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Craft Supplies: What to Use or Cull?

I have too many craft supplies, of course. I need to either use the stuff up, sell, toss or otherwise cull this collection down A LOT.

I have been trying to think what I have to do/get rid of/cull next? And I don’t know. I have fabric at a seamstress currently to turn into \ throws. I don’t need more, those will do us year round, with the one my MIL made.

So, then what? I have pillow forms, fabric, beads, yarn, basketry material, and paper crafting supplies.

The obvious thing to use some of that up would be to do the knit the pillow covers project. The not so obvious thing is whether I have yarn in the right sort of colors/textures for the living room. That I do NOT know, I’ll have to look.

After that project and making myself a new hat. (Remember this? I decided to make myself another hat.) I have no idea how much yarn I’ll have left, how many pillow forms I’ll still, and what to do with what I DO?

I also have no ideas about the rest of it. I need to work harder to find projects or just decide to get rid of the stuff, in quantity!

Okay I sorted. I have enough, with an additional skien or two, to make pillow covers. One or maybe two? We’ll see. I also seem to have enough to make another hat. After that? I have a bin full of yarn, most of it with no particular use in mind. The one exception is the rug which was being knit/crotched for the bathroom, the one that takes about an hour to get 1/4 of the way around and 1/4″ thick  per row. In other words? To make that rug takes a LARGE amount of time/effort, which is why it got dropped to begin with. I either need to ‘fess up and admit I won’t ever finish it OR I need to actually finish it. Storing the tools and supplies and 1/2 finished rug just is dumb!

Nearly Done

with the taxes, or as much of it as I need to do actual work (not just getting data from the town, bills, or the checking account say). And I realized that I need a project. . . something fun, creative, and that will engage me for a few days, at least.

Not knitting. This feels like a paper, paint, markers, printer sort of thing.

What? I don’t know. I have the 1/2 finished bullet journal plan — that would be good. I had finally gotten to the “admission” that I wasn’t going to get what I wanted on my own. I need to pay someone to do the final art work. I know what I want, but I just don’t have the skills to make the pieces to my satisfaction.

Being able to actually use the bullet journal, rather than planning the planner, journal, diary, and calendar would be very helpful.

I have the stalled fabric rug to work on. (Not paper, that’s out.)

If I’m going to work with paper, I need the counter in my office clean and cleared. One reason the bullet journal is in the state it is? I have nowhere to easily lay out the pages. It would be most helpful to be able to use the counter I already have.


(No, this isn’t my office, but it could be! Mine is just as full of stuff and equipment and cluttered. This image, like most of them in this blog, is from images.google.com . )

Cleaning up my office will take a week, minimum. It has been a “dumping ground” for too long. Its bookcases are slated to be moved to the attic this spring, and the counter and drawer units moved in the room, so we might be able to get a guest bed in there?

I think this is a really good idea. The living room/kitchen project is stalled until DH finishes the window/shelf unit thing. But that’s stalled because there’s a piece of furniture which needs to be put up for sale/removed first. That’s stalled because the antique store is moving the middle of March, and I already have a piece of furniture for sale there (you get to sell 1 at a time.) Soooo. . . .

Working on my office as a “next step” makes sense. Sigh. It’s always been one of the coldest rooms of the house and it’s February, right? I can’t leave the door open because the small cat thinks pushing things off of shelves/counters is fun. (She’s broken several things in my office already, so she is NOT allowed in there!) Sigh.

On the other hand, if I start this and interleave it between the remaining accounting/tax gather, I will not have to spend hours in a cold room without end. I can use short pieces of time and then go back to the paperwork — and get both done.

When I get the counter cleared, I can write up/show (I hope?) what I want to the graphics art person. It’s a plan!

I get one more cuppa coffee today. I’m off to get it and then start to plot out what has to happen in my office, first.



Is This Ever Done?

The house is a disaster. I’m missing my new, very expensive glasses. (Found 7:25pm) I need to do another stint in the attic before I can bring in the next cabinet, tonight. Also, bring up cabinet. Done! 9:45pm. (DH needs to cut 2 x 4s for underneath, but that’s it!) Done 7/23! You should have seen me, windmilling a 3′ wide cabinet up the 3′ wide stairs. I tried pulling — didn’t work. Was going to lift it one step at a time? Nope. Eventually, did 4 end-over-end windmills up the stairs. Had tied the doors shut. This required removing everything from the stairs, so the stairs are cleared and cleaned too.  (Also cleaned the section of the attic where the cabinet went, and the unsuccessful stair-step bookcase prototype is in the dump pile.)

Dinner is prefab Mexican Lasagna, again. I bought limes to make the other 1/2 the melon into more watermelon limeade. But. . . the living room painting hasn’t progressed. The lack of finished anything around here is getting to me. Except I did finish things today, but they were all in closets or not here, so I can’t see them.

Okay, here’s what did get FINISHED today:

  • The first batch of craft supplies was delivered and is out for sale.
  • The chair, the fabric which is ready (some of it isn’t) and the masking paper have been delivered to where the reupholstery project will get done.
  • The freezer cleaning was finished.
  • The fridge cleaning was finished.
  • The pantry cleaning was finished, and the shelves which hadn’t been culled have been.

