the booth because they haven’t sold get donated out of the car, instead of being brought home and becoming flea market fodder. Accordingly, I have a lot less merchandise.

Didn’t find  a lot more merchandise in the attic. Whatever is there is hidden right now by the unorganized stuff. One category I noticed that I almost certainly will take is sf digest magazines. I have lots. There was a guy for a while selling at the flea market who thought they were valuable, really valuable. Funny. I bought a book from him he thought wasn’t worth much and sold it for $400! [Ignorance is bliss I guess.]

Anyway, I do have boxes of magazines I can sell. I’ll have to start pulling them together in one place. Some are in the attic, some in the kitchen, and there’s a bunch in the storage too. I also have a chunk of USDA annuals. I bought a store’s inventory of these when they went out of business. I only need 1 copy of each year. Most of them don’t have color plates or anything really interesting, so they’re not worth much, mostly. There’s the bookcase they’re on in the storage, and that can be sold as well.

Also in the dump bin and not counted otherwise, 2 skeins of yarn. Forgot about that!