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Trying to Make it Work

Part of the  problem with trying to get organized for me is that anything I do on paper, with cards, lists, etc. is going to seem to be “too big” and my PTSD will rear up, again, like it always has.

It occurred to me that if I could use a computer to input all the data, then I wouldn’t “see” all the chores all the time, which might make it do-able.

I wrote DH a note about computer scripting. We’ll see if this can work! I have ideas about how to determine how often things should be cleaned, getting weekends “off,” and other ideas that frankly I haven’t seen in the 100s of cleaning/organizing books, blogs, pins I’ve read, got or found.



Questions … Please answer!

I’m in the midst of writing an article describing what I do to de-hoard. What cleaning habits and skills I’ve got I acquired at boarding school, camp, etc. as my mother died when I was really young.

How did you acquire your housekeeping routine? Were you taught as a kid? Develop it as an adult? What do you do differently than you were taught? Why?

Yes, that’s really several questions, but

I’d really like to know what your cleaning routine is,

if it works, where you got it, and have you always had it and it just works?