The last 3 are the “closets.” I should feel like I’m getting somewhere, right? Nope it’s still a F’n mess.

I just realized I took my camera this morning and I’m not sure where THAT is either — Ack! Camera is definitely missing. Great. [Found 7/22, it had slipped under something in the car so I didn’t see it.]


Yesterday & Today

I removed, culled, cleaned and replaced the room divider boxes for the dining room. I also worked a little on the front storm door and the two brown outdoor chairs and the cleaning plan.

I’m left with the part that has me overwhelmed today, the stuff piled up under the counter, on the floor below the counter where the room divider boxes sit. There is not only too much stuff in the room I’m clearing, but there’s NOWHERE to put the stuff I want to keep that’s cluttering up the space.

There are three categories of stuff that I know of still stashed in the dining room: the hand wash which my helper and I bagged up 2 weeks ago, craft supplies, and boxes of books.

The only inspiration I’ve had about the book boxes is to make a rough guess as to how many shelves the new large bookcase will have and its linear capacity. Then figure out many boxes of books that means I can keep. If I do that, then I can figure how many boxes of books I can keep, and how many to cull. I’ll be using my own technique for estimation, just doing it backwards, approx. liner footage = how many books I can keep. See (link) if you’ve forgotten what I’m referring to. Meanwhile, I keep moving the boxes of books  around, which is just nuts — and overwhelming.

Added info: The tomato boxes I prefer for hardcover/trade storage hold approx 1.5 linear feet of books per box. An egg box, my preference for mass market paperbacks, holds approx. 4.5 linear feet of books per box. (1:4o p.m.)

The other main category of “stuff” parked in the dining room is craft supplies. Hopefully, some of that congestion will start to be eased when I finally (yes really!) get to move things into the new booth — Thursday this week. Finally! Just heard from the woman who owns that shop, she wants me to hold off for 2 weeks,  pending her SBA loan. If she gets it; things go as planned. If not, then we’ll see. Pfui! (10:00 a.m.)

But the empty space the first cut at the great craft supply shift created has already been used up. The stuff was moved to the storage a week or two ago — so no joy for the dining room congestion, right now.

To get more room, I could take the new items and what I know is set aside and pack the car. That will relieve the congestion, for a moment or two in the house/dining room.

And I guess this is what I have to do today: estimate shelving, then figure quantity of books I can keep, by the box. Also pack the car with the craft supplies which are currently cluttering up the dining room and kitchen area to take to the storage tomorrow.

In between there, just to do something different, I’ll probably work some more at returning the laundry room to where it was and on the storm door.

Other news re decongestion of stuff: a family member is likely coming sometime this summer to get a dresser, the coffee table, and a few other odds & ends. The dresser will create space  in my office, which will be most welcome. If two people come, then we can probably get the table out of the kitchen to the antique store, [Done!] which will create a hole there as well. (That’s in the next part of the kitchen I need to tackle, after the dining room.)

The road goes ever on . . . .



Craft supplies, crashes, purges, and what all

I spent almost all day today working on my office. I’ve decided that if I can just empty the books outta there that were put there “temporarily” (They’re to be sold.) I might be able to get most of the craft supplies organized and put away – – maybe.

But with the boxes of books and the shelves full of books for sale in there, forget it!

On the other hand, I have too many craft supplies too. It’s really hard to put everything away, even if I have a spot for it and a storage container. I’ve emptied enough containers now that I have a small shelf of empty ones AND I’ve started tossing those that are torn, not complete, etc. I have a shelf full of containers that aren’t the right size/type, but the office’s organization is getting better.

I have a few goals for this effort: 1) Put up the cast iron wheels (well 2 of the 3) and store the project bags and embroidery thread on them. 2)Get the craft supplies organized/culled enough that I can actually find what I want when I want it. (What an idea ‘eh?) and 3)Get the images, books, etc. that were “going away” gone!

I’d say you might not be able to tell I’ve been working on my office, but that really isn’t true. About 1/2 of my counter is cleared, which hasn’t happened in a good long time! Yes there are still piles of  “stuff” around the counter, the boxes of books that are stacked under the counter are still there, and the bookcase boxes are still full of books to be sold. But it’s progress! Give me a week — let’s see where I am then?

Tomorrow won’t be a super cleaning day, at least not here. I’ve got a doctor’s appt. in the morning and intend to work on the storage move after that.

I was gone at a show this weekend. I thought about taking books to put on a “freebie” table (they always have one) but I was afraid that I’d make the dealers mad if I did? Alas, there were books out on a freebie table ALL weekend. I could have put out 100 or more and no one would have cared. I’ll remember that next year, although I hope I don’t have any excess books next year!

I also finally put the ad in craig’s list for the sale at the old antique store. Let’s hope that a few people see it and buy 20 or more books so they’ll get ’em 1/2 off. Let’s hope! I have about 40 more ready to go. I’ll fill the box (around 60) and then take it down there on Weds.