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New and Old Plans


What I’ve done today 8/7/16:

Empty/remove the 3rd bookcase box. There are two more larger bookcase crates (came from the storage) in my car to be added to the house. (In the house 1:30 pm.) When the bookcase boxes are “put back” they’ll be added. It’s too easy to eliminate cases without replacing the storage I’ve found!

Last night I quit moving things when I realized that the living room had about  the right amount of “things” in it. . . after three days of moving boxes, furniture, and stuff out of there, to the kitchen or the storage.

One of the problems I’ve had is just this: how do I know when I’m done culling stuff? I guess the answer is “When it feels right.” All I can say is based on this, I have a LOT of culling yet to do!

My Plans for the rest of today 8/7/16:

Finish the bookcase box move, then prep the wallboard on that wall (living room side of the stairs 1 of 2). Then remove whatever else is on the interior parallel wall and do that. Should keep me busy for a little while, ‘eh?

Largest piece of the room side wall has been taped, cleaned and spackled. The last 2 bookcase boxes still sit in front of the other side of this wall, it is untaped, dirty and unspackled right now. 10:49am Done! 7:09pm.

I’ll edit this as I get things done to indicate where I am.

The piece below was one of my “drafts” here (I have 49 now.) I’ve deleted a few more and modded others to make them posts — part of the reason I’ve sometimes posted twice in one day. I’m putting this here because all I’m seeing right now is the mess in my kitchen, the pile o’ stuff, and the unfinished painting job in the living room. I need to give myself credit for persistence and yes, I AM, getting things done!

Desk/Office Ruminations Began 3/5/13:

I have 5 bookcases in my office from the old shop. One is entirely bead storage now, one is a mixed bag and contains all the little drawer sets. But that leaves three which have been a hodge-podge of mixed stuff and books. I have enough paper, metal, tools, supplies, etc. to fill all 5 bookcases.

The bead/button bookcase is pretty much set. If I can add the beading and related books\, it would be helpful. The case on the other side of the counter currently holds wrapping paper (and other roll papers), the little drawer sets, the templates, etc.

The three other cases, if organized, would go a LONG way towards making the office into a functioning work space.I have a lots of metal, cloth, and paper stuff. Most of the yardage & scrap fabric is in the drawers, so that what’s left are tools and of course the craft-related books. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of those too. I did this. It didn’t work all that well. The current plan is to find other ways to store the craft supplies and all FIVE of these bookcases wind up in the attic! 8/2016

The remaining furniture in my office is a black hole. That is, it’s the dresser that’s slated to be sold, but hasn’t been pulled out yet. In the hallway beyond, is the bookcase/desk that’s supposed to be my desk and replace the dresser. I suppose the next  step is to get the barrister’s bookcase into the new booth, or if not that, then get the dresser there instead? When we accomplish that, the the hallway gets unblocked, which would be a HUGE relief! No more balancing things in the hall, etc. Finished 8/2016