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Rugs and Flat Files and Timing — Oh My!

Yesterday I came home and DH had started working on cleaning up the flat file, with Johnson’s wax, which I’m really sensitive to. Headache, sniffles, etc. ensued and I didn’t accordingly get anything done in the living room last night while it de-stinkified and the wax cured.

Today, we’ve discussed next steps, the scope of the living room painting job, and decided that the final paint will be ordered from the next paycheck. That gives me time to finish the wall prep and primering before the paint arrives.

The only other pieces we might need to buy for this effort are trim: bullseyes for the hall doors (maybe trim for the untrimmed doorway?) and cove moulding for 2 log wall corners.We should have everything we need to prep and then paint the entire room, including part of the stairs, the entry and hall. Decided to leave the untrimmed doorway the way it is. 8/8/16.

I really like the unfolded rug and so does the cat. She was scampering all over it when it was first unfolded and has been running back and forth across it as the corner is filled with boxes, etc. It’s very bright and cheery, although it does not match my color scheme or style vibe for the rest of the house. It’s very 1950s modern in its colors and feel, but it’s thick and does its job well, so we’re going to ignore the color issue and live with it. If I knew how to use my loom well enough, I’d make us a rug to replace it, in my colors, but I don’t, so it is what it is. It’s a $200+ rug I paid $50 for which would take me a year or more to make. We’ll just leave it alone and live with it. If we ever get rich, maybe I’ll move it into the attic and find/have made a rug to replace it, but in the meantime, it’s where it is, and will stay there. If our finances change or I  find another which works as well AND fits my color scheme, I’ll change it.

The current attic rug is the very first rug we ever bought, from Habitat, for our first house. It has one characteristic I’ve looked for in every rug since: It’s double sided. I used it in the “library” of our second house, and it has been in the attic here for some time.

More moving boxes and furniture to do today, and maybe the wallboard prep will start tonight, maybe. As usual, our weekend days have 3 or more items to do than can be done in any sort of sane fashion.

We’ll see!

Solids vs. Patterns

I have for years bought almost exclusively solid colored clothing. Why?

Because I was reading one of those “capsule” dressing books and it said that colors go out of style much slower than patterns do. That made sense to me, and in the 10 years or so since, I almost never buy or wear patterned clothes. (There are exceptions, but they’re just that, exceptions.)

I have adopted the same strategy at the house, basically. I have decided that I will use classic patterns (plaid, stripes, dots, gingham checks) and solid colors. My personal favorite type of plaid is what I call a thick & thin plaid, like this rug from Dash & Albert:


which they call tattersall. I’m probably wrong, but who cares? Anyway, that’s my favorite kind of plaid. Almost all my tablecloths are that type of plaid, if more colorful than the Dash & Albert rug.

I have a boatload of colors I want to use for the house, but intend to use black and white to anchor the entire thing, like with the rug, my current favorite for the stairs.  I just have to figure out how long it needs to be. . . .

Also, I inherited a bunch of Black and White scotch crates. They look like this one at the National Museum of American History:




Although mine aren’t in as good shape, not museum quality — but the price was right.

This is the way I’m going, decorating-wise. We’ll see how it all works out.

I’m not likely to be making or buying something like Mackenzie Childs’ work, but it definitely is an inspiration I drew from. Don’t know her work? Much of it looks like this:


Although her new line doesn’t seem to have any b & w checks anywhere. Also being married to someone who takes lots of pictures, usually black and white, had something to do with my color scheme choices too.

Not sure how this will work out.

Curious why I’m focusing on these details before the house is clean?

It’s the only part of the house clean/purge/redecorate I enjoy. So, it’s my carrot for doing the hard work I don’t enjoy.