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New target June 12

2013 target smaller Jun 12 copy copyMost of this came about because I found a file box that was FULL of a consignment, gaming modules a friend & I put on ebay. These were the ones that didn’t sell. I returned them and the file box they came in to the owner — and that was 66 game books, a file box and 4 magazines, 71 pieces total! 😀

Okay, I’m going to try and get back in gear here

somehow I’ve lost my desire/need to count everything!

DH tossed 8 pcs of clothing today which is good. I’ve spent most of today running errands. A neighbor delivered some compost, so I put part of it on the garden. Got to get the rest of it out, soon, or we’ll have a well fertilized driveway!

I figured out how I was going to track the inventory for the flea market next Saturday, but still have to do the work. Cleared off another shelf on the bookcase which needs to move before the 6 smaller ones can be put up.

I may rent a sprayer and just spray paint all 6 bookcases? I have 2 dressers I want to paint and all the shelves in the pantry too. I want white, plain old white on all of these. Given that I have 6 bookcases, 2 dressers w/4 drawers ea+3 large shelves+4 large shelves to paint, essentially all the same color and with the same paint, renting a sprayer seems like it would make sense. I don’t know where I’d rent one, Home Depot? Lowe’s? I’ll have to check.

I’ve also been looking at ideas for painting the stairs. But that paint would be different. It needs to be porch paint or something more rugged that regular paint. I could just put the bookcases, in their MDF glory, up on the the wall,but I really don’t want to. That’s part of my old thinking and part of the reason the house stays nasty. I do the easy thing, not make it something I like, and just live with it. Ug. I’m *not* doing that anymore. But the bookcases are filling what had been the cleared spot in the living room. I want that cleared. I want the books I’m keeping to have a home, a place they go. It will help make this my home.

I’m figuring on taking about 4-6 boxes of hardcovers and large paperbacks, about 100 books,and maybe as many as 6 boxes of paperbacks, about 300 books. The goal is to bring NONE of them home, so I’ll be doing riduclous pricing like $1 ea, 3/$2 or 10+ for .30 ea, for the paperbacks. If I can get people to spring for .30 a paperback, it’s still .05 more than I’m getting wholesale when i sell them by the box lot.

Hardcovers I was going to double that, $2 for one,  3/$3 or 10+ .75 each

So I may not write another blog until next Sunday. I’m going to be one busy chicky in the meantime getting all this stuff ready to go!

Have a great week everyone —


Tally Reconcilliation Attempt

This is not accurate as I said, but it’s the best I can do right now. The only thing I know that I’m missing is the seed packets I bought and how many I used. I’ll add that to the next tally, before the month end. This is a redo of the entire month and what I hadn’t noted until today.

4/1/13-4/28/13 Combined Tally (woefully incomplete, but it’s what I’ve got!)


To trash: 32 books, etc. 45 books, 1 jack, 1 bookcase, 1 innertube, 1 pillow
To dump (swap shop) 9+4 plastic hangers, 4 books,  1 plate, 8 candle cups,
13 books, large twig pile, 1 hanger,4 books,
Donated 21 books in book donation bin, 8 books at flea market, 27 books in market book bin, 3 books to library, 85 books to book donation bin 144
To family/friends: box of paper 1
Clean/purging goal:
Reveal: entry, vegetable garden 2
Used: door, fireman’s pole, cat shelf, 6 pcs hardware to mount pole,
1 bookcase, 2 canisters 12

To landing pad: (not counted til used, tossed or “put away”)

Returned: 1 book 1
Found new home/put away:
Sold: 9 items not counted in March tallies, 49 items at flea market, 58
desk, chair, 2 computers w/2 keboards, 1 rug, 22 books 29
100 books cataloged 3
Moved from LANDING PAD: 1 chair into booth
Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
vase filler 1

paperchase 143

Stuff designated to sell/reuse/donate/give away (not counted til gone)

Bought 6 pcs hardware, clamp, 1 refrigerator storage, 2 candle cups, 1 bookcase, 6 canisters,1 pillow, 3 pcs lace, 1 robe, 1 shirt, 1 pantsuit, 2 pr socks, 29

Got free: box of paper, 2 building vents, 4 jacks 7

29+7= 36+100=136 (for fairness sake I really don’t know!)


