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One more thing: Here’s the new bead storage

Here’s a pic of the new pop crate, stuffed FULL of the small boxes & bottles I use to store beads. If I can find just one more of these, I’ll be able to store all the beads in an organized neat fashion.

The first pop crate was one of those “just fit” things. I bought it, had no idea WHY I bought it. When we started working on the office, I had various bead containers around. Some from projects I’d worked on in the office, others that had been dumped there from other projeccts. I had about 20 of those, looked around for a place to get them out of the way where I wouldn’t have 15,064 beads all over the floor if I had to move them, again, and


there was the pop crate. I loaded it up and it took everything and was about 1/3 full. “FILL IT!” my inner organizer cried. (You know the rest of this story already. Or, if you don’t? See the post about the beads and a SPACE BUDGET earlier this month.)