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The Great Email Purge

As of right now, I have 1,300 1,4xx emails in my “trash.”

8/7/19 11:27 a.m., 6xx 8/23/19

I’ve decided that I need more exacting goals if I’m ever going to get to the lean and mean lifestyle I want.

So, that means that the average number of emails in my trash needs to be at least 2,000. This is a challenge I’m setting myself.

8/7/19 9:05 a.m. 

This post was written in Word and then cut/pasted into WordPress, because I couldn’t get the &*(&*( block editor to act correctly. That’s also the reason there are no categories or tags for this post. If/when I figure that out, I’ll add them, later.

The World is Different Than I Thought!

The email list was so low because I hadn’t realized that the number was just one mail box, and I have several in the same email account. So, an adjusted quantity — instead of whatever I said, I had 77, 120 unread emails when I wrote the last post. (It’s about 72,000 now.)

I just wanted folks to know. I didn’t deliberately lie, but I thought the number shown was the only number. It used to be that my email showed me the total, but they don’t now. Now I have to add 4 numbers to get the total.

Other thing: the freezer got delayed, so I have longer to work on the kitchen.

So things are different than I thought about the emails and delivery date. . . .