I also need to add the seeds purchased 4? 6 packets? and used 6? 10? Have to count!

The old figure below is that of 3/31/13.

  • old 9188 76.0% remaining 2890 items out
  • new 8803 72.9% remaining 3275 items out

Feb. Numbers Met — New Target!

I couldn’t get the target modified when I tried last time, which is why I hadn’t done this earlier. Anyway, I’ve now met February’s goals, so this is the altered target for that.

I’ll post a new tally sometime tonight or tomorrow!

2013 target smaller Mar 17

250+ in One Swell Foop!

I didn’t get to the numbers last night. We had various & sundry things going on and it just didn’t get done. I did count the books this morning however. In addition to the 94 in the first stack of boxes, there’s 84 in the second and 101 in the third stacks. That’s 279 items put away. I had counted 1 box of books put away, so deduct that, or 278.

Which, all by itself makes up one of the target sections. Unfortunately, this is one of those times when photoshop & I are locked in mortal combat, and the software almost always wins, so I haven’t got a new target, right now.

There’s at least one more emptied deep crate available, I know where there’s a 2nd the same size. Then I just need to find another of the shallower crates which I’m using as a topper and I’ll be able to make a third section of the temporary bookcases in the living room.

That’s will be an entire wall of storage: bookcase crates, storage bins, and the plastic crates holding records. Of course there’s still 1000s of books, papers, etc. to be dealt with, but I’ll take the 280+ books that are now up/out of the way . . .  I’m amazed that I forgot to count them!

Almost There!

Since this year my target is 12, 078 items out and there’s 12 months in the year, obviously I need to get rid of approx. 1,000 items a month (1007 to be exact). Right now, I’ve got 900+ items out (1/28). So today I’ve earned the 3rd target section for the month. Getting that last 100 and some odd in the next 4 days shouldn’t be a problem!

2013 target smaller Jan 28

First Tally for December

will be posted below and then moved to the tally page. Despite the fact that we’re cleaning & culling daily, the numbers are still really small, or fairly small anyway.

In the first 5 days of this month, I’ve managed this:


To trash: old toilet, shower hose, 1 mug, bag of rags, plunger, cleaner bottle 6
2 toilet brushes, “moonsuit”, needle threader, 1 turtleneck, oil bottle, 6 rags 12
sponge, slide box, 2 owner’s manuals, 2 spice bottles, broken ruler, 7
space filler for between appliance & counter 1

To dump (swap shop): 1 book, 6 rolls chair webbing, 7
dishwasher rinse aid, 6 napkins, pizza cutter, trivet, peg rack 10
3 spice bottles (new), fan, phone headset 5

To family/friends: 1 bottle advil 1
Used: new toilet, last of box of disposable gloves, 5 hooks, wooden crate 7
3 peg racks, labels, 2 tubes of silicon caulk, 3 skewers (to support caulk) 8
Cleaned/Put away: bread basket 1
Donated 1 bag 5 pcs packing paper, 1 table cloth with matching 8 napkins 15
8 placemats, 10 napkins 18
Reveals: wall & floor of bathroom where old toilet was, stove drawer 3
wall behind stove, floor under stove, counter edges next to stove 4

To landing pad: 3 pairs black pants, 1 shirt, 12 napkins (not counted til used
tossed or they are “put away”)

Returned: drop cloth, extra hose 2
Found new home/put away: 4 baskets, 1 tablecloth 5
Sold: 1 lamp, 2 books, box of candles, 1 magazine 5
Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
1 linen, 1 pantry 2

paperchase 8

26+22+57+14+8= 127

Stuff designated to sell/reuse/donate/give away (not counted til sold)
9 pcs nipponware, dividers, 4 kitchen tools

new toilet, bundle of rags, box of disposable gloves, 1 book, camera, screwdriver

old 1709 17.0% remaining 8351 items out
new 1588 15.8% remaining 8472 items out

It appears I’ll make the next target section in the next day or so. That leaves me 6 to go and the “extra” 60. In 26 days?