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Rugs Will Arrive

sometime next week. Huzzah! 3/13 update: They were supposed to arrive today, but didn’t because of the blizzard, sigh. No new due date, so they will arrive, “sometime.” They arrived 3/14. They look great! I’ll take a pic sometime, I promise.

Of course, this means that I’m slowly getting the stuff outta the living room, so I have a clear spot to put them. Not where they will end up eventually, I need to move furniture around for that, but where they will go this winter.

One pile o’ stuff which needs to move/be used is all the tarn I made. Decided I’d make mats from it. Hopefully, I’ll sell them at the booth or flea market. Hopefully. (I started these today.)

In looking at things lying around, I found a bag of graphics I’d intended to sell. Most of what I looked at today were maps from an 1909 Baedeker guide. Some of them are charming. The bigger ones need to go to the framer and get mats/good sleeves to help sell them, unfolded. I tried selling them with the folds and the mats/sleeves I had and no luck.

That reminds me, the last piece I had rematted to help sell it is in the living room too. It simply needs to be mailed…. I have other books to do this with: the prints from a book of the birds of NY (I bought just the prints and cover, years ago) and a book of the wildflowers of CA, there’s a Jessie Wilcox Smith fairy tale book too I think. I really need a good bin for paper goods and don’t have one, sigh. This is what happens when you sell books as long as I did. Some come into your hands, not salable, they’re falling apart. If there’s enough color illustrations, sometimes you can sell them — sometimes. I hate tearing books apart, but when the thing is held together by the gauze which used to be glued onto the spine and there’s little else holding the poor thing together, it’s almost never worth the $100+ and a year’s wait (or more) to get it rebound. I’d rather sell the prints and hope they’re valued as they should be!

Anyway, the larger maps from the 1909 guide are set aside to go to the framer. I should pull the framed art work which was rematted and wrap it for shipping too. I could put it in the mail tomorrow.

Rugs are scheduled to arrive Tuesday this week. Yay!!!



More Stuff to Get Rid of

Worked on the attic some a few days ago. Pulled some paper out for the paper bin (wood stove fodder), some drawer units for the fridge, and cleared a space to get the now-empty trunk out of the attic and the other black one in. I didn’t accomplish that, but did work towards that goal. The idea is that I want to take the trunk coming out of the attic to the antique store some time very soon.

8:33 p.m.: The trunk which will be sold is out of the attic. Hurrah!

I should be able to do that, tomorrow I hope.

I am running out of things to sell. Well, I’m not, but I’ve gone thru the easy stuff that’s been “on top” mostly. The things have sold, been donated, put in the booth, or they’re still here/in storage. But I’ve gotten rid of so many things lately that the collection is greatly diminished.

It’s time to start digging into the assorted boxes o’ stuff. I grabbed a box of paperbacks ( I have no idea what’s in it) from the storage today when I went to fetch the fixtures and stuff to sell. Tonight, when it gets a bit cooler (it’s 80 degrees now) I’ll get into the attic to see what I can find to cull/take to the flea market tomorrow.

The one thing I know needs culling is china. I have “good” china and extras of my daily stuff. The daily stuff is dinerware, mix and match. The good stuff is German china which was my mother’s. I probably should send it to auction, it’s mid-century modern, high-end stuff, collectible, and I never use it. But. . . . I haven’t gotten there, yet. However, I know I have too much, so I need to cull the collection, no matter what, even if I don’t get rid of Mom’s china. There’s just too much of it.

Beyond that I’m not sure what’s in the attic any more. There’s  a lot of books, naturally, and some smaller furniture, but I’m not really sure after that.