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Self-Cleaning: Conclusions

My previous discussion about this can be found in the tab above. However, the conclusions I came to were that there were 5 things I could do to limit the amount of clean up required while cooking. (They’re the numbered items, in bold below.

New comments are italic below.

  1. Use up ingredients –  Generates less clean up, sometimes. Task saving here only occurs when the item doesn’t need additional storage or doesn’t generate waste. For example, if a recipe calls for a potato and you use one, you’re done, unless you peel it, in which case you have the same number of chores. If it’s rice, whether you use all the rice or part of it, you have a storage container to deal with, either as trash or to wash and re-use.
  2. Use the smallest quantity of cooking utensils & tools as practical (and safe)! Each tool or utensil generates two clean up tasks — it has to be washed and put away. Making the method and placement of putting it away seems to be the only real way to save time on this.
  3. Limit cooking areas! Each cooking area generates one clean up task: clean up after it’s used. What I’ve started doing is using 2 small wooden cutting boards more often. I can wipe down one side with a sponge, flip it over and use the other side if I need to. I will cut an onion, rinse/wipe that side off, dry it briefly, flip it over and use it to cut the other veggies I don’t want to taste of onion.  (I cut up raw meat on a plate.)
  4. Make your own prefab or partial ingredients! Partially prepared foods may be the best way to cook from scratch, with fresh foods, and limit clean up tasks. This is still one of my best takeaways from this inquiry. I cook extra plain pasta, chicken thighs, rice, noodles, gravy, etc. and find ways to use them in future meals.
  5. Try using commercial prefab ingredients! These can also save many clean up tasks, but you sacrifice knowing exactly what’s in the food and how it was prepared.  Also,  this has the same problems that any ingredients do: you have to use all of it, deal with the waste/packaging and/or store what’s not used. It’s expensive and in this time of the pandemic, prefab foods aren’t always available. . .

This is new! Start the clean up immediately! I fill the dish bucket with warm water when I start cooking. The pots, pans, utensils & dishes are put in there after use and then loaded into the dishwasher as soon as practical.

This does NOT reduce the amount of clean up needed; it DOES reduce the time I have to spend on it. Frequently, this means if I make breakfast or lunch that the dishwasher is full and run before dinner. 

Before the pandemic? I made dinner, that was it. These days, I usually make lunch and dinner and sometimes make 3 meals a day.

Thinking and writing about this idea made me aware of how messy cooking is. I’m doing more cleaning as I go, clearing chopped veggies into the compost bin more often, for example. As a result, the kitchen is cleaner. I’m doing more clean up between meals because I have to, as well.


this discussion and my changed behaviors haven’t reduced the amount of kitchen mess. Darn!

stack of dirty pots & pans


One, I finally feel NOT sick, which is a real blessing after 2 months of being sick!

Two, it’s a not too hot, not too cold day out there. The bean trellis got planted yesterday, it rained so I didn’t have to water the seeds in. The greens I’d planted last week are starting to sprout. Although I won’t get any where near as many plants as I’d hoped, all my seed is at least 3 years old.

The plan this year is to use it ALL up, and start fresh next year. This is what happens when you don’t do a garden for 2 years….

The car is loaded with flea market items going to the storage. At the moment, I’m waiting on the chimney sweep guy, who’s supposed to be here in the next 1/2 hour. After he leaves, I’ll haul a load to the storage and a load back (there’s no room in the storage for a car full, so something has to come back too.)

But, it’s also DUMP DAY, so a load or three of leaves and books and asst. stuff will go to the dump today. And that, if nothing else, will create a small hole in the pending stuff waiting to be dealt with. Hurrah!

There are 3 rugs on the lawn waiting for DH’s help to shake them. The 2 smaller ones will come back in the house, the bigger one is slated for the flea market, and will go into the car.

It’s spring, I don’t feel wretched, and I’m finally getting things done I’d planned to do two months ago. Hurrah!


Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash